1 Storm

The whole world was relishing the death of the most villainous man ever born, a man who was bestowed the title of 'Evilest Villain' by friends and foes alike.

Why, you may ask? He committed murders, burned people to death simply because they obstructed his path, and tortured the families of his adversaries.

Yet, one should question, if merely killing one's enemies is wrong, what about those protagonists who trample over others as though they are mere bugs in their gallant paths? The world lauds their actions as heroic.

In the middle of a devastated forest lay a man, his body covered with wounds. A spear protruded from his chest, indicating his imminent death. Yet, in contrast to his body's state, his face was serene. He displayed no anger, fear, or sadness, but his eyes were filled with regret.

However, his regret was not over the life he'd led, but rather that he could not fulfill a vow he had made years ago. Just a few meters away, a man with white hair stood, surprisingly unscathed, even after their battle. He was accompanied by three women who appeared only slightly fatigued from their recent skirmish with the dying man.

The white-haired man broke the silence.

"How does it feel to die? Do you feel the pain of the people who suffered from your deeds?" He shouted, then continued,

"Do you now regret the evil you've perpetrated throughout your life, inflicting harm on those around you?"

"I hate myself for being your sister. If you were never born in our family, we would never have fallen so low!!" One of the three women spoke, she had black hair with blood smeared all over her clothes.

Upon hearing these words, a spark ignited in the dying man's eyes. Even on the brink of death, the murderous intent he radiated was so intense that the black-haired woman instinctively stepped back, momentarily forgetting his incapacitated state. Who could blame her? The man before her embodied the very epitome of fear and evil.

"HAHAHAH hahah cough... a bunch of hypocrites," croaked the dying man, barely able to move his blood-filled mouth with what little life force remained.

"Just leave him. He deserves to die alone, with no one by his side in his final moments," advised the white-haired man, comforting the black-haired woman.

"Yes, we should depart. We have a great deal to attend to in the aftermath. We need to announce that Asher Greville was slain by Kevin, thereby increasing his credibility resulting in a smoother succession," proposed the blue-haired woman.

"Yeah, you are right. I shouldn't degrade myself by even entertaining the thought that I'm related to this monster," replied the black-haired woman, leaning against the man named Kevin.

Soon after this exchange, they abandoned Asher, who lay reminiscing about his life.

He closed his eyes to quiet his thoughts.

Although Asher was not the kind of person who was prone to sorrow or regret—if you had met him at any point in his life, you would have described him as indifferent and cold—he couldn't help but recall his past, murmuring,

"Forgive me. I couldn't keep my promise to you."

He closed his eyes to commence his eternal slumber in darkness when suddenly a blue light bearing an ancient text appeared:

'Do you want to turn back time, my child?'

He couldn't help but laugh and replied, "Yes."

'What am I doing? Have I gone mad from facing death?' He questioned himself, a slight smile adorning his pale, handsome face, even in his dying moments.

Suddenly, he found himself engulfed in darkness, and a hovering blue screen materialized before him:

| Fate Devourer System |


[Authority :: Deus Time Control (Rank ?!?) used]

[Goddess of Time wishes you the best]

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