Why Should I Stop Being a Villain

In the midst of a ruined forest, due to the result of the clash between peak powerhouses, a body of a man lay. He was known as the 'Evilest Villain', the worst man ever born in humanity.His body was full of wounds with a spear piercing his heart. However, even in his final moments, he was calm and collected, with his usual cold face. The only thing on his mind was, "Forgive me, I couldn't keep my promise to you." He closed his eyes, ready to begin his eternal slumber in the darkness. Suddenly, a blue light appeared, with ancient text that read, 'Do you want to turn back time, my child?' He laughed and said yes. | Fate Devourer System | [Initializing......................24%] [Authority: Deus Time Control (Rank ?!?) used] [The Goddess of Time wishes you the best]. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// I do not own the novel cover. If you are the owner and want me to remove it, you can tell me. ////////////////////////////////////////////////// I have entered this novel for the fantasy carnival contest so if you like reading this novel,do give it some power stones.

Raos_IOI · Fantasy
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453 Chs

Intended Fate

"Swift Strike," Asher muttered as he swung his sword.

But mid-way through, he stopped his sword.

"Swift Strike," He repeated those words.

By saying or remembering the name of the technique, Asher was replicating the feeling of the movement of his aura.

He repeated the movement again and again without stopping.

The sharp movement of his sword was put to a stop just before he completed his swing.

Again and again, without stopping, Asher kept practicing the same movement.

It looked useless, but right now, Asher was trying to master the Negation, the S Rank skill he got by reaching Intermediate mastery in Node Art.

Negation was a skill that could render any attack useless if Asher completely understood the attack.

He could never try it till now because he understood another person's manipulation of mana inside their body to the small movements in their bodies.

It was a skill that was powerful but incredibly hard to use.