387 Free to go out

While the twins were chatting with Amelia and Damian, Asher was not in the Rankers Dorm.

"But what if Leonard Tarvian finds out it was Gavin Neville," Eric asked.

"If those students can spread the rumors around, I don't think they will hesitate to say Gavin's name," Eric added.

"They won't," Asher replied.

"Spreading rumors about Blood Faction is a different matter than accusing someone from an Elite family," Asher said.

"And even if he gets caught, he wouldn't reveal my name," Asher said.

But Eric was still confused as to why Gavin wouldn't say that it was Asher who was forcing him to do all this.

"Is it because you have the evidence that could harm the reputation of the Neville Family?" Eric asked.

"Yeah," Asher replied.

But there was one more reason.


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