Why Should I Stop Being a Villain

In the midst of a ruined forest, due to the result of the clash between peak powerhouses, a body of a man lay. He was known as the 'Evilest Villain', the worst man ever born in humanity.His body was full of wounds with a spear piercing his heart. However, even in his final moments, he was calm and collected, with his usual cold face. The only thing on his mind was, "Forgive me, I couldn't keep my promise to you." He closed his eyes, ready to begin his eternal slumber in the darkness. Suddenly, a blue light appeared, with ancient text that read, 'Do you want to turn back time, my child?' He laughed and said yes. | Fate Devourer System | [Initializing......................24%] [Authority: Deus Time Control (Rank ?!?) used] [The Goddess of Time wishes you the best]. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// I do not own the novel cover. If you are the owner and want me to remove it, you can tell me. ////////////////////////////////////////////////// I have entered this novel for the fantasy carnival contest so if you like reading this novel,do give it some power stones.

Raos_IOI · Fantasy
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453 Chs

Doubt or...

"Good choice, you stopped there," Elsa said as she patted Kevin's shoulders.

The Medical Staff came as Kevin got off the stage, but he felt ashamed of his loss.

Farnus appeared on the stage as he looked down at Asher.

"Impressive match," Farnus said as a globe appeared on his hand and a golden-colored ring.

"Congratulations on winning," Farnus said while maintaining a smile.

It was a gentle smile that could fool anybody, but Asher wasn't fooled by it.

After all, there was no way Farnus Calmort would let go of someone who knew one of his biggest secrets and even took something from him to keep quiet about it.

Even Asher knew that Farnus would most likely have killed him if not for the fear of breaking the oaths he took.

"Rank 1, Asher Greville. This ring contains all your rewards and the Token to Enter Trials Ground," Farnus announced as his voice echoed in the entire arena.