Why Should I Stop Being a Villain

In the midst of a ruined forest, due to the result of the clash between peak powerhouses, a body of a man lay. He was known as the 'Evilest Villain', the worst man ever born in humanity.His body was full of wounds with a spear piercing his heart. However, even in his final moments, he was calm and collected, with his usual cold face. The only thing on his mind was, "Forgive me, I couldn't keep my promise to you." He closed his eyes, ready to begin his eternal slumber in the darkness. Suddenly, a blue light appeared, with ancient text that read, 'Do you want to turn back time, my child?' He laughed and said yes. | Fate Devourer System | [Initializing......................24%] [Authority: Deus Time Control (Rank ?!?) used] [The Goddess of Time wishes you the best]. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// I do not own the novel cover. If you are the owner and want me to remove it, you can tell me. ////////////////////////////////////////////////// I have entered this novel for the fantasy carnival contest so if you like reading this novel,do give it some power stones.

Raos_IOI · Fantasy
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453 Chs


He was perplexed, as he hadn't used much mana to feel this weakened. Being an A-Rank Hunter, such sluggishness was inexplicable to him.

He wasn't alone in this; everyone around them felt similar effects, though the severity varied with their strength.

In a moment of confusion, the Masked Leader halted, causing everyone, including Richard, to freeze, their eyes widening at the scene unfolding before them.

Looking down, the Masked Leader saw a black sword emerging from his heart, adorned with strange golden runes.

"Ugh?" The Masked Leader was confused.

Before he could identify his assailant, his strength faded, and he died.

Everyone was confused at the sight of the falling figure as the attacker withdrew the sword from the Masked Leader's chest.

Among all, it was Richard who reacted first, charging towards the masked man who had attacked their leader.

Realizing something had gone terribly wrong, he knew he had to act quickly.