1 Men's Fib

They say life begins after graduation and as a young writer I pen down this essay to clue in our beloved sisters on .

How do we define love, they say there's no reason to love yet many people made an effort to define the term, what I've learnt as a student is that one can't define a term without given justifications for the phrase .If truly there is no reason to love then there is no need for divorce

A noble man once said;

"True love doesn't happen right away; it is an ever-growing process".

which word-for-word means studying each other day by day and only the absurd man does not have reasons for studying.

We love people by the personality they put up. Loving someone would be the greatest task you will ever put on yourself, I will never courage isolation either.

Dear sisters, did you know a boy of 17 knows the type of woman he wants to walk down the aisle? Girls become merry when they receive proposals from different guys because what one can think of is because of her beauty, there's a saying that

" Beauty attracts men but attitude decides whether they stay or leave".

Men feign thousand times when they want copulation with a poor lamb girl who may think she's in love, they quote from the Bible and published novels to support their fib.

At their youthful ages, one only looks after the girl who will see eye to eye for sexual pleasure. Less than 30% wed their girlfriends from high school and college, one might ask what's the reason behind such a cruel deed and the answer is no-frills for men but intricate for women to comprehend.

In an establishment like schools and other public sectors men hate to feel lonesome whilst their cohorts enjoy the good company of their loved ones, they tend to look for one that can be effortlessly bamboozled with their sweet fibs. Though the lucky ones end up getting nuptials and enjoy a happy marriage but in many cases, our dear sisters end up with another novel chapter of a broken heart. If you don't want to be a victim then you must learn how to elude, there's a saying that,

"Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets."

Before you accept a boy's proposal make sure you have read up on his liking and disliking. You can be in a serious relationship but would never be the choice as a bride when your guy doesn't uncover his liking in you which may annihilate your trust for men.Always remember ,

"An intelligent man wants to ultimately spend his life with a woman with whom he knows he shares complimentary energies."

In addition, read your boyfriend's thoughts, get to figure out his likes and dislikes both on social media and in real life, the kind of apparel he likes, the hairstyle, how he relates within the vicinity he finds himself whether he is outgoing, cheerful or an introvert but never expect your new boyfriend to do as your ex did because every man is born different.

Hence, probe the comments he makes about other ladies and his attitudes towards them, especially those he respects most.

Switch up when you find out that you lack the ethics the girl he respects most has if you still want to stick around. There's an untold verity about Men,

"Men tie knot with women who respect them, love without respect is like a team without a coach. "