Why Dad?

Noah and his family go on a trip because their dad wants to show them a place that only he knows about. But soon they find out why he's taking them there.

T0ukaise · Realistic
Not enough ratings
2 Chs


We've been walking for quite a while. My legs are starting to numb from the pain they've been put through during this walk. We haven't even stopped for a break. I fainted 4 times during this trip and dad had to carry me. He looked very tired and looked like he was in pain when he carried me. But that's not my fault. If we had taken a break, his old man back would've been fine. I chugged my bottle of water, but Henry stopped me.

"You might want to save that, what if we run out of water because of you. Plus we all know this trip is going to be long, so it's smart to save your water." Henry said, slightly scolding me.

I thought about it and screwed the cap back on.

"I knew that." I said confidently. 

I did not know that. I didn't even think about it, but hey, my ego is important (fragile). Henry looked at me with a raised eyebrow, like he knew that I was to dumb to think about that. He looked away and sighed heavily. I looked back at dad and he looked like a zombie. His head was sticking to his forehead, sweat was rolling down his face, and it looked like he had a hunchback. I am so concerned. Is my dad really that old?

I held my dad's hand and stopped him from walking. 

"Dad, how about we take a break, hm?" I asked with a concerned look on my face.

He looked so tired. He got on the ground and laid his back on the ground. He looked like he was in euphoria. He fell asleep right there and then. Me and my brothers look at him with worry. That's when we decided to rest here for the night. Finn pulled out a tent and started making it. He then dragged dad inside the tent and closed it. I looked over to Henry and saw him also setting up his tent. I walked over to him and sat next to him, waiting for the tent to be done. He glanced at me and raised his eyebrow, which seems to be a habit of his.

"Could I sleep with you tonight? I don't like the idea of myself sleeping in the woods in a tent all by myself." I said, trying to convince him to let me sleep in his tent.

He sighed and nodded.

"Fine, but don't take up all the space." He said, agreeing to let me sleep with him for the night.

I smiled brightly and hugged him. I dislike sleeping without someone or a light source, but I refuse to say that out loud. That would do a number on my ego. Henry smiled at me lightly and continued making the tent. Everything was calm and sweet until Finn farted. He sighed in relief and turned towards me and Henry. I gagged and Henry dragged me into the tent to escape the scent. When we got inside, I sighed, thankful that we escaped that deadly gas. I swear I heard Finn cackling like a maniac. Henry sighed and massaged his head. We then got ready for bed. Henry turned the flashlight on and left it in the corner of the tent, using it as a night light for me. I smiled and a look of gratitude was plastered on my face. I closed my eyes, letting sleep consume me.