1 Incomplete Resurrection

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In the far north of the divine land.

Ever since the earth-shattering change three thousand years ago, this place had become barren. There were few people here, and even demonic beasts were rarely seen.

It could be said to be a barren land.

And in such a place, there stood a lone grave.

The grave was not high, only a short one. There were no tributes in front of the grave, and it seemed that no one had come for many years.

However, the stone tablet was spotless, bright, and looked brand new.

It looked like it had just been made.

There was a very strange line of words carved on the tablet.

Tomb of the Fiend Ancestor Lin Ran.

It was only a short seven words, but every stroke was filled with an indescribable strangeness. It was as if the strokes of a group of people with completely different personalities were gathered together and pieced together.


In the silent wilderness, along with the sudden sound, this strange tomb seemed to move, but it seemed to be an illusion.

In the dark underground tomb, a youth lay quietly in the black crystal coffin, as if he was asleep. It was peaceful.

"Ding! Mission completed. The last disciple has entered the Saint Realm. System upgrading..."

'Upgrade successful. Supreme Master system activated...'

'Activation successful. Attempting to revive the host.'

'Resurrection in progress... Resurrection failed.'

'Attempting again... Failure... Failure...'

'The host is too powerful. Resurrection failed. Activating backup plan.'

'Supreme Master resurrection system activated... Activation successful.'

As the word 'success' sounded, the young man in the coffin slowly opened his eyes.

"My body... isn't right!"

Lin Ran tried to sit up, but he realized that he couldn't feel his body at all. Only his eyes could move.

Even when he spoke, he could only communicate with the system through his thoughts.

This was completely different from the situation he had agreed to with the system.

"System, I need an explanation!"

Even though he was facing a system that was almost dead, Lin Ran was still filled with anger.

He had transmigrated from Earth about 100,000 years ago. Due to the many limitations of the human body on Earth, even though he had cultivated to the Imperial Emperor Realm in the end, he was still limited by his lifespan.

Just as he was fretting about the end of his lifespan approaching, a system called the 'Strongest Disciple' came looking for him. It said that as long as he nurtured 10 saints, he would be able to revive himself even if he died in meditation. Moreover, he could even perfect his body's flaws.

But who knew that the final outcome would be like this!

This was completely different from the revival that he had imagined!

"I'm very sorry. Because the host had an epiphany before his death, his soul broke through the Emperor Realm. In addition, that chaotic battle had consumed a large number of the system's reserves, so the system's energy is currently no longer sufficient to revive the host."

"But the backup plan has already been activated. As long as we follow the plan, the host will definitely be able to revive!"

"Backup plan?"

Lin Ran was somewhat puzzled as he used his mind to operate the system interface.

Host: Lin Ran

Identity: Devil ancestor

Realm: Emperor (??)

Points: 0

Revival progress: 0.1/100 (equivalent to a dead person)

"Plan 1: Construct an arcane realm with the graveyard as the center, and make it look like the arcane realm was born. However, it is actually filled with traps, luring some people to explore the arcane realm, and then they will be killed by the traps. The slain's flesh and blood will nourish the host, accelerating the host's revival. At the same time, the system will also give points to the host according to the slain's realm. Points can be used to purchase various traps and props."

"Plan 2: Send a dream to your disciples and order them to find a way to hunt down ten immortal kings and an imperial emperor. Use their flesh and blood to feed the host back to the host and basically resurrect the host."

Looking at the second plan, Lin Ran's stiff body seemed to move in anger.

"These guys, it seems like they haven't come back to visit me in the past three thousand years, right? How do I know if they are still loyal to me?"

"And ten immortal kings? And an imperial emperor?!"

"I seem to be the only imperial emperor in my era, and there are only a few immortal kings. Every one of them is an old monster who struggled to survive in the ancient era. I don't even know if there are ten of them."

"This second plan of yours, aren't you just pulling my leg!"

Lin Ran suppressed the anger in his heart slightly, and then his gaze fell on the first plan.

"Choose the first plan."

Lin Ran had no choice at all. In order to resurrect, in order to be able to walk on this piece of land again, he could only do this.

Moreover, although he, Lin Ran, was not a killing devil, he could walk from a mortal all the way to an imperial emperor. He could suppress an era, so how could he be a good person?

Sacrificing others for his own sake, even a noob who had just stepped into the path of cultivation would know that this was the best choice!

"Mystical realm construction shop is in progress. Please wait..."

"Activation successful."

Lin Ran immediately opened the shop, but he discovered that only tier 1 goods were lit up. The higher tier goods were all black and couldn't be purchased.

Moreover, there was a 0/5000 progress bar on the top of the shop.

Needless to say, only when he earned 5000 points would he be able to open the purchasing authority for tier 2 items.

"It seems that if I want to resurrect, I'll have to take my time."

Although Lin rRan said this, his tone did not contain any impatience or displeasure.

He had experienced more boring and troublesome things than this.

It was not a big deal.

He would like to see what he could buy first.

[ Disguise of a Tier 1 Mystic Realm ] price: 1,000 points.

[ Body Forging Realm Wolf Pack ] price: 300 points.

[ Tier 1 Sword Array ] price: 100 points.


Lin Ran could not help but frown when he saw the items, even though he could not frown at the moment.

"System, I don't have any points right now. I don't even have the funds to start. What do you want me to do?"

As the saying went, it was difficult for Emperor Qiao to enter a secret realm without points.

He did not have any points right now. How could he enter a secret realm?

Wouldn't that mean that he would have to lie here for the rest of his life?

However, Lin Ran thought that since the system had given him this plan, there should be a solution.

"You still have a novice gift bag that you haven't used. Do you want to use it?"

"Use it!"

Lin Ran chose to use it without thinking. This was his last chance.

"Use successful, obtained..."

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