1 Chapter 1: A Normal Day. or is it?

It was morning, 7:34 am. I was bored at my tenament. I couldnt do anything exept either watch tv or play games. So i did neither, i just lied down on my bed thinking about my studies. That is until my phone ringed

Who is it? I mumbled to myself

I looked at my phone and it was my dad. I answered the phone and i hear my dad very happy and surprised at the same time. Whoa! What happend over there? I asked.

Your mom! She came back to Japan! He said. I was so surprised when i heard about that.

Are you surprised? I am too, i didnt know that this one thing that i did will change everything. I Am Anna. A normal 20 yr old college student. Or i was a college student. Anything that you have read here is my past.

Anyways, ill just continue the story

What!? Are you sure? I asked. I was surprised not because i am happy that she came back. Rather i was shocked that she came back.

I have never met my mom. 2 months after i was born, she left me with dad and came back to sweden,her hometown. And then never came back to japan again. Until now i guess?

Of course! She talked to me just now and shes in tokyo at (address). And she wants to see you.

I was scared, scared to meet her, so i hesitated. But i still want to meet her. My mom, my one and only mom.

So i spent all my courage just to say okay.

It was official, i am about to meet my mom. Ive spent all my courage to meet her and i, i trembled by what i saw.


Calm down, Calm down, i mumbled.

Maybe this is just a hotel, maybe shes just staying here temporarily.

So i came in, One big Chandelier in the middle of the roof, Carpet everywhere,and an attendant in the middle.

This is very clearly,A Rich mans hotel.WHAAAAA!?!?!?

Dad,are you telling me,that my mom, IS A


Okay, calm down,i muttered to myself.Breath in,

Breath out. Breath in,breath out.

Okay! Now im fine (foot still trembling)

Anyways, i walked to the attendant (still trembling) in the middle of the room Any appointments? The attendant said. Uhh yeah, uhh im about to meet a woman named Mary Weathers.

The attendant was shocked when she heard that name and quickly called someone on the telephone.

I was just standing there (trembling of course) confused by what was happening

Can i ask your name please? Said the attendant. Ohhh im uhhh Daisuki Anna.

Then she talked to the one on the telephone again.

then sit down on that area over there please. Someone will come after you. Okay thanks! I said

Uhhhh who will come after me? And why will someone come after me?

This is too much. My head is spinning and im nervous . im thinking about what i should say if i actually saw mom and i was lost in thought.

-lo? Are you daisuki anna?

Ohh uhhh yes! Thats me! Do you need anything? Phew, i almost stuttered

Hello. Im joey and im mary weathers assistant. Please follow me.

WHAAAA?! Is my mom so rich that she has AN ASSISTANT FOR GODS SAKE?

by the way this is all in my head so common sense says that no one can hear them. Anyways,

Okay. I said

We rode in a big elevator.and i was surprised when the assistant pressed floor 78 like what?!? Im afraid of heights so i got quite scared in my head when i thought about that.

Anyways, we got to floor 78 and we came in this big room with no one inside.

I looked around and sat on this Luxurious chair. Seriously, how can chairs be This luxurious.

Those were my thoughts when suddenly, a towel covered my face


I cant breathe.

I want to say those things, but i cant. And just when i was about to lose conciousness,someone whispered to me,

"Im Sorry"

And my conciousness faded away.

Some time later.

I woke up, confused if it was a dream and thinking. Until i looked at my surroundings. Where is this? I muttered. What is this place?

Of course i was confused

I remembered that i was about to meet my mother, but nothing after that.

Then, i looked at the window. That made me even more confused.


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