25 Misunderstanding

'I'll kill you quickly,' It is normally quite a hard thing to do but Doma did it my using himself as bait, he let the guy swing at his neck and then trap it with his hands.


And this man left the sword which was his only way of damaging his opponent, and then opted to hit him with a barrage of punches.

Doma who was hit with these quick barrages of punches wasn't able to respond since it was over, but they didn't hurt him much only stung like he was hit with something sharp.

"You…Are interesting," Doma said while swinging his fans to attack the man with ice shards but the latter dodged them quite fluidly.

'A syringe? Did he attack him with the katana to make an opening in order to inject him with poison?' Kanae saw a few empty syringes on the floor and one in the man's hand, but they were different from the ones she knew. She also knew that there was a high chance the poison isn't going to work on Doma, he was Upper Moon Two. His regenerative capabilities are one of the strongest in this world.

"Poison isn't going to kill me," Doma smiled and wanted to move to end this all, But...


"Huh?" Doma was surprised to find himself on his knees and he had no command over his body, like a puppet with his strings cut off.

"It was never meant to kill you," The Man spoke for the first time and turned around picking up Kanae running out of the house at full speed.

'I am not letting you get away,' Doma thought and made six small ice replicas of himself, even though he was paralyzed he could still concentrate. And it won't be long before he could decompose the different poisons in his body, Yes, different poisons.

'They are 6 different poisons and all of them are completely different from one another,' Even then Doma wasn't worried, he just needed a few more seconds since he was halfway through already.


"Huh, Wh-" Doma's voice was cut off by a loud explosion that was heard around the town.


Kanae who was nearly in the middle of the town was shocked by the loud explosion that came from the direction of the house.

'There are mirrors set along the roads we took and he is fast,' Kanae was a little shocked by this speed, the man was faster than anyone she knew till now, she had also spotted a few mirrors that showed the road behind them, there should be more but she likely missed them.

It was probably placed there so that the person can see if there is any attacks coming without looking back and avoid them, It seemed like he had planned for the scenario of being chased.

"Don't look around, Focus on stopping the blood," Kanae looked at Man and did what he said. She felt the man apply something to her wound before picking her up, but that alone would not be enough for her wound.

'It is a bit hard to focus but I'll need to do it,' Kanae's lungs were hurting every time she took in a breath, but she could only do so in order to stop the internal bleeding, even though she can't completely stop it because there were a lot of damaged blood vessels along with the poor condition of her lungs.

But she did it anyway trying to stop as much blood as she could.

Before Kanae knew it they were already on the eastern end of the town. The man quickly entered the house and took her to the second floor.

He placed her down on the tatami mat before opening the windows of the room fully.

'The sun has risen,' Kanae thought as the first rays of sunlight that had reached the village entered the room, she could hear the noise of the people who have likely woken up due to the loud explosion.

"Don't move around, I need to treat you immediately," The man turned around and came towards her opening the buttons of her uniform quickly.

Kanae was shocked of course as a light blush spread across her face, but she knew it was the only way, though she saw him only open the lower buttons of her undershirt and move it up to see the affected area.

She wanted to ask if he knew how to do this but seeing the serious look in his deep purple eyes, Kanae could see he wasn't lying. So she let him do his thing as he was fully focused on the injury on her abdomen, and he didn't seem to have any bad intentions.

'It could've been worse if I didn't intervene at that time,' The man thought as he took out the things he needed from a white box.

Kanae herself knew it, If he didn't come at that time the fan would've cut through her lungs, It wouldn't have killed her instantly but she would be dead, Either by being eaten by Doma or by bleeding out.

'I was really about ...to die,' Kanae felt her heart clench since she remembered that if she died, she would be leaving behind her two sisters.

She was ready to die since the day she chose to become join the demon slayers but it still stung her heart thinking what her little sisters would've felt like losing her, she knows how it feels because she has lost her parents to a demon.

'The treatment is better than I expected,' Kanae thought as she looked at the Man who was currently stitching her wound. He worked really fast without wasting any time since he had everything ready and Kanae didn't even feel a thing.

Kanae saw that the man was about to ask her a question but something flew inside from the open window.

"You bastard, what you doing to my sister?" It was a girl that looked really young from her height, she shouted in rage after seeing Kanae's uniform was undone and lunged at the man taking out her sword ready to pierce his head.


"Huh," The girl was shocked as the next second she found her face pressed to the ground her sword missing with a hand on the back of her neck, she could only turn her slightly to look at the person who did this, looking back at her were pair of cold purple eyes that sent chills down her spine.

'I'll be killed,' That was the only thought that rushed through the girl's mind even if the man only held a needle in his hand.


"I'm Sorry Tachibana-san," The girl named Kocho Shinobu bowed her head in apology to the man who she attacked before – Tachibana Yuu (Our mc), after she was pinned down her sister spoke up in panic which caused Yuu to stop.

'Even if I am wrong, I won't forgive this man, How dare he look at my sister naked?' Shinobu was boiling in anger and it showed on her face.

Even though she had seen that Yuu had only seen Kanae's stomach but it was an unavoidable situation since he needed to stop the bleeding or her condition would worsen.

Shinobu has rewritten the story in her head, making it so that Yuu had stripped her sister naked wanting to take advantage of her injured state. She still thinks like this even if Kanae has told her otherwise multiple times by now.

"I am also sorry for my sister's rudeness Tachibana-sama," Kanae also apologized, her arm was in a cast, and the fracture wasn't severe so that was something to be thankful for.

"It is fine, just don't do it again," Yuu said looking at Shinobu who flinched a little but still the angry look didn't leave her face.

'Is he treating me like a kid?' Shinobu was frowning but didn't speak back.

'This is one of the two main objectives done,' Yuu thought, he can't check his phone at the moment since they are currently on their way to the Butterfly Mansion, Kanae was being carried by a Kakushi as Shinobu ran beside her.

Nearly 20 Kakushi arrived to clean up after the fight, but there wasn't much damage done to the town aside from one building that terrified people (Because of the explosion). So nearly 15 people stayed behind to put out the fire and the rest were coming with them.

Yuu was running just behind them with a basket on his back as Kanae was talking to him and another Kakushi carrying a knocked-out Demon slayer.

It will take two hours to reach there according to Kanae, so now Yuu was just running looking around at the farms they were passing by. His body was a bit tired since he hadn't slept in three days. The reason for that was simple.

He was gathering information.....


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