21 Melons

"Oi Oi, is it because I'm sitting behind you?" Shizuka asked with a laugh. She was holding onto Yuu's waist, and her body was leaning against his. It was hard to avoid given that they were on a bike.

'That's right,' Yuu thought to himself as he felt something soft pressing against his back. He knew what it was, but he chose to keep quiet about it.

"Hmm, I could get used to this," Shizuka said as she got off the bike when they reached home. Even though Yuu had said that he wasn't a good rider, Shizuka had the most comfortable ride of her life on the way back.

They took quite a detour, and Shizuka had a lot of fun going around the area on the bike.

'It was a good idea after all,' Shizuka thought with a smile. She wasn't one to lend out her cars or bikes to just anyone, but Yuu was an exception to this rule.

Yuu took off his helmet after he parked the bike in the garage and came to the front door to see Shizuka opening the lock.

'Looks like we came first,' Yuu thought, looking at the time on his phone, It was already 5 in the evening.

"Are you using the cologne I gave you?" Shizuka suddenly came closer to Yuu and sniffed the soft scent coming from his collar.

'I didn't catch it before,' Shizuka thought, recalling how she hadn't been able to react when Yuu came close to her earlier. But while sitting behind him on the bike, she had been able to confirm the scent.

Even though it had been applied in the morning, the clear and fresh scent was still there, with hints of mint, lemon, and a slight hint of sandalwood. The reason she asked about it in this manner, and right now, was...

"Yeah," Yuu said, his ears turning a little red with a blush.

"As I thought, it suits you a lot," Shizuka said, feeling that the price tag of 22,000 yen was worth it for this moment alone.

"I wear it every day because I think the same," Yuu said as he walked into the house and went upstairs.

"As a wise man once said, 'Kuuderes are Bae, Kuuderes are Life'" Shizuka laughed while going into her room on the first floor.


On the second floor, Yuu walked into his room with a towel around his neck.

He had changed into a full-sleeved white t-shirt and black cargo pants, his wet hair falling down on his forehead as his bangs nearly covered his eyes.

His phone's screen lit up as soon as he closed the door making him pick it up from the desk.

"So it is here," Yuu muttered as he ran his finger through his hair taking them back.

[-: First Mission- Prove Your Worth! :-]

Main Objectives:-

1. Save A Hashira.

2. Kill An Upper Moon Demon.

Side Objectives:-

1. Get the trust of Demon slayer corp.

2. Get a Nichirin weapon for yourself.

3. Get 200 grams of scarlet crimson sand.

Reward: 2000 points (Minimum), Title:- Owner.

Penalty for Failure:- Disappearance of the Chat Group.

Description:- This is the first mission that will decide if the Owner(Temporary) can have complete ownership of the chat group. The time in the participant's world will be stopped at moment they press the accept button and they will be transferred to the world where the mission is supposed to be carried out. So be sure to prepare well~!

[Accept] [Decline]

*Main objectives are worth 1000 points each, the mission is considered complete if the main objectives are achieved.

*Side objectives are worth 300 points each, the mission is still considered passed if they aren't completed.

*Declining the mission will result in failure.

*Not accepting the mission within 24 hours will result in failure.

*You can take 100 kilograms with you.

'Demon slayer world,' Yuu looked at the first volume of demon slayer in his hand, He was the one who made it in this world since the manga didn't exist here.

'I don't know around what time I'll be sent,' Yuu sat down on his chair thinking deeply, in the manga, there have been four instances of a Hashira being killed or put out of commission.

The train arc, the entertainment district arc, and the infinity castle arc which was the final arc, There was also the mention of how Shinobu kocho's older sister died fighting the Upper Rank 2, Doma.

'But thinking I will be sent around the time of these incidents won't be any good,' For all Yuu knew he might as well be sent to the Sengoku era or even before that.

Yuu stood up from the chair and took his school bag to the bed taking out the things he was keeping in it.

"I'll need to think carefully about what to take with me," Yuu looked at pistol, pistol magazines, grenades, and explosives on his bed.

He has been keeping a sizeable amount in his school bag so if on the off chance he gets transported from school at least, he won't be completely unarmed.

An hour later, Yuu was looking at the black bag in front of him, all of the things he'll need were kept in it and it was properly 99.5 kg.

Yuu kept the bag under the head of his bed, that place had a hollow bottom and was useful to hide things in. which was the reason Yuu built a secret compartment there.

'Good thing prepared in advance,' Yuu thought looking through the objectives that needed to be done in order to complete the mission, there wasn't much he can think about it since he'll only be able to know how to tackle these when he reaches the world in question.

He had prepared everything that will help him complete his objectives. Yuu moved the bed back in place without making any noise, he was being extra careful this time.

"Hey, Yuu it is time for dinner," Yuuka knocked on the door making Yuu open it.

"Oh my, would you look at that, rocking your old hairstyle," Yuuka laughed seeing Yuu's hair slicked back rather than how he usually kept it.

"It happened," Yuu answered, he used to keep his hair like this before but then changed during middle school after Kyouka got him a new haircut.

"You look cool but I still prefer your normal hairstyle," Yuuka smiled while walking down the stairs.

"Me too," Yuu murmured as they reached the dinner table while Yuuka went to the toilet first.

"The dinner today is Katsu curry, You better eat a lot," Shizuka placed a plate in front of Yuu. She was the one who made it as Kyouka was a bit late today.

"Come on now, sit down and eat," Kyouka told Shizuka who was still standing near Yuu looking at him intently.

"Ok, Ok," Shizuka sat on Yuu's right side.

"Hey, Shizuka-nee that is my spot," Yuuka who came into the dining room shouted.

"First come first serve," Shizuka grinned.

"Seriously, what are you a kid?" Yuuka's eyes twitched.

"That I Am," Shizuka raised her voice and pointed at herself with her right thumb. She'd rather be called a kid than be called old.

"Oh, is that a JoJo reference?" Koharu asked a bit enthusiastically.

"That it is," Shizuka said with the same voice and pose as before.

"I am sick of JoJo already," Yuuka rolled her eyes and sat down on an empty chair.

"Is that a JoJo reference?" Shizuka asked.

"How?" Yuuka looked annoyed.

"Hating JoJo is also a JoJo reference," Yuu spoke making Yuuka blink in confusion as to how that works. Isn't everything a JoJo reference at this point? Well, That It Is.

"Ok, You guys the food will get cold," Kyouka intervened and the table became quiet as they started to eat.

After dinner, Everyone was eating some dessert, They were having Melon flavored Daifuku mochi that Kyouka brought along with her when she returned home.

"Do you want another one?" Kyouka asked Yuu who nodded, it was his fourth one already.

"Yuu really likes melons," Koharu smiled, Yuu wasn't a fan of sweets but if it was melon flavored you had him. Melon was also his favorite fruit.

"Yes, he does like melons," Shizuka grinned widely.

"Hoho, That he does," Yuuka also had the same grin as Shizuka as they laughed.

'When will they grow up?' Kyouka sighed heavily looking at the two as Koharu had question marks on her head, This made her sigh even harder.

Yuu didn't respond to them and continued to eat before he left the table and went upstairs to his room, saying good night to everyone.

'I should change into different clothes,'

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