1 A Little Note Before We Start

I've had this idea for a while but I sat down and wrote it down last week because I got a day of free time, this is how it has turned out.

You might've already read my other works, if you haven't check them out. but I'll say that this one is different from the previous two, I hope I can write this one better than how i wrote my previous ones.

I'll try on the romance, but I hope you would be a bit gentle with me in case I fail.

Anyway, I don't think most of you would read this for romance since this is a chat group fic.

What you guys want to see is the MC going to different worlds and see what he does about the plot of the world he is in, I have some pretty good plans regarding that so hopefully you guys like them as well. I care about the plot as much as the government does for its citizens. you figure the rest out.

Also, I would say, pay more attention while reading this fic since there are probably a lot of things you'll miss if you read it offhandedly.

This fic will be updated three days a week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

You guys will get a bonus chapter as soon as the goal is hit, so yeah I am fucking generous, stop whining.

So the following text will be for the word count shit, Now before any of you start whining about why there is a word count requirement and whatnot. This fic is already past the 15k word mark on Patreo-n so no worries.

I welcome criticism just don't be bitch if you're proven wrong and accept it.

Also, some harem members hint at the end of this chapter... I know this is the real reason you are here, Tch then you fuckers complain about 'why the plot isn't moving?'

You're here for the fucking PLOT, not the plot, you're fooling no one...


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