1 Prologue

Every woman is a rebel, usually in wild revolt against herself.

~ Oscar Wilde


"She is Nora Dietrich, the sole princess of the Verdun Tribe of the East." Dustan gestured towards me, bowing slightly.

A couple of gasps were heard around the room as they all stared at me in surprise and interest. And, in some faces, I could even detect horror.

Dustan smiled, that same serene smile. "I have searched for you for so long, Master."

A princess, he says.

But, before I explain this confusing experience, let's back up a bit.

Hello. My name is Kari Faust, a seasoned fighter in the Sky Tower with 10 years of experience under my belt. Although you might be a bit confused because that guy, Dustan Reinhard—my disciple—called by another name. Do know that I actually prefer to go by Kari Faust.

(For now.)

Anyway, where was I?

Ah, right. I was just revealed to be a princess of a kingdom that I haven't even heard of until now. But apparently, I'm the long-lost princess of some tribe from the east.

Well, I don't believe in such conspiracy.

Who said I was a princess? I'm a fighter, not some doll on a pedestal. I refuse to accept their words.

But that guy, Dustan Reinhard turned out to be Noah Kaiser—the one and only Crown Prince of the Elodia Empire. And apparently, he's been searching for me for a long time.

With that spark in his eyes, I knew he has decided to be the knight in shining armor—the prince who would take me out of this Tower.

Well, not if I can help it.

But first, let me tell you the start of my misery. It all began, one month ago—when I first met the prince.

Shall we?

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