142 Police Investigation

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"What the hell is in your little head?"

Lu Ming knocked Lin Yin's forehead gently and asked gently, "Tell me what you want to do."

Lin Yin looked at Lu Ming. The two of them sat side by side by the bed, very close. Lin Yin could smell the clear cologne on Lu Ming's body.

Looking at the man's cold and handsome features, Lin Yin felt a little warm. Every time Lu Ming appeared, he was helping her. Lin Yin had unknowingly developed trust in Lu Ming.

"I want to find some evidence." Lin Yin thought for a moment and decided to tell Lu Ming her true motive. "Yue Chi is a very perverted person. He has hurt many girls. I want to find evidence and let him receive the punishment he deserves."

Lin Yin didn't know if Lu Ming would understand her, but she still wanted to try.


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