123 Lu Yan's Sister

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Therefore, when Su Fei received Chu Yun's call, she seemed to have seen hope. Su Lin did not stop her. They had already understood that their lives would not be easy without the Su Family.

"Little Yin, it's good for us that Feifei is doing well. Introduce some friends to her."

Although Su Zhen's attitude towards Su Fei was not good, he did not want to waste all his years of nurturing. He also hoped that she could be attached to a rich family.

"I'm not a pimp. I can't do the human trafficking." Lin Yin sneered. She saw Su Fei's trembling body and said in satisfaction, "There will be many people later. Don't you have a lot of skills? Go find them yourself."

Lin Yin's words were very unpleasant, but no one in the car, including Su Fei, dared to argue with her.

Lin Yin hated their hypocrisy. They could be shameless for the sake of so-called power.

When they reached the Yue Family's door, Lin Yin got out of the car first.


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