Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth

Lin Yin was an unfortunate girl who lived in the slums for eighteen years because of mistaken identities at birth. Even though she was brought back to live with her real parents, there was no place for her amongst them. She was constantly bullied and scolded for no reason; her own biological parents would leave her in the dirt just because Su Fei shed a tear. Swindled, and betrayed the very person she fell in love with, she was finally going to escape her dark life when she realized that it was all a setup — that she was just a clown. She dragged her poisoned body as she tried to escape, but she was killed regardless at the loud crack of a gunshot. Her departed spirit watched as her biological parents coldly said, "She has never been our daughter. Burn her, throw her into the dirt — you can do whatever you like." As the guest left, a man stood sighing with sympathy. "Take her to a funeral home. Let's hope that in her next life, she can live for herself and not suffer so much grief." How laughable it was that she had lived for so long, but a stranger turned out to be the one who gave her a proper funeral! Soon, Lin Yin lost consciousness, and woke up to find that she had gone back in time, to the first year after she returned to the Su family! This time, she decided to live for herself without compromise! Still, just as she thought she would have to do this alone, she never imagined that she would be reunited with three brothers, although they never showed up in her last life! They were Mu Heng, the magnate, Mu Qing, the prodigious doctor, and Mu Ran, the heartthrob and movie star! In her last life, she gave her heart to the wrong people and suffered a tragic end, but in this life, her brothers were pampering her to death! Mu Heng: She's my sister! I'll protect her! Mu Qing: Who dares bully my sister! Mu Ran: She's my sister! I'll spoil her! Lu Ming: She's my wife! I'll watch over her! Mu Heng, Mu Qing, and Mu Ran: Get out!

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Fatal Blow

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Lin Yin had to use her body and her life to see their true colors.

For eight whole years, she had been an outsider. Only they were a loving family.

When she was in the slums, she was a weed, but now, she wasn't even comparable to a wild dog!

In the past, they did not let her have it easy. Now, she would not let them have it easy either!

"Su Fei, I don't have many days left to live. I don't have any other requests for you. I just want some company when I go to hell. The two of us sisters have a long life ahead of us!"

Su Fei trembled as she listened, unable to speak. Her entire body was as tense as a bowstring.

Chu Yun's hysterical voice resounded throughout the hotel. "Where are the security guards? Are you just going to watch as my Feifei is stabbed to death by a lunatic?"

Chu Yun's eyes were filled with determination. She was really afraid that she would lose Su Fei.

This was motherly love, a luxury that Lin Yin had never had.

"Lin Yin! Put down the knife. Don't be rash!"

Lin Yin heard a familiar, gentle voice. This was the only person in the Su Family who had treated her well in the past eight years—Big Brother Su Lin. He had always fought for Lin Yin and looked down on what Su Fei had done.

Hearing his voice, Lin Yin wavered for a moment.

At that moment, the security guard grabbed Su Fei and saved her.

Lin Yin's knife fell to the ground. She looked up and saw her most trusted Big Brother Su approaching while holding a gun with both hands, the muzzle pointed at her.

"Brother Su Lin…"


Lin Yin suddenly felt that she was flying.

Her body lay on the ground, the ground was blood red.


There was silence. A moment later, she could finally hear their voices.

Su Lin covered Su Fei's ears considerately and said gently, "I'm sorry, is Brother late? I should have come to save you earlier! You wouldn't have been injured."

"Feifei, my Feifei, go to the hospital quickly! Feifei's face can't have a scar!" Chu Yun's heart-wrenching scream was too ear-piercing.

What was even more unbelievable to Lin Yin was that… all of that was fake. The entire Su Family, the person she trusted the most… had always loved Su Fei behind her back!

Lin Yin did not expect this man to be so vicious.

He was once the person she trusted the most. For many years in the Su Family, he protected her and was the only light in her life.

He had once said that if only they hadn't been swapped back then. He still liked his biological sister, Lin Yin, more.

He had once said that he would protect Lin Yin. With him around, there was nothing to worry about.

Lin Yin used to trust him so much, but now, the person who killed her was him!

It was too ironic. This person was a traitor and an undercover agent who had only been exposed at the last moment.

Lin Yin suddenly understood why Su Fei had lied to her and how her plans to deal with her never failed.

It turned out that all her thoughts had been exposed by Su Lin.

Su Fei knew her pain, her hatred for Su Fei, her crush on Zheng Chao, and her trust in Su Lin.

It turns out she was the real clown.

Pitiful, laughable!

Lin Yin was lying in a pool of blood, motionless. Despite the scars on her face and body, her beauty could not be hidden. When Su Fei saw her like this, the hatred in her heart deepened.

She did not expect that even if she died, she would be more dazzling than her. A cockroach in the mud worthy of overshadowing her?

Su Fei leaned close to Lin Yin's ear. Her eyes were still so pitiful, as if she was reluctant to part with her and she was blaming herself. To others, she was kind-hearted and shining.

However, only Lin Yin heard what this vicious woman said clearly.

"Lin Yin, you cheap woman. You're not worthy of snatching anything from me. I'm the true pride of the heavens. I'm the only one in this family. You're not even worthy of stepping into this house."

"You did not fight for anything, but as long as you enter this house, even your breathing is wrong."

"Do you think Brother Lin is sincere to you? Let me tell you, I asked him to do this. He loves me and even wants to marry me."

Lin Yin felt disgusted and used all her strength to spray blood on Su Fei's face.

Su Fei immediately screamed, not forgetting to act. "Sister, you're too pitiful. I'm sorry, it's all my fault…"