Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth

Lin Yin was an unfortunate girl who lived in the slums for eighteen years because of mistaken identities at birth. Even though she was brought back to live with her real parents, there was no place for her amongst them. She was constantly bullied and scolded for no reason; her own biological parents would leave her in the dirt just because Su Fei shed a tear. Swindled, and betrayed the very person she fell in love with, she was finally going to escape her dark life when she realized that it was all a setup — that she was just a clown. She dragged her poisoned body as she tried to escape, but she was killed regardless at the loud crack of a gunshot. Her departed spirit watched as her biological parents coldly said, "She has never been our daughter. Burn her, throw her into the dirt — you can do whatever you like." As the guest left, a man stood sighing with sympathy. "Take her to a funeral home. Let's hope that in her next life, she can live for herself and not suffer so much grief." How laughable it was that she had lived for so long, but a stranger turned out to be the one who gave her a proper funeral! Soon, Lin Yin lost consciousness, and woke up to find that she had gone back in time, to the first year after she returned to the Su family! This time, she decided to live for herself without compromise! Still, just as she thought she would have to do this alone, she never imagined that she would be reunited with three brothers, although they never showed up in her last life! They were Mu Heng, the magnate, Mu Qing, the prodigious doctor, and Mu Ran, the heartthrob and movie star! In her last life, she gave her heart to the wrong people and suffered a tragic end, but in this life, her brothers were pampering her to death! Mu Heng: She's my sister! I'll protect her! Mu Qing: Who dares bully my sister! Mu Ran: She's my sister! I'll spoil her! Lu Ming: She's my wife! I'll watch over her! Mu Heng, Mu Qing, and Mu Ran: Get out!

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Disgusting Misunderstanding

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The surrounding students were very curious about this girl who had just alighted from a luxury car. Was this person a new classmate? They seemed to have never seen her before.

As they walked on the familiar road, Lin Yin was bumped into. Before she could speak, she heard a pleasant but slightly greasy voice. "Are you okay? Let me see."

This person was Su Fei's fiancé, Zheng Chao.

He had long been engaged to Su Fei, but because of Su Fei's background, he still tried to seduce and confuse Lin Yin. He spread rumors that Lin Yin had a crush on him and even swore that she would be with him no matter what. This series of actions made Su Fei hate Lin Yin to the core and she wanted to kill her.

Su Fei even got someone to cut Lin Yin's face, leaving a long scar on her face to make Zheng Chao never like her again.

Alright, enemies are destined to meet, let's settle old and new grudges together.

Lin Yin touched her face. The place where her scar was in her previous life was slightly hot. When she touched it with her fingertips, she felt as if there was still a bumpy feeling.

Zheng Chao did it on purpose!

When he saw her from afar just now, he had thought that Lin Yin was quite good-looking. Now that he could finally see Lin Yin's face clearly, she was indeed very beautiful, much prettier than his fiancée, Su Fei.

Which family's daughter was she? At this moment, Zheng Chao felt that his parents were blind to have made him get engaged to Su Fei.

Su Fei wasn't bad, but she was only considered passable. He wasn't very satisfied with her.

Lin Yin vaguely heard the surrounding students discussing. "It's Zheng Chao!"

"Who's the girl beside him? She's much prettier than Su Fei."

"He's Su Fei's fiancé. He's teased many girls!"

"You have no internet connection at home. Su Fei is a fake daughter. It's all over the Internet. The Su Family even made a statement. Su Fei is now an adopted daughter. If I were him, I would get engaged to the real daughter…"

"Tsk, you dare to want a woman from the slums?"

"Did you guys see the trending search a few days ago? Doesn't this girl look like that Lin Yin?"

"The legitimate daughter of the Su Family? I think so. The one who splashed red wine on Shi Dai's head? Awesome!"

"The first time I've seen the video, I feel that she resembles a rich family's daughter the most. I like that aura too much! It's a pity that she came from the slums. Otherwise, I would really want to get to know her. Looking at her now, she looks like she's from the slums…"

The slums seemed to have been branded on her, nailing Lin Yin in her previous life to the pillar of shame. In this school full of dignitaries, she could never raise her head. What awaited her was all kinds of ridicule and slander. Now, no matter who mentioned it again, it would not hurt Lin Yin at all.

Zheng Chao looked at the girl in front of him and was a little confused. Didn't other girls cling to him when they saw him?

Although Zheng Chao's face was not ugly, he was not handsome either. With the support of his family's strength, he had many fangirls in school. This made him have a deep misunderstanding of his looks and he flirted with beautiful girls everywhere in school.

Su Fei saw this and didn't dare to make things difficult for him. She followed behind him and dealt with the girls he had teased.

Of course, the gentle and kind Miss Su did not appear directly. As long as she cried a few times, Shi Dai and Ji Yun would take care of it for her. What a great plan.

"Can you move aside now?" Lin Yin said coldly.

"Student, are you injured?" Zheng Chao was still so detestable.

Thinking about her previous life, there was no emotion in Lin Yin's eyes. She still remembered the scene of her face being cut.

This bastard and Su Fei had worked together to hurt her to that extent, yet he still wanted to get close to her?

Disgusting, really disgusting! These two people were really a match made in heaven!

"Get lost, thank you!" Lin Yin didn't want to look at him and continued walking in the direction of her class. It was really unlucky to meet such a person so early in the morning.

When she looked at him again, Lin Yin felt like her eyes were about to be injured.

The surrounding discussions did not escape her ears, but Lin Yin's heart was calm.

It was Su Fei who had taken over. She had enjoyed everything that should have been hers, high-quality education and a good family. Instead of saying that she had taken advantage and gotten lucky, they still wanted to shame Lin Yin with the slums?