Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth

Lin Yin was an unfortunate girl who lived in the slums for eighteen years because of mistaken identities at birth. Even though she was brought back to live with her real parents, there was no place for her amongst them. She was constantly bullied and scolded for no reason; her own biological parents would leave her in the dirt just because Su Fei shed a tear. Swindled, and betrayed the very person she fell in love with, she was finally going to escape her dark life when she realized that it was all a setup — that she was just a clown. She dragged her poisoned body as she tried to escape, but she was killed regardless at the loud crack of a gunshot. Her departed spirit watched as her biological parents coldly said, "She has never been our daughter. Burn her, throw her into the dirt — you can do whatever you like." As the guest left, a man stood sighing with sympathy. "Take her to a funeral home. Let's hope that in her next life, she can live for herself and not suffer so much grief." How laughable it was that she had lived for so long, but a stranger turned out to be the one who gave her a proper funeral! Soon, Lin Yin lost consciousness, and woke up to find that she had gone back in time, to the first year after she returned to the Su family! This time, she decided to live for herself without compromise! Still, just as she thought she would have to do this alone, she never imagined that she would be reunited with three brothers, although they never showed up in her last life! They were Mu Heng, the magnate, Mu Qing, the prodigious doctor, and Mu Ran, the heartthrob and movie star! In her last life, she gave her heart to the wrong people and suffered a tragic end, but in this life, her brothers were pampering her to death! Mu Heng: She's my sister! I'll protect her! Mu Qing: Who dares bully my sister! Mu Ran: She's my sister! I'll spoil her! Lu Ming: She's my wife! I'll watch over her! Mu Heng, Mu Qing, and Mu Ran: Get out!

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Deliberately Seducing

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"I saw you two getting close on the school road yesterday. You were so intimate, but you left as soon as you saw me." Su Fei's grievance was getting worse. Chu Yun was so angry that she wanted to slap her. Lin Yin was so dense!

"I was afraid you'd be angry, so I didn't dare call you…" As Su Fei spoke, her voice slowly lowered, and there were faint sobs in her words.

What kind of person was Zheng Chao? Did she have to be afraid of so many people snatching him? It was not that they did not know, but they were selectively blind. They felt that Lin Yin had crawled out of the slums and when she saw someone like Zheng Chao, she would definitely pounce on him without hesitation.

Lin Yin put down her chopsticks and slammed the dining table. Su Fei and Chu Yun were both shocked by the sudden movement.

"Now that you mention it, I remember. Someone deliberately bumped into me yesterday. It turned out to be your Brother Chao, but I only told him to get lost. There are more than fifty people present. It's not difficult for you to check if you want to. Maybe someone even recorded a video. I don't mind being on the trending searches again," Lin Yin replied calmly.

Speaking of trending searches, Lin Yin was still the focus of the netizens. Su Zhen was already tired enough from dealing with the previous matters. He did not want to do it again.

"Also, I was already kind enough not to call the police yesterday." Lin Yin's voice deepened with a warning tone. "I was harassed by him for no reason. I was afraid that Dad and Mom would be worried, so I endured it myself and didn't mention it. I thought it was someone unimportant, but I didn't expect someone to care so much."

Lin Yin looked into Su Fei's suddenly panicked eyes. "Just nice. Remember to tell him that I'm his fiancée's sister. Please don't hit on me in the future. It won't be good for the Su Family and the Zheng Family."

Su Fei's face tried to hold it in and her face turned colorful. She naturally knew what Zheng Chao was like, but she did not expect Lin Yin to expose him so thoroughly.

Su Zhen and Chu Yun did not know Zheng Chao's true colors. They had decided on this marriage for the sake of their family business.

As for Su Zhen, he would approach whoever was beneficial to him. He would dote on whichever daughter could bring him more benefits.

Lin Yin was going to get sold to an old tycoon, so the profits would be depleted in one go. And Su Fei's marriage could bring him endless profits for decades.

Therefore, even if Zheng Chao's actions were inappropriate, he did not care at all. As long as the marriage was not annulled, everything would not be a problem.

However, if Lin Yin harmed this marriage, he would definitely not forgive her.

"Hit on you? Zheng Chao and Feifei are engaged. Will he still hit on others?" Chu Yun widened her eyes in anger and was anxious to defend Su Fei. "You must have misbehaved and deliberately seduced him!"

"Ha, deliberately seduced?" Lin Yin said indifferently. "I'm not so desperate. I don't like such a smooth-talking young master. I'm only worthy of the poor people in the slums. Are you satisfied?"

Su Fei's face turned red. She had not been able to gain anything here and had been slandered by Lin Yin. Su Fei felt that she was asking for trouble today. Wasn't she saying that her taste was inferior and she could not keep her man in check?

This lowly woman! She went against her everywhere! Su Fei was so angry that she couldn't stop shaking.

"I'm full. I'll get going." Lin Yin stood up and walked out, ignoring the three people at the dining table.

As she passed by Su Fei, Lin Yin said, "Sister, you have to watch over him in the future. Don't disgust me."

Her voice was so low that only Su Gei could hear her. Lin Yin felt like she would clutch her chest again, ready to pretend to faint.

After resolving the trouble that Su Fei had brought, Lin Yin felt much better. Su Fei treated Su Zhen and Chu Yun as a tree to rely on and often deliberately made things difficult for her in front of them.

If it was in her previous life, this move would still work. Su Fei would always deal a heavy blow to Lin Yin. But now, every time Su Fei made things difficult for her, Lin Yin would triple the damage.

This time, when she walked on the campus, Lin Yin specially looked around to make sure that Zheng Chao was not around before she continued walking with relief.

No one would want to step on the same dog shit twice.