White Tiger (Lookism Fanfic)

Kim Sung Jin, with the unique trait of instant mastery, reincarnated into the world of Lookism. This new universe is different from the one he was used to, and Jin quickly realizes that his fighting skills won't be enough to help him navigate this new world. He is tasked with protecting Rose, the daughter of a powerful mafia boss, as she attends high school. Despite his confidence in his fighting abilities, Jin discovers that he lacks knowledge and experience in other areas of life, having only interacted with people within the mafia family. He must now develop and grow in areas such as social skills, personal relationships, and academic knowledge, all while keeping Rose safe from rival gangs and the dangerous underworld of Lookism. Jin's journey will be filled with challenges, from navigating the intricacies of high school life to facing off against powerful enemies, all while trying to figure out his place in this new world. With his unique trait of instant mastery, Jin will have to balance his natural talent with hard work and dedication if he hopes to succeed in this universe. I do not own Lookism or the art. Lookism is belong to Park Tae-joon.

STRO · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
20 Chs

Special Team

After Jin and John boarded the plane, they finally reached America about 14 hours later.

"Damn, my butt hurts from all that sitting."

"Stop your whimpering and let's go."

Jin was able to understand John because, while on the plane, Jin was able to attain English language mastery by hearing John speak. This skill would allow him to speak English fluently.

Jin followed John outside the airport where a car was already waiting. After about three hours of riding, they finally arrived at the HQ, which was also a private property, but three times the size of the Korea base.

They entered the main building, which was very luxurious. John then guided Jin to meet the boss. Upon reaching the boss's office, Jin saw a chair facing backward before it turned to face him.

"So, you're Jin from Korea, correct?"

"Yes, sir."

The boss looked at Jin with a slightly surprised expression because Jin was able to speak English fluently.

"When did you learn how to speak English?"

"On the plane."

Jin spoke honestly, and John and the boss looked at him with a little shock on their faces.

"Well, you may know me as the boss of this Mafia family. My family is called Tana della Tigre, which means 'tiger's den.' You can call me boss."

"Yes, boss."

"Well, John, guide this kid to the others."

"Yes, boss."

John and Jin then bowed a little before leaving the office. While on the way, Jin asked John, "What is your position here, John?"

"I'm the consigliere here."

"Which means?"

"I'm the advisor or counselor to the boss."

"That's pretty cool. What about the captain?"

"He's one of the capos here."

Jin nodded and then asked again, "Can you tell me how the Mafia structure works?"

"Well, I will tell you later. For now, you're going to meet your new team."

Jin nodded, and then they arrived at a different building, which was a seven-story building. They went to the second floor to meet the others. Upon reaching the second floor, they entered a small auditorium. Jin saw about seven other kids around his age.

"Go pick a seat."

Jin then went to one of the seats, and John started speaking on the stage.

"Some of you may know why we're here, while some of you don't. I will tell you why you're here. Each one of you is a prodigy of your own country, with an outstanding feat."

"Now, we will show you each of your profiles, from the oldest."

Then a picture and a profile showed up on the screen.

"Alexander from Russia, able to master Krav Maga, Systema, and Kali Arnis at the age of 14."

Jin was astonished because Alexander was like Jay, but more brutal. Then the projector showed another profile.

"Chai from Thailand, able to master Muay Thai at the age of 12, and then was able to master Lerdrit by the age of 14. He was taught Lerdrit by a former elite commander of the Thai royal army."

The profile then changed again.

"Kai from China, able to learn Karate, Kungfu, Taekwondo, and lastly Shuai Jiao, an ancient Chinese martial art. He was able to master all of them at the age of 14."

The profile then changed again.

"Jax from Ghana, able to master Boxing and Dambe at the age of 13."

The profile then changed again.

"Budi from Indonesia was able to master all types of Silat at the age of 13," the profile read before changing to another.

"Pedro from Brazil was able to master Capoeira and Luta Livre at the age of 13," it continued before changing again.

"Jack from Spain was able to master Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, and MMA at the age of 13."

Finally, the profile of Jin from Korea appeared on the screen. "Lastly, Jin from Korea was able to master Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Karate, and Wrestling at the age of 12."

The projection then showed another profile. "Although she will not enter this team, she will help all of you in your operation," it read. A girl then entered the auditorium and took a seat.

"Ava from America, a master hacker with an IQ of 200," the projection read before turning off.

"All of you will form a team, a special elite team. We will provide all the education and training you need. Does anyone have a question?" the instructor asked.

"Me," Chai the Kid from Thailand raised his hand.

"What is your question?" the instructor asked.

"How long is this program?" Chai asked.

"Well, all of you will receive education and training for two years before you will be given a mission. Does anyone else have a question?" the instructor replied.

No one raised their hand anymore.

"Good. Now come to the front to receive your keys to your rooms," the instructor said. All of the kids went to the stage to receive their keys. Jin received number 8.

"For now, all of you can put your belongings in your room and enjoy the view here. Tomorrow the training will begin," the instructor announced.

All of the kids nodded and exited the auditorium to go to their rooms. Jin went to room number 8. Before he closed his door, he saw Jack enter his room.

Jack's room was opposite Jin's. After putting all of his stuff, Jin thought about mastering all of the martial arts there, but his stomach growled.

Jin went to the cafeteria to see Alexander, Jax, and Budi sitting together. Budi then called out to Jin. "Come here, Jin."

Jin went towards their table and sat down. "So, let me introduce you once more. My name is Budi from Indonesia, he's Jax from Ghana, and this is Alexander from Russia. Nice to meet you," Budi said.

"Nice to meet you too. My name is Jin from Korea," Jin replied.

"You're the youngest, right?" Budi asked.

"If that doesn't include Ava, yes, I'm the youngest here," Jin said.

"Okay, you can take your food there," Budi said.

Jin nodded and went to take his food, then he sat back at his seat. Budi then asked, "So, Jin, when did you start learning martial arts?"

"I started learning martial arts at the age of 11. How about you?" Jin asked.

"Wow, you're amazing. I started learning martial arts at the age of 9, you know," Budi replied.

"How about you two?" Jin asked, turning to Jax.

"Same as Budi," Jax said.

Budi then asked Alexander, "How about you, Alex?"

"Just call me Alex. I started learning martial arts at the age of 8," Alex said before starting to eat his food again.

Seeing this, all of them began eating as well. After they finished, Jin went back to his room and went to sleep.