1 Of the six, one was a tragedy.



"Why did you open the door?" The little girl in front of the head maid was wearing the maid's uniform, and the head maid shrieked as she smacked her.

A large doorway led to a well-kept estate that was situated in the heart of the woodland.

It was as magnificent as anyone who entered could imagine it to be, but no one could because it was raining outside at night.

The frontal entryway had a pair of substantial steps and a stunning entrance in between. The pillars had a gold fender, the bottom was embellished with gold in a flower design, and the cabinetwork was set with stones.

No one could declare that anything would have ensued in the room above the stairs on the left wing because not a single sound could be heard from the outside, except for the sound of a baby's whimper.

A group of maids surrounded a little crib with a baby who was crying while lying on his back; the sound of the baby's hoot resounded throughout the entire estate.

A young maid, trembling in front of the head maid, remarked, "I thought it was the dry nurse."

Another young maid added, peering out the barely opened door as though watching out for someone, "It'll fetch you your life."

But I did nothing, "the young girl said, trembling and wiping her tear-stained face."

"Enough already with this!" The head maid yelled, pointing, "Try to cover it up."

The younger maid said, "Ma'am?"

"First, shut the windows. Take these sharp glass fragments and wipe that blood! " The head maid gave the other maids instructions in the large Cullen room. The young maid was wailing for her, but she couldn't hear her.

"The Prince, ma'am." She talked above her tears, but barely.

Since the newborn prince's cry was no longer audible, the head maid was able to hear her this time.

She left the other maids and moved toward the young girl, who was the only person besides the baby's bed because the others were occupied cleaning up the aftermath of the tragedy.

"What? What took place now? " Why do you appear to have seen a ghost while you are staring at the Prince? " The head maid asked.

When she finally got to her side, she could no longer hear the baby's wailing echoing throughout the entire estate.

The little one continued to cry, yet not a single sound could be heard, not even from proximity.

On the baby's lovely white chest, a strange scar appeared, signifying a form that no one could tell.

The head maid, shivering and sweaty, collapsed to the floor in terror at the sight of the little prince.

When they observed the head maid's response, the other maids rushed over. Upon seeing the prince, one of them shouted and stumbled backward.

After many beats,

"Hole-a-stroke" signs of approaching people.

A group of knights pounded on the door, opened it, and then moved out of the way.

A stunningly gorgeous woman with long, pitch-black, silky hair, large eyes, and purple irises, as well as a thin, frail physique, stepped forward.

The maids all serenaded "Your Highness" while maintaining their composure.

The queen asked in a stern voice, "What's with the riot?"

The fact that none of the maids spoke while remaining silent irritated the queen.

"Where is my son?" She said as her face turned pale. "And the head maid is nowhere to be seen; where is she?" She asked once again.

The terrified maids cleared a path to the baby's crib, exposing the head maid on the floor and the infant prince in bed.

When the Queen noticed the baby moving without babbling, she was terrified. The head maid was laying on the floor next to the bed, and as she trudged toward the infant's bed, her throat began to burn.

She kept moving forward with her shaky body, and when she spotted something, she approached it closely and howled in anger and despair.

To be continued...

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