2 Floor 0

{You have 24 hours in this Dungeon Realm, where time is 2 times slower than reality, to gain as much EXP and dungeon points as you can} announced to him the system as the metal gate in front of him opened, revealing to him the long corridor.

Adam had no reason to doubt what the miraculous system had told him and also had nothing to lose anyway.

"If this is real, I can be strong and help my Aunt get better" he exclaimed enthusiastically as he felt the hope of a better future for the first time since his aunt had fallen ill.

However, he knew better than anybody that there was no such thing as a free lunch, and everything had a price which he was curious about.

In school, Adam was extremely intelligent, but mostly in maths due to his analysis and problem-solving ability, but his education was cut short due to his Aunt's situation.

Calming down he cautiously walked forwards into the long corridor, which wasn't dark but had no light source which confused Adam.

But after everything that had happened with the system, it wasn't as unusual.

In the distance, he could see a bright light, which seemed to be both right in front of him and far away from him.

Walking forwards for what felt like a short while and a long time at the same time, he had now reached the light at the end of the tunnel and stood in front of the light that seemed to form a wall.

The corridor didn't follow the same space and time laws that Earth followed, confused Adam, who didn't understand what just happened.

"What a weird corridor" he mumbled to himself.

Adam was both cautious and daring, but the one thing that overcame everything was his opportunistic nature and his desire to do well for himself and his Aunt.

This made it so that he didn't care about what he would have to do in order to succeed.

He took a step back, then charged directly at the light, shoulder first in case there was something on the other side.

But as soon as he touched the light, he felt the same feeling he felt to get there and after being engulfed by the light, was sucked into another space.

As soon as he felt that he had landed and was back as a physical form, he opened his eyes curiously and cautiously.

{Floor 0} announced the Dungeon system.

Looking around, he was on a small piece of land and behind him was a black wall.

In front of him, there was a small pond surrounding the small piece of land he stood on and there was a bridge which led him over the water to a small forest area.

The whole area was around 10 square kilometres and was surrounded by black walls.

"System where am I and what do I do now," he asked hoping that the system could hear him.

{You are on floor 0 of the Mortal Dungeon and after defeating every beast on the floor you will be taken to the next floor, and you do realise I am within your mind so you don't have to talk} answered the voice.

{Your stats right now are:

Mortal LVL: 1

EXP: 1 / 10

HP: 80

MP: 10

Strength: 7

Speed: 8

Intelligence: 15

Charisma: 5

Luck: 5

These are the stats of your current body and an average peak person would have 10 points on each stat apart from Charisma and Luck where they would have 3 points, which for you were boosted by integrating with me, but your body is still to weak apart from your intelligence}.

As he heard the system's analysis of his body, he could see that it made sense and was also curious and had many questions.

[So how do I get my stats higher] he asked within his mind.

{Every time you increase in LVL each stat will rise by 1 apart from Charisma and Luck which need special requirements, and after each LVL UP, you also gain an additional stat point that you can choose which stat you want to spend it on}.

Collecting his thoughts and from what he knew about games, he knew that HP was how much damage he could sustain before death, MP was, from what he knew, the amount of mana or energy he could use on skills, and Speed, Strength and Luck are self-explanatory.

He also knew that Intelligence was not only his mental power but his talent in magic skills and his sensory ability.

Adam was a game addict in his young ages, before his Aunt got ill and could no longer provide for him.

He seemed to know all about stats which was engraved within his mind and assumed it was from the system.

Charisma affected his aura, sociability, attractiveness and would also be a factor in being able to subdue pets, spirits or summons.

After digesting all the information, in the distance, he could see from the distance that there was a small green goblin walking ahead of him but didn't seem to see him.

Adam's heart leapt out of his chest as he reflexively jumped into the water.

Despite the splash of water, the goblin who was a few hundred metres away didn't hear or sense anything.

Adam floating in the water was taking deep breaths trying to calm down, but couldn't shake off the fact that he had just seen a goblin in real life.

After a few seconds, he was able to calm down and seeing the goblin he now knew what he was up against.

Goblins are very unpleasant, vengeful, and greedy creatures, that would form groups together and hated human beings.

Climbing out of the water, he knew that he would be in the dungeon for 24 hours and he might as well attempt to defeat some beasts and LVL UP.

Defeating beasts would get him Dungeon points, Stat points and he would LVL UP.

Clenching his fists, he steeled his will and approached the lone goblin he saw.

Adam would hide behind trees, running from tree to tree, getting closer and closer to the lone goblin he had seen patrolling the area.

As he got closer and closer, his heart was beating more and more, and his body was beginning to sweat profusely.

When he snuck close enough to the goblin, he began to see numbers floating above his head on some sort of invisible panel.

Goblin Guard

LVL: 1

HP: 100

Strength: 10

Speed: 10

Intelligence: 5

"It's time to battle"

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