1 Gods and Goddesses of the Sabij Dessert

Goddess of Healing- Naimah

Virgin goddess

Twin sister to Goddess Sharlek

Goddess of Fated love and Fated Enemies- Sharlek

Married to Temille

Twin sister to Goddess Naima

God of Chaos- Ander

Brother to Temille and Zanti

Youngest of the triplet brothers

Married to Miria

God of Death- Zanti

Brother to Ander and Temille

Middle triplet of the three

Married to Chava

Goddess of War- Miria

Married to Ander

Daughter of Zanti and Chva

Goddess of Life and Fertility- Chava

Married to Znti

God of Night and Dreams- Drem

Son of Temille and Sharlek

Twin Brother to Diya

Married to Reve

Goddess of Day- Diya

Daughter of Temille and Sharlek

Twin sister to Drem

Virgin Goddess

God of Wisdom- Izyan

Son of Temille and Sharlek

Virgin God

Goddess of Nightmares- Reve

Married to Drem

Daughter of Ander and Miria

Sister to Bavol

God of Winds- Bavol

Son of Ander of Miria

Brother of Reve

Married to Rai

God of Balance and Guidance- Temille

Brother to Ander and Zanti – eldest of the three

Married to Goddess Sharlek

God of Rain- Rai

Son of Zanti and Chava

Married to Bavol

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