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when worlds collide


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Yukia is just a young 12 year old girl who's family was murdered when she was only 2 years old forcing her to leave her only home. After years of making mistakes. She finds her way to the home of the teen titans. Yukia would think her life would be better after joining the young hero's and staying with them for a year. however what happens when an old enemy of the titans returns? With a time machine? How do the titans get home? And who are these weird people they run into? Who his the evil man that killed Yukia's parents? How did he get to the past with the titans? And what has the young girl been hiding from her friends for the year shes been with them? Relationships will be thrown to the test and knew ones will blossom. Come and read this growing up story of a young girl as she learns to trust her friends. And puts down the walls protecting her heart from love. Slight Robin/Starfire Cyborg/bumblebee/ Beastboy/Raven moments. OC/Gaara as well (An orignal teen titans and Naruto crossover) I do not own either show only the plot and my ocs


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