When Three Immortal Fairies Visited Earth and Met Me

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What is When Three Immortal Fairies Visited Earth and Met Me

Read When Three Immortal Fairies Visited Earth and Met Me novel written by the author Author_of_Culture on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, r18, comedy, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a realm where boredom is practically unheard of, three fairy sisters—offspring of the immortal realm's mightiest warriors—decided they had enough of celestial monotony. Seeking adventure (or maybe just a break from their all-too-perfect existence), they make a break for it, leaving behind the wonders and restrictions of their home. Enter me, Nikolas, but you can call me Nikko or Nick if you're feeling friendly. Just a regular guy navigating the complexities of university life, nursing a not-so-secret crush on the most captivating woman on campus. Imagine my surprise when what I thought was an unattainable dream starts looking like a reality. There's just one tiny, slightly terrifying catch. She comes with a warning label: impress her parents, two of the five rulers of the immortal realm, within a hundred years or risk facing their wrath for daring to woo their precious daughter. Oh, I wonder if their wrath will triple when they hear I'm going after all the three precious daughters. *Contains r18 scenes of love. These themes appear in the book although it isn't necessirily focused on them: #Yandere #Tsundere #Mafia #Dual-cultiavtion #Idol #Gamer-girl

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I saw many people were so traumatized from previous reads that they got the scare of their lives before finishing chapter 7, so I decided I'd leave a review myself! 1. First, for those of you who dislike the genre, there is no NTR here, the female characters who date MC do not get touched by others. 2. This story is in written in the first person, which is relatively unique and had been hard to pull off, show some support! 3. There's no rap in this story, but there's a character CNC feish, which people of culture know it's a kink about consented rap. Some kind of S and M variation about being rough, and you know, all that. There are some other unusual kinks that I want to explore in the story, but nothing too twisted... I hope. Ahm, keep an open mind to be exposed to more culture. 4. It got a lot of naughty flirts and fun, you must join the growing community of fans who love the three fairies! 5. You could call it a chill SoL story. I'm taking my time trying to give the characters personalities and their own ambitions, jobs, and goals in life. I think that's it, but feel free to ask me questions!


Definitely on my recommendation list. A great story with great progression. Looking forward to read more of it.


The story is realistic. If immortals actually came to our earth. The progression of the main character is realistic. So far, I paid and enjoyed the book.


am really liking the story so far its worth the read


i like it so far keep up the good work 🙂


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