137 Someone Was Here

Shen Nianzu glared at him. 

The words 'what kind of nonsense are you talking about' almost slipped out of his lips, only to be stuck in the end when he recalled that the Nightmare had appeared every single time in the Cycles Jin Jiuchi were in. First, it flicked Jin Jiuchi's forehead and sent him flying and second, they directly fought with each other. 

What next? Would they sit at the same table and play chess?

Other people saying it would sound too arrogant and pompous, but coming from Jin Jiuchi's mouth, somehow… Shen Nianzu had a strange hunch that the man could really achieve it if he wanted. 

"You…" he shook his head and sighed. "Forget it, you're still too weak right now. Let's talk again after you have entered the top 50."

"Hmph, how stingy!" Jin Jiuchi pouted sullenly. "Just wait! I will definitely enter the top 50 as soon as possible!"

Gu Luoxin: "..." Why did it sound so easy to enter the top 50 from these two's mouths?


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