When the Wild Beast is Trapped in the Nightmare Cycle (BL)

After being confined in a mental asylum for years, Jin Jiuchi had just been released back to human habitation when he suddenly found himself trapped in a dangerous and thrilling survival game. Wait, is there something wrong with you all? Why do you look so scared? This world is so… exciting! For Jin Jiuchi, this beast in human clothing who was chained by society laws, the appearance of the Nightmare Cycle was akin to a dream come true! Drinking tea with a dismembered bride in a haunted apartment, dancing tango with the evil spirit in the depths of suicide forest, skipping rope with the ancient god in a forgotten civilization… Jin Jiuchi was so happy that he was going crazy! However, when he went crazy, all the players and NPCs in the cycle trembled in fear. *** There was only a beautiful jade doll who had never been afraid of him. Shen Nianzu called out softly, "Jin-ge." Jin Jiuchi, who was happily digging through a rotten corpse's stomach, suddenly dropped everything and zoomed in front of Shen Nianzu with a speed invisible to naked eyes. His eyes were curved into crescents as he asked, "What's wrong, Nian'er? Do you want to join me too?" Shen Nianzu was expressionless as he stared at the bloody man in front of him. Then he suddenly stretched out a hand, palm up. Confused, Jin Jiuchi placed his dirty paw in Shen Nianzu's hand and shook it. Shen Nianzu: “Good boy.” Jin Jiuchi: ? *** Lunatic drama king, wild beast gong x big beauty, cunning, strong-acting-weak shou Additional tags: top/gong/seme protagonist, action, supernatural, psychological, mystery, slow romance, ghosts, gore, monsters, beasts, shameless protagonist, survival game, teamwork, unlimited flow, horror, suspense, younger love interest Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord: delanasiwarka#1490 Discord server: bit.ly/delanadiscord

delanasiwarka · LGBT+
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Hello everyone, your resident fujoshi, Delana, is here again to inject you with another dose of BL! Previously, I have done a QT and crime-omegaverse (you can find the books in my profile, do give it a try ><) and this time, I am here with a new kind of BL — Unlimited Flow!

Welcome, old and new readers! As always, my books always have content warnings and I like to place it in the Aux chapter beforehand to let you know. In case there's something you can't stomach, then perhaps this book is not suited to you :)

1. Elements of horror, suspense, mystery and gore are a must in unlimited flow! Don't worry, if you're still confused as to what genre is this, I will give a thorough explanation in the 'Guide to the Nightmare Cycle' next chapter.

2. Our MC is a gong/top/seme. I'm sure you can already guess what kind of person he is from the title and synopsis *cough* but let me warn you once again: he will not play by the usual rule. He is more instinct than logical, and sometimes he will make crazy decisions simply because he wants to, and all he seeks is excitement. The decisions he makes will sometimes lead him to a more unfavorable and life-threatening situation, and you will get so angry that you want to bash his head. It's okay, I will understand.

3. Continuing from the second point. Will MC regret it? Ohoho, don't worry, let me assure you that karma is indeed a bitch. MC will learn the consequences of his thoughtless action and learn to use his head a bit. In other words, you will definitely see his character improvement :)

4. Important side characters! In case you haven't noticed it, there is an additional tag 'teamwork' in the synopsis. It means that MC and ML will embark on a journey to gather powerful teammates, and they all hailed from different age and background with their own unique stories. So if you're the kind of person who can't stomach it when MC and ML's screentime is cut sometimes by the side characters, then perhaps this story is not for you ^^

5. Slow burn! You won't find true romance so soon into the story, so let me apologize in advance if you're a seeker of fluff and sweet love. But in exchange, I will serve you with a sizzling, simmering sexual tension ;) After all, what's more exciting than a beast who acts on his instinct?

6. There will be sexual scenes in the story which I will put as a warning [M] on the title, so feel free to skip it if you're uncomfortable

7. Sensitive content: depiction of cruelty, murder, suicide, violence, gore. In the face of the terrifying prospect of death, human's true nature is revealed and you will be repulsed by how dark and vile it is.

And Delana is going to delve deep, deep into this territory :)

That's all for the author's note. If you decide to continue with the story, then welcome and I promise you a thrilling and suspenseful ride!