When The Gangster Falls In Love

He hated the man that drove him crazy and would stop at nothing to get him away from his sister. But yet, he found himself falling deeper under his spell, intoxicated by the forbidden affection he knew better than to covet. He had stolen the heart of the man his sister loved, and what was worse, he did not regret it

Riceballs_25 · LGBT+
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35 Chs

The Bastard Wanted A Show

There were a lot of things I let Jas get away with while we were growing up. Jumping over the school fence and skipping class with her friends was miles apart from bringing home a sketchy bastard, who stressed me the fuck out.

"Jas. Kitchen. Now." I said already leaving, arms folded over my chest, fuming in uncontrollable rage. I rested both hands on the sink and listened to the sound of the rushing tap to try clear my head.

Who really was this guy?

Could someone be out to get me? How convenient was it that he just kept popping up in front of me. I knew that some people had it against me, but why would they send someone who couldn't defend himself against a bullet after me?

"I let myself get shot Coco, don't get it confused." Ferrari's voice sounded from behind me. My body stiffened as he wheeled himself into the kitchen and shut the door behind him.

Shit. Did I say that out loud?

"What the hell are you doing here?" My eyes loomed around my surroundings for a weapon I could use just in case he tried anything.

Ferrari responded, "You shouldn't be giving Jasmine such a hard time, not after you did this to her boyfriend."

I clenched my jaw, "I told you to leave her out of this!" I raised my voice and swiped the nearest fork from the counter and in one move I pushed it's tip to his Adam's apple.

Ferrari's pointed his gaze downwards and chuckled, "We go back and forth doing this every time we meet." He observed, speaking despite the fork pointed to his neck.

"This wouldn't happen if you just left my sister alone." I spat out, but the bastard remained unfazed completely. It was like I was speaking to a brick wall, defeated I pulled the fork away and wiped my palms against my clothes.

"You're not staying here." I told him firmly, "You can say what you want to Jasmine, but there's no proof to backup your claims. Do what you like." It wasn't like he could prove that I shot him.

Whenever I leave a room, my men make certain to take the security footage with them. And I knew this man wasn't crazy enough to tell Jasmine that we fucked. He was bluffing, and I had humoured him too much.

I walked past him towards the door, but in a quick second Ferrari yanked on my elbow and then pulled me onto his laps.

"Get your fucking hands off—"

The bastard pinched my chin and in the blink of an eye he seized my lips in a kiss. I struggled to pull away, but he snaked his other hand to the back of my head, forcing me to stay still.

Crazy son of a gun!

As he ferociously kissed me, I heard the sound of approaching footsteps towards the kitchen.

"Rowan, is everything alright in there?" Camille asked from outside, I widened my eyes as I tried to get up, she of all people could NOT see me in this state.

I tried to move, but with Ferrari's one arm wrapped around my waist and pushing me down, and the other pressing my head forward, it started to feel impossible.

As the kiss deepened I started to fall short of breath. And when I heard Camille tug on the door, I panicked and bit hard on his lower lip, ending the kiss.

"Tch." I hissed when his hand fell from my waist, I swiftly got up and dashed for the door. However, just as I was about to open it, Ferrari cracked up from behind me.

"I'll go out first. We wouldn't want your little plaything seeing that." He voiced out, in an all knowing tone.

At first, I waved off his warning, but when I peered my head through the door, I felt a certain hardness in-between my legs.

No fucking way…

"Finally! What the hell was taking you so long to get out? I started thinking you escaped, again." Camille said, looking through the opening behind me.

"Sorry, we got carried away a bit." I could feel myself getting harder down there as we spoke through the door.

"Why are your lips suddenly swollen?" She observed, throwing me a questioning stare.

I instinctively licked my lips, the bastard's taste was still on me.

"Camille, I'll be back at the table in five minutes, there's just something me and Ferrari have to discuss—"

Camille frowned, "Why the hell do I have to wait? You can tell him to lay off, you're my boyfriend!" She raised her voice a bit too much towards the latter part, like she was trying to pass the point across.

She pulled on the door, but I pulled it back, stunning her shitless. I groaned, "It'll only be a while longer, you can start dinner in the meantime. I'll only be a minute or two." I softened my tone, and looked her in the eye, she liked it when my focus was on just her.

She acted tuff and infallible, whereas she was sensitive and soft inside. It made me feel sick whenever I exploited that about her.

Defeated, she sighed, "Two minutes Rowan, that's all I'm giving you." She sharply warned me. She took one final glance behind me before she finally left.

Once she left, I closed the door and reclined against it. However, I got the shock of a lifetime when my gaze landed on Ferrari, who sat legs apart, showcasing the tight bulge in his pants.

"Are you fucking crazy?! Jas is right outside!" What was he doing getting hard?

"You're one to talk. How much of a slut must you be to talk to your girlfriend with a hard on?" He asked, whilst his gloved thumb stroked the bruise on his lower lip.

I deflected from the line of conversation he was headed to. "You can't go out like that."

"Then do something about it." The bastard said, no, it sounded more like he was giving me an order. His eyes guided mine lower, towards the bulge in my pants.

In a suggestive tone he said, "Why don't you help us both?"

In a prickly tone I demanded, "And what does that mean?" This bastard couldn't be thinking I'd…

Ferrari's lips flattened into a half smile, and in a low tone he demanded, "Put on a good show for me, Coco."