82 Chapter 82: yy is a Skill!

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Yang Tao was a veteran plastic surgeon who had gained some fame at the municipal hospital and was one of the earliest people in An Yang City to engage in plastic surgery.

After so many years of accumulation, Xiya Plastic Surgery Hospital had become one of the most famous plastic surgery hospitals in An Yang City.

However, in recent years, with the constant development of the market, the entry of some large chain hospitals, along with the emergence of some dark horses, Xiya Plastic Surgery Hospital could only maintain a mid-tier position in the top echelon, not as glorious as it used to be.

But Yang Tao, as Xiya's chief surgeon, though lacking in innovation, was experienced and highly skilled. Zhang Zhixin was truly happy to have Yang Tao on board this time.

After exchanging the plastic surgery plans, blueprints, and data with Qin Xiang and Yang Tao, both parties had a rough idea of each other.


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