79 Chapter 79: Resorting to Money at the Slightest Disagreement?

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Even Chen Cang was utterly bewildered by Xiao Tianhua's words!

"Big sister, I'm just doing my job. Don't get so into character. I sell talent, you pay... Let's part on good terms; with you like this... I don't know how to ask you for money!"

Chen Cang felt somewhat helpless.

"Everything was fine, but you had to bring feelings into it... Talking about feelings can be so costly!"

Thinking this, Chen Cang felt that he had been too polite and needed to set things straight.

He hastily gestured with his hands and said with a serious and earnest expression, "No, no, no, Sister Xiao, you've misunderstood. I'm a professional; this is my job. That's all there is to it. Don't get too excited. Actually, you were already beautiful. I merely highlighted your best features."

However, Chen Cang did not expect that his words would make Xiao Tianhua even more emotional...


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