When the Doctor Uses A Hack

You're a struggling young doctor, barely making ends meet with a measly $2000 monthly income. Life's pressures and trials weigh heavily upon you! But lo and behold! One fine morning, you wake up to find yourself equipped with some sort of cheat codes... You're scheduled for an appendectomy, so you roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore the abdominal terrain: You touch the cecum: "Cecum: Healthy!" You palpate the colon: "Colon: All clear!" You reach the appendix: "Appendix: It's an inflamed, pus-filled appendix monster, level 15, rare creature. Recommendation: Perform an appendectomy!" With a decisive hand, you wield your scalpel and skillfully remove the troublesome appendix. "Ding! Rare appendix monster eliminated! Rewards: +100 experience in appendectomy, +$100, and a shiny white suture needle!" And thus, your journey begins as an emergency surgeon. But remember, with great healing powers comes great responsibility!

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Chapter 31: Kung Pao Chicken

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[Ding! Congratulations, you've completed the task, saved an injured patient, and acquired the skill: Foreskin Circumcision (Beginner)]

Chen Cang looked contentedly at the basic surgical skill he had acquired.

He felt a little smug inside, as for not having a girlfriend.

Do I not have a girlfriend?

Juzi Lisha, Nanako... there are too many, I switch them every day, but it's all just online romance, without meeting in person.


I haven't stolen or robbed, my twenty-plus years of proud singleness is due to a deep consciousness of poverty.

But now that I'm wealthy, I have the chance to find a partner.

Chen Cang checked his Yu'E Bao and found that he had already accumulated over twenty-two thousand.

And with about two thousand in cash, Chen Cang quickly calculated, he had earned a total of around three thousand in just seven or eight days!

What a terrifying number!

The system provided Chen Cang with a rich variety of ways to earn money.