When the Doctor Uses A Hack

You're a struggling young doctor, barely making ends meet with a measly $2000 monthly income. Life's pressures and trials weigh heavily upon you! But lo and behold! One fine morning, you wake up to find yourself equipped with some sort of cheat codes... You're scheduled for an appendectomy, so you roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore the abdominal terrain: You touch the cecum: "Cecum: Healthy!" You palpate the colon: "Colon: All clear!" You reach the appendix: "Appendix: It's an inflamed, pus-filled appendix monster, level 15, rare creature. Recommendation: Perform an appendectomy!" With a decisive hand, you wield your scalpel and skillfully remove the troublesome appendix. "Ding! Rare appendix monster eliminated! Rewards: +100 experience in appendectomy, +$100, and a shiny white suture needle!" And thus, your journey begins as an emergency surgeon. But remember, with great healing powers comes great responsibility!

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392 Chs

Chapter 29: The Heart of Youth

Translator: 549690339

A saying that wakes the dreamer!

Zhang Dalong suddenly realized something someone brilliant had said was quite right: What is the most important thing in the 21st century?


He looked at his little brothers with warmth in his eyes and felt extremely reassured.

Without hesitation, he took out his phone and snapped several photos of himself in the mirror.

He then started composing a post for his social circle:

"Masterpiece: The Dragon of Mona Lisa!"

Underneath were several photos taken from different angles!

Afterward, he admired his post with self-satisfaction.

Chen Cang sighed, "You need to get that bandaged, otherwise it might get infected."

Zhang Dalong shook his head, "Master, don't worry, what's an infection! We're not even afraid of catching a cold!"

Chen Cang: …

You damn well are a talent!

I almost want to give you a round of applause with my Italian cannon.