When the Doctor Uses A Hack

You're a struggling young doctor, barely making ends meet with a measly $2000 monthly income. Life's pressures and trials weigh heavily upon you! But lo and behold! One fine morning, you wake up to find yourself equipped with some sort of cheat codes... You're scheduled for an appendectomy, so you roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore the abdominal terrain: You touch the cecum: "Cecum: Healthy!" You palpate the colon: "Colon: All clear!" You reach the appendix: "Appendix: It's an inflamed, pus-filled appendix monster, level 15, rare creature. Recommendation: Perform an appendectomy!" With a decisive hand, you wield your scalpel and skillfully remove the troublesome appendix. "Ding! Rare appendix monster eliminated! Rewards: +100 experience in appendectomy, +$100, and a shiny white suture needle!" And thus, your journey begins as an emergency surgeon. But remember, with great healing powers comes great responsibility!

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Chapter 26: There's Room for Improvement in Character!

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Qin Xiaoyuan looked at Chen Cang, coughed, and nodded his head. In order to alleviate the tension with Comrade Xiao Chen and to demonstrate care and concern, he tried to recall the expression and gaze he had when he first met his first love thirty years ago, striving to conjure up that same look:

"Comrade Xiao Chen, I had some misunderstandings about you just now. Don't take it to heart. You did a very good job this time."

"Comrade Wu Gang is our hero, and you did the right thing this time. I will talk to your director about it, keep it up! I have high hopes for you!"

Upon hearing this, Chen Cang quickly nodded with a smile, "Thank you, Director, you're too kind. It's what I should do."

But... although Chen Cang was enthusiastic outwardly, he was uneasy inside.

He actually saw in Director Qin's eyes... love?

This is freaking scary!

With that thought, Chen Cang discreetly took a step back.

Qin Xiaoyuan heard this and clicked his tongue. Not bad!

The effect was good, and...

The kid has a good awareness.

"Hmm, good! Not bad, keep up the good work, our hospital needs talents like you. I will come back and talk to your director, and make sure you're nurtured thoroughly!"

[Ding! Favorability from Qin Xiaoyuan +5!]

Chen Cang was stunned, Director Qin actually seemed so frivolous, his favorability towards me increased again.

Thinking of this, Chen Cang took a deep breath, if something were to happen to me, who would take a stand for me? It's no use speaking softly as a humble Chen.

It's said that hospitals have their hidden rules, and it seems completely true!

However... being thoroughly nurtured, that sounds good!

Qin Xiaoyuan answered a phone call and left in a hurry, casting a pensive glance at Liu Siqi and Tan Zhonglin as he left.

"Gentlemen, I have some matters to attend to and must leave now. I can't host you any longer. An Director, please accompany them."

After saying that, he hurriedly left.

Watching Qin Xiaoyuan's departure, Tan Zhonglin and Liu Siqi's eyes lit up.

"This... Dr. Chen, come out for a moment, let's have a chat," Tan Zhonglin said with a beaming smile, pulling him aside.

"You did a really good job with that tendon suture. Who taught you?"

Chen Cang smiled and said, "It was taught by the doctors in the department. Teacher An's tendon suture skills are top-notch."

An Yanjun's face turned red, but he remained calm and composed, nonchalant and serene.

Tan Zhonglin laughed heartily and asked Chen Cang, "So, can I have a word with you in private?"

After saying that, he led Chen Cang to a secluded area, "Xiao Chen, I think your skills are pretty good. Have you ever thought about coming to the Provincial People's Hospital to develop? Our hand surgery department is lacking someone talented like you."

Chen Cang was taken aback, "Director Tan... I..."

Tan Zhonglin sighed, "A talent needs to be treated like one. I can't promise other things, but one establishment position will definitely be resolved within a year after you join."

Chen Cang's eyes widened, a position?

A bachelor's degree student getting a position at the Provincial People's Hospital, a prestigious provincial-grade hospital?

Liu Siqi also came out and said affirmatively, "That's right! Comrade Xiao Chen, take your time to think about it, there's no rush to decide. If you're willing to come, we're always welcoming."

After finishing, Liu Siqi and Tan Zhonglin exchanged phone numbers and WeChat with Chen Cang and then rushed off.

An Yanjun came out at this time, looking at Chen Cang with a gossipy expression, "Xiao Chen, what did they say?"

Chen Cang spoke the truth, "They want me to go to the Provincial People's, offering me a position and emphasized nurturing."

An Yanjun rolled his eyes, "Cut it out! Don't pull an old Chen on me, always bragging... What exactly did they say?"

Chen Cang: ...

Chen Cang: "They said I'm handsome."

An Yanjun pondered carefully, nodded, and walked away thoughtfully. He looked back as he walked away, "That's true!"

Chen Cang: ...%%¥¥¥

Looking at the phone in his hand, Chen Cang hesitated.

Provincial People's Hospital was indeed a level above the Second Provincial Hospital, but Chen Cang knew his own limits. They were probably interested in his suturing skills, but a surgeon can't just know how to suture. Chen Cang wasn't unwilling to go to a better hospital, it just wasn't the right time. Moreover, Old Chen and Director Li had been good to him, and the hospital was about to offer him a permanent contract soon. Even though it wasn't a government post, it was still quite alright.

One should eat their food one bite at a time...

No sooner had Chen Cang returned to the ward than a few burly men approached him.

"Doctor Chen! Thank you so much!"

"Yeah, Doctor Chen, you've worked hard."

The two men hurriedly shook hands with Chen Cang.

Chen Cang was startled, "You are...?"

The two men also gave an awkward smile, "We're in the same squad as Wu Gang, brothers in life and death! We really owe you big this time. Otherwise, Old Wu would definitely have been transferred to the archives and not only would he forget about catching criminals, but even firing a gun would've been difficult."

Chen Cang coughed, "Uh huh, yes, that... It's probably better to fire guns less frequently."

The man was taken aback, then burst into laughter, "We're talking about the Type 05 pistol!"

Chen Cang gave an embarrassed smile and fled into the ward in a hurry.

Sorry... to disturb!

At this moment, Zhang Keqin and Wu Gang were chatting. Seeing Chen Cang come in, Zhang Keqin also wore a big smile.

"Doctor Chen, you've worked hard. I'm an impatient man, don't take it to heart."

Chen Cang smiled, "No problem, I understand. Having a captain like you is quite good, I think."

Indeed, ever since Wu Gang was injured, Zhang Keqin had been running around, using his connections to find experts. His dedication was truly admirable.

Chen Cang looked at Wu Gang, "Rest well during this time, and don't fire any pistols, ah, the Type 05! In a little over a month, you should be mostly fine."

Wu Gang stood up promptly, his face full of vigor, "Doctor Chen, if there's ever anything you need from me, just say the word."

Chen Cang gave an awkward smile, "Forget about it. There's a saying: don't see a doctor when you're well, don't see a cop when you're in trouble."

"Anything that involves you guys is at least a criminal offence. That would be such bad luck..."

Everyone burst into laughter upon hearing this.

Zhang Keqin laughed, "Doctor Chen, you might not need us, but we will definitely need your help in the future."

At this, Zhang Keqin's face turned serious, "Being police officers, especially detectives, we deal with criminals every day and often get injured. So, we will undoubtedly need to trouble you in the future."

Chen Cang looked at Zhang Keqin's sincere and concerned face and reassured him, "Okay, for any matter, just come straight to me!"

"I'll give you guys a green channel, any time, just one call and I'll be there!"

There were no tasks or rewards, but Chen Cang was truly earnest.

The medical profession is high-pressure and demanding.

And the police force has even greater responsibilities and burdens than doctors, protecting society.

Life is peaceful because there are those who march on despite the weight on their shoulders.

Seeing the joyous Wu Gang, Chen Cang suddenly felt that none of these matters were important anymore.

People should stand for something and against something.

But there is a group of people who, knowing the dangers, still lead the charge, undaunted.

Thinking back to when Wu Gang was shot while saving someone, Chen Cang felt his own blood heat up a bit.

[Ding! Mission to save Wu Gang completed: Your Tendon Suture Surgery skill has been upgraded to Master level.]

[Ding! Tendon Suture Surgery: Master level; Special effects: 1. Reduced adhesion factor; 2. Faster recovery (The suturing's precision and other factors will speed up the tendon healing process.)]

But... after suturing so many tendons, not a single piece of gear dropped?

Seems like my luck still needs some improvement.