When Sky Falls In Love

Meet Selena Castroni, a simple girl and a nobody in her school who confessed her feelings for her long-time crush at the center of the basketball court after a championship game which made her heart shatter into a million pieces when her plan turned into a disaster. Skyler Alcarazo was the famous basketball superstar in Santa Clara Valley Academy who didn't want to have a serious relationship with any girl because, for him, girls would only distract his training and would ruin his future career. Besides, Sky was confident he could have whoever he wanted because of his good looks and overloaded sex appeal. Excerpt: "Sky, there is something I want to tell you," Selena said with shaking limbs as Skyler towered over her, wearing a victorious smile after his excellent performance during his game. "What is it, Selena? Do you want my autograph?" He asked, grinning at his younger brother's best friend. "No, I don't need your autograph; I like you, Skyler," she replied, blushing. "What?" He asked as his eyes widened in shock. "I said I like you, Sky, and I want to be your girlfriend," Selena answered, trying to control her emotions, and he laughed. Then, his face turned dark, and she could feel her blood drain from her veins as she looked at the disgusted look on Sky's face. "I thought you were different from other girls; I don't like you more than friends, Selena. Don't expect I have feelings for you because I treat you nicely; in my eyes, you are only my brother's best friend, nothing more, nothing less." Sky replied and walked away from her without taking a second glance. Selena's confession made her the laughingstock in her school, and things became complicated between them even after she gave Skyler one more chance, and she swore to herself she would make Sky pay for breaking her heart. But her plans became futile when Skyler became the greatest professional basketball player in the country and won the award as the Most Valuable player five times in a row. Skyler became a celebrity, while Selena had difficulty mending her broken heart. Sky was at the top of the world, enjoying his popularity and wealth, and having the hottest heiress as his fiancee made him the envy of all the guys all over Vizland Republic. One accident made him lose everything he knew he had, including his self-esteem. He became angry with the world and his existence. Selena was desperate to get a high-paying job to support his father's impending surgery. She grabbed the opportunity she read in the newspaper only to find out she would be dealing with the heartbreaker, Skyler. What will happen when the egoistic Superstar realizes fame is not the only thing that matters in the world? Can Selena be Sky's guiding light and savior in his darkest moment, or will she turn his world darker by taking her revenge on him? (Warning: Have mature content in the later part of the story)

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Selena's POV

We were back at their estate in Santa Clara capital before we knew it, and I couldn't believe my time with Skyler was over. We didn't get the chance to kiss again because we got busy helping the farm hands.

I pretended I fell asleep on the way back since I didn't want Stanley to know my real feelings for his brother, and I didn't want Sky to think I was hoping to be alone with him. If I didn't pretend I was sleeping, I would spend my time ogling Skyler.

"Wow, you ironed my uniform?" I asked my sister, Gwen, when I found my clothes in the living room ready to be worn.

"No, I didn't; someone from the Alcarazo's mansion came and told dad he was sent by Mr. Alcarazo to do the laundry, clean the house and cook food for us while you were away," Gwen responded, and I couldn't believe Stan would ask his father to send someone to do my chores.

"It felt like something was going on between you and Skyler; I saw him send you home. Are you one of his girls now?" My sister asked, giggling, and she had been teasing me about Sky, but she didn't know I got a massive crush on him.

"What Girls? No, he went to the coconut plantation with us, and Stan was not feeling well; Sky volunteered to take me home. I could always walk, you know, but Stan was worried that dad would get angry that we came home late," I replied.

"And why did Sky take you home and not Stanley?" Gwen asked, and I couldn't stop from blushing.

"Oh, see, I knew something was fishy going on," my sister added, and I shook my head.

"Nothing is going on, Gwen; Stan had an upset stomach, so his elder brother got no choice but to take me home," I replied.

"Okay, and why are you blushing if nothing was going on, sister?" She asked.

"I am not blushing," I responded as I turned my heels and walked away from my sister without a second look while I could hear her laughter echoing in the living room.

I was trying to control myself from feeling so excited as I remembered Sky's words before I got inside our house.

"I am going to miss you, Selene, and right now, I am dying to kiss your lips, but I don't want your father to get angry with me and lose his trust," Skyler said, and I wanted to ask him why he wished to kiss me when I wasn't his girlfriend.

Then, I felt a little hurt as I thought about what Stanley had said to me; a kiss doesn't mean a thing to his brother since he had been kissing the hot girls on campus who threw themselves at him.

In my case, I treasure the kisses I shared with Skyler, and I know I will forever keep those memories in my heart and mind. It was funny that it meant nothing to Sky, but my first kiss meant everything to me.

I went to my dad's room, but he was already sleeping. He must be tired; it was his day off every Sunday, but he usually accepted the extra jobs, and he always told me it would be for my college education.

I am forever grateful to our father; he never remarried, even if he still looked gorgeous in his early forties, and I could tell there were still women who got attracted to him because of his physique and good looks.

I smiled as I watched the book lying on the floor; he must be reading his favorite Mechanical Engineering book. I covered his frame with the blanket after I kissed his cheek, and I tiptoed as I got out of his room.

I took a hot shower, and after I put on my pajamas, I continued answering my assignment in English. I was yawning nonstop, and I put my books and notes back in my bag and called it a night, but I couldn't sleep when I hit the bed since I couldn't stop thinking about Skyler and his lips.

I woke up early, and I could feel the heaviness of my eyes and my back hurts, and I knew it was because of my lack of sleep.

I cooked breakfast and ate with my dad and sister. It was a beautiful day for me, and I couldn't wait to be on campus and see Sky again. I knew he always left before sunrise for his training.

"Good morning!" Stanley greeted me with all smiles, and I found it hard not to smile back at him.

"How's your stomach?" I asked, and he laughed.

"You knew I was only feigning, and my plan works; my brother offered to take you home before I could even ask him," he replied.

"I am not sure about your theory, Stan, and I am sorry if it will not work out according to your plan. I know how much you want to succeed, but I am not confident that Skyler would buy it," I declared, worried about his plan.

"Come on, Selena, be positive, besides I am one hundred percent sure about how my brother felt for you." He answered while I shook my head, but my heart was hoping Stanley was right.

"So, about our plan, did you tell your dad you won't be helping him at the shop?" He asked.

"No, I don't know how to tell my father; besides, I felt bad since I would be lying to him," I responded, and he sighed and dialed my dad's number through the Bluetooth speaker of his car.

"What are you doing?" I asked with wide eyes.

"I will do it for you," he said, and I couldn't believe he was calling my father.

"Hello, Stanley!" My father answered on the other line, and I could tell he was at the shop; they have brand new cars, but Stanley's dad loves collecting vintage cars, and even if my father got men in the shop, all he needed to do is supervise them, he does the work most of the time.

If he were not in the shop, he would be in the Alcarazo mansion, and I knew Don Florencio offered my father to send me to school for free, but he told Stan's father he could take care of Gwen and me.

Skyler and Stanley's father was a good man, but my dad got his pride, and I am proud of him for supporting my sister and me without our mother on his side. I could tell it wasn't easy, and he was lonely, but he never showed us he was having a hard time.

"Mr. Castroni, I have a big project, and I need Selena's help every after class, and I don't know until when; I will need her assistance, but I can assure you, Selena will be well compensated, so can I borrow her?" Stanley asked, and I could tell he was using his charm on my dad.

"Don't ask me, Stanley; you are with my daughter, so you better ask her and not me." My father responded, and I could see the wide grin on Stanley's face as she looked at me; my best friend ended the call after he said goodbye to my dad.

"See, it is that easy, Selena; what can you say?" He asked, and I prolonged his agony by saying nothing.

"Selena, don't tell me you will say no. We already did the first step, and now that Skyler was becoming crazier about you, I think we should continue with our plan." He added.

"It was all your plan, Stanley, not mine, "I responded as I looked at the road, and I realized we were near the Academy since I could see students walking and some running on the sidewalk.

"Yeah, but since you are my accomplice, my plans became yours," he replied.

"Come on, Selena, don't make me beg; just say yes," he added.

"Okay," I responded, pretending unexcited about spending my time in his house to flirt with his brother.

"Thank you so much, Selena; I promised I would make it up to you," he started.

I wished to tell him there was no need since I would love to be in their house. Since Mr. Alcarazo was always not around, they always had the house for themselves, and there would be times Skyler would host the victory party of their games at their mansion.

"We will watch the game Friday night; it would be fun and exciting; you should show my brother your support; you know how much he loves basketball," Stan added.

"I am sure it would make him crazier if you would make him believe you are supporting his team even if it is not yet required for your Physical Education class." He continued.

"Okay, as long as you will give me the freedom to do it or not," I replied.

"Of course, above all, you are my best friend, and I respect your free will, Selena, but the concert ticket would be a waste of money, and you can't stop me from calling you chicken." He responded, and my face blushed, and I felt glad we arrived at school, and I will have a distraction.

"I am sorry, Selena, I couldn't send you to your room; I have to go with Dayana and show her her classroom for the first period." He declared, and I couldn't stop myself from being jealous of his first love. I don't feel jealous romantically, but as his BFF, I know I should not feel this way.

We parted ways, and I was on my way to the library when I made a detour; I knew it was crazy and risky, but I wanted to see Skyler early in the morning, and my feet brought me to the gym.

I could hear the rubber shoes squeaking on the hardwood floor before reaching the gym entrance, and male voices echoed on the basketball court. I was not surprised to hear girls giggling, but my steps faltered as I got inside the gym and saw Erika and Skyler hugging each other at the sideline.

I stepped back and hastily turned around before Skyler could see me, but I was sure he wouldn't notice me even if I stayed; since his hands were so busy caressing Erika's back.

I could feel the pain in my heart as I ran from the gym, thinking I couldn't make it until the championship game. Confessing my feelings for Sky would be a disaster, and I realized one thing, Stanley was so wrong about his brother.