When Sky Falls In Love

Meet Selena Castroni, a simple girl and a nobody in her school who confessed her feelings for her long-time crush at the center of the basketball court after a championship game which made her heart shatter into a million pieces when her plan turned into a disaster. Skyler Alcarazo was the famous basketball superstar in Santa Clara Valley Academy who didn't want to have a serious relationship with any girl because, for him, girls would only distract his training and would ruin his future career. Besides, Sky was confident he could have whoever he wanted because of his good looks and overloaded sex appeal. Excerpt: "Sky, there is something I want to tell you," Selena said with shaking limbs as Skyler towered over her, wearing a victorious smile after his excellent performance during his game. "What is it, Selena? Do you want my autograph?" He asked, grinning at his younger brother's best friend. "No, I don't need your autograph; I like you, Skyler," she replied, blushing. "What?" He asked as his eyes widened in shock. "I said I like you, Sky, and I want to be your girlfriend," Selena answered, trying to control her emotions, and he laughed. Then, his face turned dark, and she could feel her blood drain from her veins as she looked at the disgusted look on Sky's face. "I thought you were different from other girls; I don't like you more than friends, Selena. Don't expect I have feelings for you because I treat you nicely; in my eyes, you are only my brother's best friend, nothing more, nothing less." Sky replied and walked away from her without taking a second glance. Selena's confession made her the laughingstock in her school, and things became complicated between them even after she gave Skyler one more chance, and she swore to herself she would make Sky pay for breaking her heart. But her plans became futile when Skyler became the greatest professional basketball player in the country and won the award as the Most Valuable player five times in a row. Skyler became a celebrity, while Selena had difficulty mending her broken heart. Sky was at the top of the world, enjoying his popularity and wealth, and having the hottest heiress as his fiancee made him the envy of all the guys all over Vizland Republic. One accident made him lose everything he knew he had, including his self-esteem. He became angry with the world and his existence. Selena was desperate to get a high-paying job to support his father's impending surgery. She grabbed the opportunity she read in the newspaper only to find out she would be dealing with the heartbreaker, Skyler. What will happen when the egoistic Superstar realizes fame is not the only thing that matters in the world? Can Selena be Sky's guiding light and savior in his darkest moment, or will she turn his world darker by taking her revenge on him? (Warning: Have mature content in the later part of the story)

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My Young Heart

Selena's POV

I couldn't believe I would make out with Skyler in front of his brother's room. It felt so right yet so wrong knowing it was Sky, and I knew he could break my heart into a million pieces, yet I didn't care about the outcome of my actions.

Sky pinned me to the wall as he continued to kiss me passionately, and we both caught our breaths after he let go of my mouth while my entire body was still on fire.

The silence of the entire household made me feel so connected with Sky. He was still holding my waist while he put his forehead on mine, and I was in the middle of breaking out. I could tell it wasn't about tutorial anymore, and for me, it was all about my feelings for him.

I felt sad knowing it would be nothing for him, and I had to safeguard my heart before I ended up like those girls.

"Wow, it was a hell of a kiss, Skyler; thank you for continuing our session even if I already told you I don't need your kissing tutorial anymore," I said, beaming at him.

"Thanks; I was aware how much you miss me, Selena," he whispered and covered my entire skin with goosebumps.

"Ha! Don't be so sure, Sky, I don't miss you," I said, trying to sound unaffected by his presence. I don't want to be like Dayana.

"Don't tell me you don't feel anything for me?" He asked as he looked at me with amusement on his face.

"I am sorry to disappoint you, Superstar, but I don't have feelings for you." I lied, and I am not sure if what I saw was sadness since he quickly hid his disappointment by grinning at me.

"Good, but I was hoping you would develop some feelings for me, Selena; it would be fun," he stated.

"It is not happening, Skyler; I am not yet crazy," I said, laughing, and he beamed at me.

"Besides, I don't want to be one of your toys," I said in more than a whisper.

"You are not a toy, Selene," he said as his face darkened, and I felt cold after he let go of me.

"I should take you home, Selena; it is late," he said coldly.

"You don't need to take me home, Sky; I can walk," I responded without looking at his face and walked past him; I felt him hold my wrist as he spun me around, and I could feel the butterflies swarming on my belly as he looked at me with great intensity.

"Selena, I said I will take you home so you know I am not playing with you." He declared, and as usual, I became speechless, and I felt like jelly when he pulled me with him.

Skyler brought me to the garage without letting go of my hand.

"Do you still need to wear a helmet?" He asked, and I only nodded my head since I felt it hard to speak with him after feeling so angry that he was with Erika again.

I hate to think about why he has to kiss me again, and I loathe myself even more after I kiss him back like I was his girlfriend. I couldn't lie to myself about why I did it, and it wasn't because Stanley asked me, but it was more of my feelings for him.

Everything seemed like a dream since I never expected he would kiss me.

Sky gently put the helmet over my head while my heart was beating so fast, and I became weaker as I inhaled his intoxicating scent. He turned around and mounted his big bike while I looked at him wide-eyed.

I couldn't stop admiring his solid arms and appreciating how hot he looked as he gripped the handlebars of his big bike.

I should stop myself from falling for Skyler while I still could, but it seemed like my plan would be a failure since I knew I was falling for him.

Skyler was driving his vehicle slower than usual, and it felt like he was taking his time. I hate to think he wanted to spend more time with me than someone running would catch up with us.

He used to drive his big bike faster, and it would be hard to look at his handsome face, especially if a girl was riding on his back, hugging his toned body. I admit I was always jealous of those girls since I didn't get the chance to date Skyler, nor to speak with him in more than hi and hellos.

I avoided Sky at all costs because of how I felt for him; I knew from the first time I met Skyler he would hold a special place in my heart. I tried my best to stop myself from liking him, but it got deeper, even if I saw him with different girls as his date. I always told myself those girls were the ones throwing themselves at him.

Stanley kept reminding me never to like his brother, and I always laughed at him and denied all I could since I didn't want Stan to hate me, and now, he was the one who asked me to flirt with Sky, and I should have declined and insisted never on getting close with his elder brother.

Seeing Erika in his arms brought pain in my heart I could never define, and I knew I was jealous and hurt, and I should remind myself; I had no right to feel this way.

"Are you cold?" Skyler asked.

"No," I answered, even if I was shivering.

"Can I take you somewhere?" He asked.

"No, we can't, Sky; we have class tomorrow," I replied, even if my heart was saying yes.

"You hated me," he mumbled as he caressed my hands on his waist, and I wished to take them away, but I couldn't deny the wonderful feeling I had as I could feel the warmth of his hand.

My heart was beating so fast, and I was sure he could feel the hammering of my chest.

"Why would I hate you, Sky?" I asked.

"You can't deny it, Selena; I knew you were jealous of Erika," he said, and I could feel the amusement in his voice.

"Ha! Jealous? You are not my boyfriend, and we are not a thing, Skyler, and there were no reasons I should feel bad. It doesn't bother me if you would be kissing her everywhere and any chance you can get." I responded.

"I don't feel anything for you," I added, and I felt him stiffen. Skyler was silent for the rest of the ride, and I don't know if he was upset by what I said.

Our house was quiet, and there was only light coming from the front porch, but I was sure my father was still in the living room waiting for me.

"Thank you for the ride, Sky," I said after I climbed out of his big bike.

"You are welcome," he responded in more than a whisper.

I hate that the helmet got stuck on my head, and no matter how I pushed the lock of the strap, I couldn't take it out of my head. I felt Skyler dismount from his ride, and I couldn't stop inhaling his heavenly scent while my knees weakened as he helped me with the helmet.

"You were the only girl who claimed you didn't have feelings for me; all the ladies I asked would say yes right away; I was impressed." He said.

I needed to swallow my saliva and hold the handlebar of his monstrous big bike for support as I could see his tantalizing eyes gazing at me with great intensity.

After Sky removed the helmet from my head, his eyes traveled down on my face and zeroed in on my lips, and the urge to kiss him was driving me wild.

Skyler closed the distance between us, and when he put his hands on my hips, my pulse quickened, and I could feel the butterflies swarming in my stomach.

"Are you sure you don't like me?" He asked, still staring at my lips, and I only nodded my head since it felt like I had lost my voice.

I could see the wide grin on his face as he cupped my chin, and without delay, he captured my lips, and I was holding my breath as I could feel the sparks that traveled from the tips of my fingers down to my spine.

Skyler kissed me with too much fervor as I curled my hands around his neck, and it felt so wonderful to feel his lips on me. He was devouring my mouth hungrily, and I kissed him back with the same urgency.

I could feel my entire body was on fire as he swirled his tongue inside my mouth, and when he sucked my tongue, a loud moan escaped from my mouth.

I felt so ashamed of myself, but as he continued to deepen his kiss, I didn't care if I was making out with him in front of our house and there would be a chance my father would catch us kissing.

It felt so wonderful that I could feel the hair all over my skin stand up as he toyed with my tongue, and I realized Skyler was right; there were still things I needed to learn about kissing.

My lips swelled after he released my mouth, and I could still feel his mouth on me as I bit my lower lip. I was out of breath, and I looked down at my feet since I didn't want him to see my real emotions.

"It always felt wonderful to kiss you, Selena, and I found it hard to stop myself; you are different from all the hot girls I know. I will make sure before I graduate from high school, you will like me." He said and mounted his bike in a hurry. He revved the engine and drove away from me as fast as he could.

I was left dumbfounded, standing on the ground looking at his descending figure, and it took me a while to recover from my shock. I didn't exactly understand what he meant, but I couldn't stop my young heart from hoping and feeling excited for the coming days.