34 Family Breakfast

Selena's POV

"Are you going to help me?" I asked Gwen, and her face lit up.

"Of course, it would be my pleasure," she said, and I was having second thoughts.

"What should I do then?" I asked.

"Well, you are not ugly, in fact, you looked like an angel, you don't wear makeup like those girls, and I don't know why you love being simple." She responded as she looked at my face like I am some sort of experiment.

"You've got fair skin, and your eyes are compelling and I am sure whoever will look at your eyes would be hypnotized," Gwen said, and I wanted to laugh, but my sister sounded so serious that I couldn't afford to laugh at her.

"Most of all, those cheerleaders would be dying to have your gorgeous body, you've got the perfect curves, Selena, if you will only show them what you've got, I am sure they will stop laughing at you," Gwen added as she looked at me with sadness in her eyes.


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