51 Beautiful Creature

Selena's POV

Watching the sunset would always warm my heart, but beholding the colorful clouds over the horizon with Skyler beside me was perfect. I could feel the hammering of my heart as I watched the rays of the setting sun; it made the sky ablaze with vibrant hues of orange, red, and purple that took my breath away.

I admired the fantastic sunset, and I couldn't deny its glory, and it felt so relaxing, yet my heart was restless because of the handsome boy sitting next to me. I could feel Skyler's presence, and I couldn't stop myself from gazing at his beautiful face as I felt the incredible sensation of the sand on my feet.

The beautiful chirping of the birds accompanies the sound of the waves crashing on the shores. The panorama view of the sky and the sunset on the horizon made me feel at peace, and Skyler made it more beautiful.


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