When Our World Ends Book

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When Our World Ends


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「 "If you never let me go, I'll never stop wanting you." Then he does. It's too late to realise she didn't want him to. 」 24-year-old Hirashi Mizuki, the promising heir of Japan's leading technology group, somehow finds herself stuck in a video game! Mizuki doesn't know why she's here or how she can get out - her encounters with the mischievous adventurer, Yasui Hinata edging her on to find a way out. Faster. The only way, she finds, is by completing a Final Quest, saving the Land of Astrum from an underlying tragedy. Mizuki swears she’ll do everything in her power to get herself back home. Hinata promises the same, that he'll do anything to restore his home to a place where Mizuki doesn't exist. It’s only at the end that they realise - after three years of each other’s company - they’re too attached to let go. !! COVER ART BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTIVE ARTISTS !!


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