When Mafia princess fell for a Nerd Book

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When Mafia princess fell for a Nerd


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Read about a damsel in distress who was under debt of a big, bad mafia? Then what about we reverse the roles? What if a simple young man attracts the attention of a Mafia princess who is hooked on having him? This story starts off with a simple meeting between Nick and Vanessa where the latter falls for Nick and decides to pursue him—- she swore that she will walk on the right path but you can get in the world of Mafia but you can never get out. Vanessa too couldn’t get out. She tried to chase Nick to her best of abilities did what a good girl would do but in the end she couldn’t become the good girl. The facade fell and the truth came out, creating a rift between the two of them so wide that they could never get close again but was it the case? By a sudden twist of fate, Nick get stuck in a messy situation and this messy situation was him owing a debt to Vanessa. What will happen will Vanessa use this chance to avenge her broken heart? Or will Nick realise that all criminals weren’t as bad as he thought, that sometimes people just don’t have a choice. ————- Vanessa Blake, The infamous mafia princess and an old spinster. At the age of twenty-nine, she walked on her fiancé’ talking sh*t behind her back. She heard his exquisite plans about how he will abandon her after he got all the benefits that her stupid brother, Derren Blake, the Mafia King has promised his family. So, what else could she do? She broke every single bone in her fiancé's body, hoping that her brother would soon give up his ambitions of getting her married in a normal family. Her brother wanted her to live a normal life away from guns and knives but how was that possible? Her first love was guns! And her second love was knives and her third love was the blood that oozed out of the body of her victims. There was no way, she could sit in the house waiting for her husband, cooking pies. She was bent on having her way until she got entangled in a gang war and was saved by an ordinary office worker. Apart from his good looking face, there was nothing good about that man, but she fell in love with her saviour!! She thought that chasing her man would be easy but would someone tell her why her Prince Charming hates criminals and feels faints at the sight of blood? Nicolas Newman was an ordinary office worker who had an ordinary life. Born and raised by his grandmother who was once a very respectable policewoman he hates criminals with every fibre of his being. At the age of thirty, he rejected the twentieth girl his parents arranged for him because she once shoplifted at the age of seven, how did he know that? That girl was his classmate and he watched her do it. Because of a childhood incident, he hates bloodshed and everything that was related to it —- fights, mobbing and criminals. But when he saw a tiny blonde lying on the side of the street with blood pooling around her, he saved her life even though his legs were trembling like crazy. He was only doing a good act of kindness. So will someone tell him why this woman he saved was chasing him like crazy?


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