When Love Happens! Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

When Love Happens!


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Volume 1: When Love Happens Volume 2: The girl under Red Umbrella Love is never planned, It just happens......... Jacob, the sole heir of "Miller group of companies" was crestfallen and heartbroken! His father died and his child-hood sweetheart dumped him. Having no reason to live, he decides to end his life, only to be saved by a girl, Isa. Fate makes them meet again and again, until something unexpected happens and Isa becomes a virgin mother, tying them together with a fine string! ************* After Jacob finished the entire bottle, he looked at Isa's face. "I don't like you at all!" Isa looked at him too and smiled. "You are the first guy telling me that! I like it!" "You are so wierd! I am telling you that I don't like you and you are not feeling bad about it!" "It's because, I am not born to impress anybody! So,why don't you like me?" "You are not my kind of girl. You are too wild-spirited and kiddish." Jacob looked at the girl's face, noticing her beautiful blue eyes! *********** Other Novels- 1. He is a Nymphomaniac. 2. The Perfect War Story..... 3. It started with a Bra 4. My Three husbands Join me on my discord server, for more interactions and updates! https://discord.gg/48Fvp5B