When Love Beckons Twice Book

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When Love Beckons Twice


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"I loved you genuinely and I hate myself for still loving you!" Song Jia a young and pretty lady who is the president of a huge business empire Song International Corporations. But does having lots of money means you can be happy? NO Despite being the rich CEO and an amazing woman, she gets cheated on by her first love, ending up heartbroken. But like the law of nature says, "Nothing is permanent except change," she finds the change in her life. The very next day she meets another man, the ultra-rich CEO of Wu Corporations, the man behind the biggest business empire in the country and he falls in love with her at the very first sight. "Cry all you want to. No need to hold back." He stared deep in her eyes and continued, "But cry out everything tonight and do not cry ever again. You have no idea, how much my heart hurts seeing you in tears." Embark on her journey to love when it beckons her twice, opening a path of hope again. THANKS TO 'JM BOOK COVERS' FOR DESIGNING THE COVER You can write to me at: writervishakhatharad@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram to keep in touch with me @_witty_vish You can buy me a ko-fi at: ko-fi.com/Broken_star


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