"Aaahhh….ahhh...ahh" I tried to scream, but I couldn't hear my own voice. I was just now in an accident, is my body even okay, and are my ears okay. Why can't I hear anything? Why cannot I feel any pain?

Am I going to die?????

I tried to open my eyes and prepared myself for the worst but the sudden appearance of strong rays of light flooded my eyes and blurred my vision for an indefinite period of time. As I tried my hardest to make out the surrounding and was first time pleased to see my other classmates. Were we really okay?

I touched my body from bottom to top and was relieved to find it in one piece. Not even a single cut or bruise. But how is that possible? Weren't we just now the victims of an unfortunate road accident? Am I dreaming?

The number of unanswered questions only increased further when my vision was reconfigured to its normal state. I and my classmates were standing on a huge white marble platform circular in shape and was floating mid air without any support. There was no land to be seen. The whole area was drenched in a white light, which had no source in whatever direction I looked, but the light brought a soothing feeling to my eyes and my skin felt warm. I calmed myself and started registering the information in my brain.

The sky was clear with no clouds. It was an unusual ending space and the clouds at our feet made it more unbelievable. All the students were in healthy conditions and have come to their sense which was quite obvious with the fuss they had started to make. I pinched myself and felt the pain which gave me the creeps that is this method really viable to draw the line between reality and dream. Because just then an ANGEL with white wings spread across its back descended on the platform out of nowhere.

Most of the students were first startled and took a defensive stance to see an alien being but after a short while, seeing no signs of hostility they ran towards him in hope of getting their illogical questions answered.

"Hey man, where are we?"

"Did you bring us here?"

"What do you want to do with us?"

"Sir, can you please tell me where my parents are."

Some of the students started crying. Some went to the edge of the platform and played tricks of jumping. Some girls crowded near the class rep who tried his best to clear their doubts by reassuring them of his own position in class.

"Are we dead."

"Did the bus accident really kill us all?"

"Is this the place where people are judged before they are being sent to heaven or hell?"

"Is this really it? I want to go home."

The word 'home' caught everyone's attention and they started raising their voices to force out the answers from him even if it meant they would have to fight. Some of them like me stood at their places waiting for an answer to clear our doubts and afraid to be a part of an angry mob which had resorted to vandalism.

The angel's face showed no sign of discomfort or surprise. He quickly grasped the situation and came up with the best solution. He flew high up in to the air with his white feathered wings spread out in the sky, a loop of light radiated from his back, which caught everyone's attention and distracted their minds.

He was truly a mystical being. The perfect picture of an angel with wings and white gown which went below his feet and even covered his own shadow.

"CHILDREN OF THE MORTAL RACE. PLEASE LISTEN TO MY REQUEST. FOLLOW ME TO THE PANTHEON AND ALL YOUR DOUBTS WILL BE CLEARED." These words from a non-human character played like a beautiful sonnet in my ears and made me unable to deny his petty request. Every student became silent, some wiped off their tears and moved to the middle of the platform and then looked back at the angel.

The angel then looked upwards and flew much higher than before into the white sky. Suddenly the platform, before we even realized was moving upwards slowly yet it seems to have been maintain a steady pace.

A massive temple surrounded by huge marble pillars, statues and torches came into our view. This shining new temple despite giving the vibe of being an ancient one towered over the immediate landscape, where there was nothing beyond it but a sea of clouds. A terrific series of huge brickstone stairs stood in front of the temple. The only thing up above us was a circular rainbow, with a blue inside it deeper than anything I'd ever seen before. The angel landed in front of the stairs and started climbing up the humongous pile of blocks.

No one made a sound among us. It was pin drop silence, one never witnessed before. The feeling of fear, confusion, amazement, frustration and sadness had overwhelmed our reasoning ability. With a bit of hesitation we followed the angel in a single line without any instructions. What was surprising was we reached the top of the colossal stairs in no time at all and there was no sign of fatigue in any of our muscles. Every minute spent brought terror and bewilderment at the same time.

'Is this the so called pantheon the angel mentioned?' We dragged our legs through the entrance, and suddenly our surroundings changed. We were supposed to be in a building, but the place looked more like a castle courtyard. There was a lush-green lawn, flowers I had never seen before which can hold anyone spellbound, and a large fountain too. For some reason I was captivated by the water which flew in the fountain system. The water was so pure that it was transparent like a super expensive glass and at the same time one could see his own reflection.

But what surprised me was that the whole area was empty and no one was there to enjoy this scenic landscape. The angel climbed a small flight of stairs on a stage which I was sure never existed a second ago. He stood at the side as if waiting for someone important to arrive.

"My dear children, I welcome you all in the holy land of Gods. There is no need to fear. All your questions will be answered, so please ask without any hesitation." An old lady descended from the sky again out of nowhere and had grayish-white hairs, with a physical body of a seventy year old woman. It was such a pleasure to hear a pure and humane voice after a long time. There was no doubt in my mind she was a goddess, the kindest soul I have ever met yet.

We started looking at each other to choose our representative, and all our gazes extrapolated at a single point where the class rep stood biting his nails. It was kind of unsightly but no one minded. He had a charismatic personality and was intelligent and quick witted but a lustful person too at that. There was no time to vote and Homura who felt the pressure of everyone's gazes stepped forward.

"Are we all really dead? What is the reason of bringing us all here?" Homura hurriedly finished the sentence and took a step back. The presence of a heavenly being commanded respect and devotion from every soul with no exception.

"My name is Gaea. The goddess of 'Mother Earth' in this holy sanctuary called 'PANTHEON'. I am sorry to inform you of your demise in the unfortunate accident. I am sure you all are grieved to realize that you will never be able to see your loved ones. Mere words cannot heal the wound of hearts nor undo the present and dry up those tears filled with grief and loss. The reason you all have been summoned here is to give you another chance to live again and be reincarnated in another world. Of course you can refuse and move to the spiritual realm." The goddess put forward her proposal and looked at us with the most caring and sincere eyes I had ever seen. I was hooked up to her appearance. She was old and had wrinkles on her forehead and face, but it accentuated the majestic presence of a person who has been an expert in his field for a long time. She was a pro at this!

We were surprised and at the same time not. It was quite obvious after seeing the angel that we were no more part of the living world. But what caught our attention was the part where the goddess mentioned the word 'REINCARNATION'. Can it really happen? Will we get another chance to live? Weren't these my thoughts just before I died! So I pinched my cheeks again to confirm and draw a vague line between reality and fantasy. I started slapping my cheeks and drumming my head to get rid of any hallucination. I was not embarrassed in the least because some people performed the same exercise and other followed because they thought it was reasonable and totally normal.

"Oh my little darlings don't fret over. I know you are all worried about your family and are unable to collect your thoughts and are overwhelmed by it. Your state of confusion is totally normal. I know death is irreversible and we must steel our hearts to accept the truth with all our being. Please take rest in the rooms we have prepared for all of you and decide your next course of action. After hearing your decision we will be able to talk in details later." The words of the goddess struck a chord in everyone's soul. Lady Gaea looked towards the angel standing on her left side. The angel disappeared and then reappeared in front of class rep and signaled to follow him. It would be hard to getting used to this sudden materialization and dematerialization. It seems that he doesn't like to talk very much. But he somehow enjoyed taking us by surprise now and then.

We formed a line and again started to follow him towards a small entrance. We all had our own doubts and thoughts, but for now all have concluded it was best to go with the flow and follow the orders of the supreme beings.

At that time I looked back at the small stage and saw two other figures descending from the sky and each stood beside Lady Gaea. Were they Goddesses too, I wondered! But I soon lost their sight as a new landscape; presented itself in full grandiose.

"Are these the human children chosen by the Divine System?"

"How fascinating! Thing are starting to get interesting sooner than expected."

Goddess Hera and Goddess Artemis presented their thoughts.

"I agree! I hope these children rise to our expectation and make the best out of it. By the way Artemis what are you doing with that thing?" Lady Gaea too spoke her mind without holding back.

A young girl, tall and slim wearing a knee length tunic, with, hunting boots, a quiver and was armed with a silver bow and arrows neatly placed inside a quiver tucked at her back and had a huge fat wild boar tied to her right shoulder. She was definitely Goddess Artemis – 'Huntress Goddess of the Moon & Lady of the Wild Things'. Her auburn hair colour and silver eyes were elegant and her beauty was mysterious but real. But the most concerning aspect was her massive strength to hold onto such a huge boar without any hesitation with those puny thin arms of her. She sure is a hunter through and through.

"This piece of juicy meat is for the feast tonight. I will ask Lady Hestia to prepare the best dish with this heavenly beast." She held out the boar in front of the two goddesses, as if she was waiting for their praises.

"Sure we will love to feast on one of your esteemed spoils of wild hunting." Goddess Hera spoke in her sweet and young accent.

The three Ladies started moving in the exact opposite direction of the students while continuing their conversation till they vanished from anyone's sight and the courtyard was left empty again where the flowers fluttered and danced in the cool breeze.



We had no idea what the current situation was. We quietly followed the angel until we passed through an archway to another building. Or at least, it was supposed to be another building.

Surprisingly, we ended up in another outdoor space, if you could even call it that. I could see the ever-present sprawling clouds in the distance, but there were blooming flowers beneath my feet. I could see a few ivory pillars, much like the ones from outside the Pantheon, jutting out of the ground here and there. Since the pillars were supporting only a huge single slab of marble, they kind of reminded me of Egyptian style architecture.

But what waited at the end of the hallway was an entrance to a new world completely out of everyone's imagination. As the same teasing source-less light pulverized my view and as per the usual routine the scenery presented itself in full glory, the gigantic 'Mount Olympus' stood before us. A flock of mysterious birds with feathers as white as milk flew up high in the sky as if welcoming us after our tiring journey had came to temporary halt. For some reason I wanted to hug and feel their warm fluffy feathers, but maybe some other day.

I took a peek at the face of the angel out of sheer curiosity. And I could tell through the sinister aura radiating from his body even though he was wearing a poker face, but inside he was laughing and howling at his full voice,' be amazed you pathetic lowly mortal humans. Imprint this in your weak mortal memory because you may not find a treasure of this grandeur again.'

The serrated white mountains loomed in the distance under the clear blue sky. The legs of the mountains were very wide. The peaks of the mountains were like harpoon tips shrouded in ghost-grey mist. Just as we approached, a chute of snow detached itself and went trundling down on its other side. It slid over the knotted edge and then went crashing into the chasm below. The silence that followed was spine chilling. It froze our marrow to think why we had been brought to such a dangerous place. The angel was startled too by this unexpected avalanche but reassured us that there was nothing to fear with his smile and we continued to follow him. I concluded that the heat had displaced the snow from the tip of the time chiseled mountain. It sure was summer even in the divine realm.

As we reached the bottom of the mountain, my gaze fell upon a flight of golden stairs which traversed and ended exactly at the middle of the mountain. The angel started climbing the stairs. But we students have become too impatient to think how much time we will have to continue to walk. But no one resisted the Supreme Being. Not because of fear, but the eccentric situation which each of us found ourselves and the fact we have died had already drained our mental capacity.

At mid mountain an unexpected huge expanse of flat land caught our attention but the true surprise was the settlement that occupied this half plateau. It was an old fantasy setting of a prehistoric city which took pride in its rich culture and heritage but there was much more to it. "I welcome you all to the holy city of Gods CARDELIA. A place of unimaginable blessings."

Every treasure man holds valuable will pale in comparison to the magnificent city of heaven. Precious stones lavishly adorned the towering walls that firmly surrounded the Cardelia city. The city had no need for the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of Gods illuminated it. At the gates of the city there was no barricade or door, as if showing the hospitality that anyone may enter to seek shelter.

I wondered will the streets and houses be made of gold. But I was glad that was the not the case, the God of Architecture sure was not extravagant in his constructs. But something about the material used in the construction bugged me, as if the road, the buildings, were they alive! Even in this chilling breeze a warm sensation from the walls and street enveloped my body. It was as if I was in a heaven-made kotatsu.

As we followed the angel, we saw several Gods and Goddesses passing by us or looking at us up from their balcony as we continued our tiny procession. The houses were neither very tall nor short; most of them were two-storied or three-storied mansions. After taking a straight path and a left we came to a halt. We finally reached the hotel or maybe an inn or whatever they call it here. When we entered through the door, the scenery totally changed, it was not at all what one would visualize after seeing the outside infrastructure of an old-fashioned three-storied building.

Then we were given the instructions by our extraterrestrial guide who found comfort in seeing our stupefied looks of amazement and praises of this divine realm.

"In this city you do not need to learn the routes because the streets always keep on changing. Just remember the destination in mind and you will be guided by the roads themselves. This inside space is a pocket space connected to another dimension and has twenty floors, with a single room on it. Each one of you will get to occupy one room. Every room is equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom and all other amenities like food, books, water, air required by the mortal race as stated in the 'Holy Scriptures of the ways of life of the Inferior Races'. All of you are required to appear in the General Assembly at 6:00 pm. So be prepared five minutes prior and I will come here to escort you to the Assembly myself." The angel stopped and took a long breath and cleared his throat.


What an awesome navigation system in this outdated town-setting. What a relief! I will never get lost in my life again. For those who don't know I am very bad with direction and learning routes. I mean very bad, maybe the worst. I had got many times lost and always had to seek the help of locals or police from time to time which was the reason I never travelled much or ventured outside the house on earth. Could it qualify as one of the reasons for me being a shut-in? And what's with this freakish extra dimensional-pocket space? If such a thing existed on earth then maybe the price of renting a house would go down and there would be no homeless people and earth could support a much larger homeless population. Why don't they share this technology with the people on earth?


I think I get it. Isn't it pretty obvious with that stupid name of the book he mentioned? He really thinks he is the best.

Lost in my thoughts I came back to life or maybe after-life, considering that I am already dead, I saw that I was standing alone in that long corridor. Where did everyone go? I should hurry up and get to my floor.

What a bother, everyone had occupied the lower floor and some were complaining that the upper rooms got smaller and smaller. After climbing a hefty amount of stairs again I reached the 20th floor. As expected for some reason it appears that the building is a triangle and not a square. Hence the rooms got smaller and smaller as one ascended.

The admiration I had for the God of Architecture shattered in pieces, what use is this pocket dimension and navigation system if walking is the only thing they could do. It is so tiring, to monotonously climb stairs since we reached the Pantheon. How dare they call us inferiors if they cannot provide us with a van to travel or install escalators and lifts?

As I held the knob of the door, it shone with a red colour and a 'click' sound as if it registered me as one of the tenants. It was a smaller room but much bigger than the miserable storehouse I lived in. It was amazing in itself that the room had a sci-fi vibe to it.

There was a small kitchen and a pantry. I took out a packet of potato chips and poured a glass of apple juice and enjoyed the delicacy on the massage chair which was totally unexpected. All hail to the God of Hospitality!

I took a bath, and the another pretty interesting thing I saw was there was no tap.

"Is the God of Architecture really does not care! All I wanted was a bath after a tiring day."

I looked inside the small opening in the wall and searched for flowing water.

"Ahhhh! My eyes. Its too cold. Sttttoooop it!"

The water gushed through the hole and striked at my eye and then suddenly stopped.

"I get it."

We just need to think of taking a bath and water would itself come out running at full speed from the shower. Similarly you can also control the temperature. Its pretty funny if you think and enjoyable at the same time.

I soaked myself in a fur towel which was so smooth that I kept it rubbing on my cheeks after drying my hairs with a hair dryer without using electricity. I used the same logic again. The image of hot air manifested itself from the hair drier. I thought I was using magic and it was fun too. I found a pair of ironed clothes in the drawer.

After wearing these new clothes, I watched myself in the mirror.

But the little smile on my face disappeared. The girl who stood before me was cursed throughout her life by her adoptive parents. The abuse was constant, raising a child in that environment was unthinkable, and I was warped by it. 'Stupid brat, always got that sad, nasty look in her eyes, we can't kill her so why doesn't she try to take her own life and spare us the trouble.' Remarks like this had become a normal exchange of words between my uncle and aunt. I had a single photo with my parents when I was little. The photo depicted my parents hugging me in front of our old house. I don't remember their faces even in my memory. The ones in the picture are they really my parents. I don't even remember the voice of my parents and how they felt about me. Did they too want that I was never born? Were they kind to me? Did they really love me? At least I would like to think they did.

There was no person on earth who could have mourned over my death and my little cousin who liked me during her adolescence started avoiding me after her middle school due to the instigation from her own parents to stay away from me, severed our bonds. Maybe she would have felt a little bad after hearing about my death. Will anyone even remember me?

I looked up and the unconscious and dusty black hair covered half of my face. To look straight at someone I had to focus my hardest but looking down at the ground was the easiest since making an eye contact with anyone gave me the chills. What if the person started hating me? At least if I don't make any contact then there will be no dilemma of being liked or hated. I blocked these thoughts and then curled up my hairs.

The mirror depicted a beautiful young albino girl with a skin colour so white that is rarely seen in the country. Long velvet-black hair caressed my pinched-in cheekbones and offset my red lips. Black emotionless eyes in which one could look and experience the abyss itself. 'I am truly a beauty. Should I apply for role modeling? I am sure I can capture anyone's attention. The granny at the confectionary shop always told me how lovely I was to look at and scolded me for hiding my face under those untidy and sun-scorched hairs of mine.' I too wanted to dress up fearlessly like other and show my face to the world but this attractive looks and lovely body of mine was covered in an invisible blanket of gloominess and drenched in darkness. I tried to smile but my face did not change whatsoever. I then tried to force a smile but it looked more horrible. I quickly put down my hairs which crashed in front of my face and covered the sides and forehead down to the eyes.

I jumped on the bed and covered myself with blanket. I was afraid. Did anyone see my gloomy face? Will they start abusing me with the same abuses as my uncle did? I scanned the room and there was no one.

I then slowly put my head on the pillow. I was really tired and maybe out of my mind too. To think that that I would be able to overcome my short comings and insecurities. Even after being dead I was still worrying about my dismal looks.

Then again the bright source-less-light wrapped the entire room not even leaving my own shadow. I didn't find any tube light or hidden bulb. How am I going to sleep? It was already four o' clock. Is there even night in this city?

The lights got turned off. I thought about a bright room and the light reappeared. It was fun to repeat the same activity without using any kind of switch. Does this room have its own consciousness?

I looked up at the roof and there was no hole or the ceiling appeared broken, it was but anything smooth as cream. Is reincarnation really possible? Will we really get another chance to live? Will I find happiness, family and friends this time? Will everyone be given equal opportunities? Are there really no demands from Gods? Is it really a free service?

Will all of my classmates agree to this? I wonder how they feel about being dead. Are they sad that they have to leave their parents behind and other people who loved them?

Well I had no attachment to my previous world. I was totally devoid of friendship, companionship, brotherhood, love and care of family members. I can only remember anything but pain and disappointment. What will the new world be like.....

I don't remember when my eyelids fell down and sealed my vision and sleep overtook my brain and body.

Will I wake up and find myself that I was dreaming all along.



I was in dark and nothing was visible. I thought my eyes are shut, so I tried to pull up my eye lids. Then out of the blue I found myself levitating in the sky. The sky was crimson-red and was covered with the flicker of lights which rose high up from the fire which ravaged the land. Beings clad in armor were clunking axes and crashing war hammers against each other. Arrows were zipping and hissing through the air. Some were sobbing and sniveling with fear. Swords were ringing against each other. A legion of knights attacked the center of the opposing party lines.

The septic smell of death hung over the battlefield. It was a battle of head-clasping horror. The acrid taste of blood rose up and overwhelmed my nose and I was about to puke.

What the hell is happening? Why am I witnessing a war? Am I dreaming? First I thought that it was earth. But it was not. There were trolls, beastmen with werewolf skin, rabbit ears and fox tails, fallen angels with black wings, devils, minions, minotaur, black demonic beast chained to ground kept howling and demons with horns and their hands drenched in blood with faces splattered with red sanguine fluid roamed all over the place.

The other party consisted of humans in knight suit holding swords and shields, angels with spear, bow and arrows. But there were some people with overwhelming presence that commanded force and the flow of the war. Dressed in attire I had never seen before. Bodies untainted with the gore of war and emotionless faces they lead the troops to their death by the hands of the devils. Were they Gods? Am I witnessing a holy crusade?

These Gods displayed battle skills that were difficult to follow while the enemy got torn apart and turned into mince meat. I was horrified and frightened. My body shivered with goosebumps. People were dying and their cries of pain and anguish were made heard to me intentionally loud and clear.

"STOP THIS! I DON'T WANT TO LOOK! STOOOOPPPP!!!" I kept on shouting but no one heard me. My voice choked as my neck felt tight and sore. My face was drenched with my own tears. Blood gushed through my veins in respond to the increasing heartbeat. I tightly clenched my chest to stop the pain. Why is this happening to me?


A calm voice rang in my head and I felt a warm embrace but there was no one near me. The sensation of being hugged felt so warm that I responded and tried to hug back.

I opened my eyes and my gaze fell upon a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, long pure white hair that extends to her back with bangs that cover her forehead; the left side of her bangs slants to the right, while the right side of her bangs slants slightly to the left, she also has beautiful clear crystal-blue eyes. She was dressed in a white combat dress, a garter belt on her waist with two sword sheaths on its sides, a crown-like bonnet, which has white feathers on both sides, armored shoulder pads that have a short white cape. She held a black and a white sword with various marking and intricate carvings which I couldn't make out from far. She sure has to be a Goddess. She was cutting through the enemy lines as if victory was already in her grasp. No one could stand against that kind of power. Even the very thought of delaying her forward march seemed futile.

But what surprised me was when she turned her head around and smiled at me directly looking into my eyes. How is she able to look at me, at least no one else can? Did the previous voice belong to her? Who is this person? Somehow I feel like I know her. It was my first time I maintained an eye contact with a stranger for so long and the impression of her smiling face was inscribed in the depths of my hearts.

I wanted this moment to continue forever. The reassurance from a stranger I never met before but her smile was so genuine that I was able to smile back too.

But everything came to an abrupt end when things started fading.

"WAIT! WHO ARE YOU?" I shouted with my hands stretched but there was no response.

I found myself lying on the bed of the room on floor 20 in the city of heaven Cardelia, drenched in sweat, breathing heavily and hands stretched out reaching for something far out of my reach.

Somehow I slept the entire time and when I looked at time it was already 6 o' clock. I was going to be late. Will I be scolded? I washed my face and without drying it ran out of my room and down the stairs descended to the ground floor in one breath. My hairs still untidy and a bit messed up which I tried to straighten down with my hands.

Please God of Architecture just put up a lift at least, maybe I can petition a demand later.



I saw all my classmates standing outside the building, most of them were discussing about their reincarnation, the city of heaven and about the Gods and Angels they have seen or met up till now. Most of them were excited to attend the General Assembly. Everyone had finally made up with their situation and had accepted that they were dead and were looking forward to their resurrection in another world.

"Is it going to be a fantasy world?"

"Who Knows?"

"Will there be magic"

"I would love to use swords in that world; after all I am a state kendo champion."

"You sure, that's what you want."

"Maybe we can make a harem?"

"Let me see you try!"

"As if anyone would fall for you in the first place!"

'Hahahhaaaahhahah' bursts of laughter were heard everywhere.

Everyone had same thoughts running through their minds and they kept on blabbering the same thing.

The angel appeared before us as it descended from the sky and brought the wide-spread wings close to its back.

"Children of the mortal realm, you all will now attend the proceedings of the General Assembly and meet the ALMIGHTY WORLD GOD, who has the highest authority in all the three realms of divine, mortal and hell. You all are expected to behave and exercise utmost caution while making queries and requests." The angel finished giving his instructions and clapped two times. We were depressed that we had to monotonously keep on climbing stairs again, but our eyes lit up when a gondola with a swan head levitating in front of us appeared. We boarded the vehicle one by one while the angel stood outside. How is this gondola going to move without a driver? The gondola soared up high in the sky. Ah! My bad! It's just that simple- Auto Pilot.

Some tried to look from the side while maintaining caution not to fall. We soon reached a height where the city of heavens on the gigantic mountain looked like a hole and the buildings played the role of colourful pebbles rolled out in an orderly arranged pattern on the floor. Beyond that there existed nothingness covered with clouds as usual. Some were frightened of the height while some were posing in front of the gondola. Are they still afraid of dying, I wondered?

The cool breeze dried the water splashed on my face and an expression of joy naturally formed for the first time. Somehow I was smiling. How could this be possible, but I had already forgotten all about the strange dream I had just before. What mattered now was to talk out the details about our reincarnation with the Gods.

Till now the angel was flying at the same speed beside the gondola. But then it looked at us with his expressionless poker face, and flew like jet leaving a trail of disarrayed cloud in its track. But I could clearly see the smirk on his face and his thoughts were written all over 'Puny mortals, standing on a flying gondola, you can't fly can you. Flying is so fun. YAAAAAAYYYYYY.' 'HHHHAAAAHHHAHAHAHAH.'

Our swan shaped ride made an excellent parking in front of a building with a city hall looks. We climbed out and stood on a platform; the angel had reached the destination before us and gave us the looks of 'you are late, mortals. May the divine punishment fall upon you!'

That's not fair, weren't we in this together.

We climbed the stairs again but this time they were made of blue crystals and had a blinding luster at its edges. We found ourselves standing in a courtyard once more, but this time we were inside a building rather than a garden. We dispersed and observed the place, running around while some were still standing and chatting. We were in a closed room, with stages on three sides and railings of golden colour, while the middle front stage was still higher than the sides.

Suddenly we heard a loud trumpet which continued forever and with deafening drumbeats, followed a multitude of Gods and Goddesses who stood in a line in front of the railing. Realizing our demeanor in front of the Supreme Beings, we were ashamed and the class rep tried to bring us back at the centre. We made four rows and five columns and stood facing the middle stage where the 'Person Who Stood Above All' was going to appear. While we looked at the audience, they all consisted of beautiful ladies and handsome men. Some of us tried to make an eye contact with them which were met with smiles instead of ignorance. While some of the Gods tried to wave hands back at us. This small exchange of greetings had lightened the mood and got rid of the tension that was driving the room mad.

Then Lady Gaea appeared on the middle stage and said, "The ALMIGHTY WORLD GOD WILL NOW MAKE HIS APPEARANCE." She then took a step back and moved forward to stand at the left front corner of the stage.

A bright light formed at the centre robbing me of my eyesight and played with my senses, when it subsided there stood an old man holding a scepter in one hand while the other hand worked as a perch for an eagle. A tall and thin man, with silver curly hair and beard so long that they could be tucked into his belt. He had a very long peculiar nose with an orange-tint at its end. His eyes could be described to be a brilliant, soul-piercing shade of lightning blue, with a twinkle of kindness and mischief. He had an almost unearthly calm and relaxed demeanour and almost constantly gave off an aura of serenity and composure. He was clothed in a long red robe fastened to his shoulder and a crimson-red cloak that made him look like a great wizard. A wreath of olive leaves served as his crown.

He was old in body but was surely young in mind and spirit.

"My dear children, I welcome you all to the General Assembly of Gods. Your demise, even though was unfortunate and unexpected, but there is another chance for you to get back your life and get reincarnated in another world. So tell me what you wish and it shall be fulfilled."

I gulped down the saliva collected in my mouth and did not know how to act. Just then Homura stepped forward and said, "We all have decided that we will accept the offer of being reincarnated and abide by all the rules laid by the Gods."

Wait when they even decided that. No one asked me. What about my opinion. Will I not get a chance to speak my mind? They did not even bother to tell me. For them they visualized the class as a group of nineteen students and always left me out. Whatever there is no reason for me to refuse till the conditions are normal and can be easily followed.

The Almighty World God made up a mischievous smile as if he was about to reveal a hidden devious plot. "I am very pleased to hear your answer and respect your decision and resolve to live again and experience the hardships of the new world. So let's talk more about this world and how this reincarnation system will work." He then took a deep breath and continued with his explanation.

"The world you are going to reincarnate is called 'ISLEGUARD – THE SANCTUM OF THE HOLY CRUSADE'." Everyone started to murmur about why such a solemn name for a reincarnation world.

"Yes, you heard me right. This is a world of magic, unlike your previous world, the laws of nature in this new world are quite different and can be changed according to one's will using spells and other supernatural powers."

At these words everyone started cheering and whispering to each other.

'Our lives are set.'

'World of magic, I wonder we can become the strongest wizards and enjoy luxurious lives out there.'

'I will start with flying magic.'

But these whispers soon shut down when the Almighty World God continued.

"Ahem!! Hundred years ago in a holy battle the Gods of divine realm passed their judgement on the Devils of the Hell. At present this world is in peril and chaos, with the world neglected and no God to look after it. We all have decided that you will save this world."

'Wow, is it really the fantasy trope we read in novels and watch in movies.'

'I will be a Hero, and save the princess of the Kingdom and purge all the evil.'

'What are you talking about; I am going to do that. You will be my side companion and tend to my horses and carry the luggage.'

'They should have only summoned me. I can do all that. Fighting is my hobby. I will be victorious in all wars.'

'Hey boys, who do you, think you are.'

'Girls are braver than boys and can be heroines too and save the world. So just shut up.'

"HAHAAAAH, I commend your high spirits. But here is the real deal. You will not save the world alone. Each of you will form a contract with a god or goddess who will support you on your journey to save the world. The duo that makes the most contribution in saving this world will be awarded by the divine realm. In the victor party, the god will be given the opportunity to become the in charge and take control of that world and ascend to the upper echelons in the divine realm. While the human will have one of his wish fulfilled of whatever they desire." At the end of these words the Assembly was in an uproar. Not only the students but the gods and goddesses started talking among themselves and raised several questions.


'Yay, a Hero with a Goddess on journey to save the world and get one wish fulfilled. Can it get even better now somehow? I doubt.'

'What are you talking about? Of course I am going to save the world with my Goddess not you. My wish will come true.'

'What will be your wish?'

'I don't know. Maybe to become rich and have a harem of girls of actresses from earth.'

'You scum can only think about that. You can even ask to become a god yourself. This opportunity comes once in your life after all. So make full use of it.'

The endless fantasies of my classmates continued while the Gods have their own personal agendas.

'How interesting?'

'A chance to take control of the world and ascend to upper echelons. I am not going to miss it.'

'Entertainment is always so cold in divine realm, but this sure has a packed punch.'

'I am looking forward to the events that will soon unfold.'

The World God raised his scepter to gain back everyone's attention. The hall fell in complete silence and looked up to the World God, waiting for his further instructions.

"One week from now you will be reincarnated in the Isleguard. All of your reincarnations will be based on your personalities as judged by the divine system. Some of you might be reincarnated as prince or princess, maybe adventurers or knights. The God or Goddess assigned to you too will reincarnate themselves as someone near to you like relatives or world leaders and guide you on your journey. The Gods will have restricted use of their divine power and may be able to fully use them only in case of emergency." At this the World God stopped and turned around his head and confirmed something with Lady Gaea.

He then continued to explain on the rules and our lifestyle that was to be expected in the new world.

"As I have said before this world has magic unlike your previous ones and people still live by the rule under their king and queen with knights protecting the honour of their country. THE DIVINE SYSTEM WILL ALL PROVIDE YOU WITH A UNIQUE SKILL THAT WILL BE IN CONJUNCTION TO THE TYPE OF DIVINITY OF THE GOD YOU SIGN YOUR CONTRACT WITH. YOUR DEVELOPMENT IN MAGIC AND STRENGTH WILL BE BASED ON A SKILL - LEVEL SYSTEM CREATED AND MONITORED BY THE DIVINE SYSTEM ITSELF. When more than half of you reach the age of 18 and above you can freely complete your mission without any intervention."

The hall yet again usurped with murmur and chatter of Gods and mortals alike. Just shut the hell up! Let the old man at least complete what he is saying. Why no one is talking to me. Does my opinion even matter to someone?

'The skill - level system and a unique skill bestowed by the Gods, what bliss!'

'So it's save the world by playing a game.'

'I wonder how much I can level up.'

'I will probably max out everything.'

The Gods had their own personal issues:-

'What!! Restricted access to our divine powers. It sure is a pain in the ass.'

Somehow this statement sounded a bit inappropriate for a God. I wonder which department he handles. But for now, never mind!

'Working with the mortals to save a world, quite a handful task.'

'Indeed. We have to even bestow a unique skill.'

The momentum of the hall meeting was going haywire, so the World God tapped his scepter on the floor twice, while the eagle who was lifelessly sitting on His shoulder, now glided through the hall ready to attack anyone who broke this heavenly silence or interrupted Him.

"Finally, the twenty gods and goddesses who will descend in the mortal realm with the children will the now choose their partner. Just step forward and take the hand of the child you wish to make the sacred vow of saving the world."

For the first time silence still continued after He had stopped talking. So we don't get to choose which god or goddess we want to serve but are chosen. That means it will affect our unique skill too. I thought to myself and considered other variables that might affect our selection.

Just then a beautiful Goddess holding a bow in her hands ascended from the right stage and took the hand of Hiori and smile at her. She had been chosen by the goddess of hunting wild animals Lady Artemis.

A God with a built up body, grey beard and a trident in his hands jumped from the stage on the ground and ignoring everyone took the hand of Hashima Katsuragi. He had been chosen by the God of seas – Poseidon.

Then suddenly a beauty, superior and outstanding even among the gods stepped down from the stairs. (What a relief at least some Gods know the usage of stairs is better for maintaining health and is better than scaring others by flying or appearing out of nowhere.) She has long silver hair, silver eyes and white skin like that of fresh snow. A perfect golden ratio and her silhouette even in the dress she wore were just too attractive. Her clothes were in large parts coloured white and red, they exposed most of her stomach and breasts. She also wore a beautiful pair of shining gem ornament in her hair. While everyone's eyes were laid on her she walked without a care in the world as if used to such kind of attention, she grabbed the hand of our class rep. Homura Kenta had been chosen by the goddess of lust- Freya.

Then a strawberry blonde hair girl with a fair, flawless skin and a curvy figure epitomizing feminine beauty, came forward and took the hand Yumiko Furata. She was the goddess of love – Aphrodite.

A blonde hair guy with a quickened pace ran forward and made a quick stop before crashing into Okarin Ooshima he held his hands. Until then I wasn't able to see him. He was the messenger god – Hermes, who had the most peculiar outfit, wearing a pot shaped hat and winged sandals.

Several Gods and Goddesses had jumped, flew, walked, disappeared-appeared into the ring and had already choosen their partner. Even though we were not made clear on what basis or qualification we needed to be a partner of a specific God or Goddess, we were still more than happy to be accepted by them.

While all these things were happening so casually, a sudden sense of fear and despair fell on my face, when I realized that for the first time after coming to Pantheon all the eyes were focused on me.

Holy crap!!!! What the hell!! I was still standing alone and even the assembly hall filled with hustle and bustle of the eccentric crowd, felt like a lonely desert where I couldn't find a single oasis after travelling for months and had ran out of water supply just a week before.

Should I pretend that I hadn't noticed anything and ask directions for the washroom. But then I realized that I hadn't even talked to anyone after coming to heaven. Should I ask my classmates? No, no I can't, they will just try to pull my leg or even worst ignore me. How about one of the gods, the entire hall is filled with them. Would they mind if I ask such a trifling question in such an important meeting. Is there even a place here called washroom. Should I make a run or try to hide my face which was already half covered with my black hairs which were a bit of a mess since I was unable to comb after waking up to catch the running train.

All my classmates and even the Gods were giving me all weird looks and their gossips about me took a humongous jump.

'What she was not chosen, by any god or goddess.'

'How is this possible?'

'She is just as pathetic as she was in school.'

'Was she even in our class? Maybe I never noticed.'

'Me too.'

'She is the one in our class who always got bullied by other students while we all just sat and enjoyed.'

'My goddess she is one of our classmates and is very shy and afraid to interact with others.'

'It is as you suspect my dear god, she is just a weakling. 'THE WEAKEST ONE' among all of us.'

'So what is going to happen with her, if no god or goddess chose her.'

'Are we already cut short with one competitor?'

'It seems so my Lady, but its all the same for us.'


'She is the weakest one after all, so no God or Goddess would try to waste their time on her.'

Even though I was standing there, the way they casually talked about me made me angrier and sad at the same time. Am I really this pathetic! But this was something not new for me. Not wanted by anyone. Left all alone again and again.

There was no one who chose me nor did I get an opportunity to choose anyone. But for once I really wanted it, this one feeling of being embraced and hugged by someone as if I had just experienced it a while ago, to be needed by someone and a place to belong to.

Are my chances of living a happy life really over before it even started? Please just give me an opportunity and I will prove myself and work hard to protect what is important to me and save the world with my own hands. So please, someone, anyone chose me for once in my life.



Today the General Assembly was filled with both energy and joy. Humans' visiting the divine realm for reincarnation with a God or Goddess was a very big deal after all. Opportunities that keep you entertained in an immortal body in divine realm for a long time were just too few. Also the opportunity to take control over a world and ascend to upper echelons of the divine realm was a big opportunity for new gods and goddesses like me who belonged to the lower echelons. In the wars of holy crusade on Isleguard hundreds years ago I lost my family when I was too young. My father mother and big brother were the victims of the gore of the war. After that my family lost all its power and authority in divine realm.

With me as the only surviving member, no god wanted to bother with a low-level god child. With no guidance my divine powers were not that great and grew up to be the most infamous 'non-combatant weak god.' Often the other elder goddesses tried to make fun of me and used to make me run errands. I was just too weak to stand against them or refuse their most trivial demands. I had to bear it all, after all no one would dare to go against the wishes of a god from the upper echelons.

Usually I used to go and close myself up in the library and read books all day and night. This was my only escape. The only place where I could find peace, my own divine salvation. Even though I was alone and wanted to talk to someone more than anything and share my sorrow, my work of interest, discuss with others about their life and what future held for the divine realm, but in this life of isolation, friendship does not exist. At least I was happy to be alone since it was better than to face those haughty goddesses who always made fun of me and saw me as a tool to relieve them of their boredom.

After the announcement of the Almighty World God a new chance presented before me to become stronger and bring back the lost glory of my family. But I was a non-combatant god; I can't even lift up a sword properly let alone think of saving a world. Maybe if I choose a strong human, who may gain enough power from my divinity even though of my incompatibility with the combat aptitude.

I searched harder and harder and checked whether my divinity matched with the wavelength of anyone's soul. But it wasn't a success. Was there really no one, who is fit to be a match with me? Do I really have to spend my life alone and as a weakling forever? I closed my eyes and searched for the One again but the tag of failure kept blinking in front of my eyes.

I opened my eyes to count the number of students and try again, time was of the essence but then I noticed that almost every human child had been chosen by one of the gods or goddesses. Did I really let the opportunity slip by my own hands? Did I really loose even before I tried? Was this my only chance to get to know someone better? In my heart I knew I desired no great power or status, what I really wanted was someone to accept me with all of my faults, weaknesses and strength. All the other Gods only looked down upon me so if I had to turn to humans for companionship then I accept them as my equals. Even though I am weak, I cannot fight in a battle or even support my partner but its fine, even if I do not win I wanted to spent time with someone to know them better and travel the world and compare it with the knowledge I had gained from books in all these years. So please anyone just lend me a hand, help me, save me….

My eyes had been shut but I could hear people laughing and making fun of someone, was it me they were laughing at or maybe someone else but who?

A pair of warm hands caressed my shoulder, as if someone was trying to relieve me from my stress, but is there really someone kind here. But before I even felt it I was pushed forward, but somehow my foot landed on the marble of the lower floor where in front of my eyes stood a girl helpless and afraid of whatever was in her sight. I turned my body in a circle and after inspecting my surroundings I saw that everyone's gazes were fixed on that girl.

She had not been chosen by any god or goddess. But why, I used my divine eyes to analyse her soul and saw that there was no energy radiating from it but there was complete darkness, an abyss that sucked all light in its vicinity and peered back at you and if I continued any longer I may not be able to find my way back. Is it even possible for such an existence, was such a living being really alive with no 'soul power' at all. It seemed that she was about to cry. No one wanted to be her partner and she was left alone. From the looks of her and other classmates it seems that they all look down on her and treated her as an outcast. No one is even moving from their place to comfort her or lend a helping hand. Has she been really alone all this time hiding her face from the world with her long black hair and her weak looking but gorgeous body made her look like a fragile small kid who had been abandoned by fate and the world itself. Her body language of hiding her face with her hands, her body shaking with fear from everyone's hateful comments and piercing gazes, the feeling of wanting someone to fill the emptiness in heart, She was just like me and I was just like her.

I wanted to help her as a fellow comrade, who had suffered the same fate, but I cannot choose her because we are not compatible. This left a distasteful tinge on my tongue, a goddess and human left all alone in the darkness and thrown away from the society who considered themselves above us. Were our opportunities and wings of hope really cut short before we even got to take our first flight?

"DON'T LOOSE HOPE. EMBRACE AND PROTECT THE ONES WHOM YOU HOLD DEAR TO YOURSELF." A voice rang in my head, and I looked back to trace its source. But there was no one nor does it appear that anyone else did it.

By this time my presence on the ground had attracted attention too. Humans, Gods or Goddesses they all were just too chatty but no one was observant enough that this VERY MOMENT THE FUTURE OF A GODDESS AND A HUMAN RELIED ON A SLIM THREAD OF CHANCE AND GLIMMER OF HOPE THAT CAN BE SNAPPED INTO TWO AT ANY TIME AND LOST IN THE SHADOWS OF FOREVER.

'Isn't that the non combat goddess?'

'Is she trying to participate and save the world? How hilarious?'

'She doesn't stand a chance.'

'She is too weak.'

'But is she really going to pair up with the only left child who has not even a flicker of 'soul power'.'

'It doesn't make a sense. Two weakling forming a team trying to save the world or are they trying to commit suicide.'

'No worries, they will be eliminated on the first day of their battle. We can still count one competitor less.'

'I cannot put it any better.'

'HAHAHAAAAAHHAHAAH' crackle of laughter had filled the hall.

But I did not mind, what mattered to me was the voice that asked me to protect those who are important to me.

I closed my eyes and used my divine eyes again and peered into that abyss again.

"What is this? Have I been teleported somewhere? It's too dark here."

Athena tried to move her puny, slim limbs and legs but they did not possess the strength to even stir the air.

"So you have come." I could hear the same voice again that asked me to do this.

"Where am I? Who are you? Answer me."

Before my own words even reached my ear, I heard a huge screech sound and cracks appeared everywhere in this dark dimension.




My eyes were suddenly blinded by light brighter than divinity itself entered through these cracks and flooded the entire case where I could helplessly only shout for help as I drowned in that holy sea of radiance.

My eyes opened in the hall of General Assembly again and to my surprise a tiny but bright light formed at the centre of the soul core of that girl and it was in perfect sync with my divinity. I felt a strange connection between the light that drowned me and the light which was in the girl's core. At last I found my partner.

Without any trace of doubt or confusion on my face I took the FIRST STEP towards a girl who needed help and a savior to rescue her from all her worries.



I was just about to cry so I closed my eyes to hold the tears back. I did not want to shame myself anymore specially in front of the Gods and lose face. If I had to earn my place then I had to be brave even in the face of utmost hopelessness and face my problems head on instead of running. I steeled my heart and tried to look forward in hope of counteracting everyone's opinion and stop this criticism.

How dare they call me 'The Weakest One'!

It was difficult. My head was lowered every time, just when I tried to make contact with anyone. But I was not going to give up, because there was never going to be a next time.

My thought process soon collapsed and I regressed back to my original timid self seeing that the attention of the hall has transferred to another person.

It was a goddess looking at me straight in the eye and I could feel the same insecurities in those shining yet sad eyes of Her.

Who was She? Why is everyone bad-mouthing her of being a weakling and a non-combat goddess. Those eyes of everyone as if they are looking down on her, I clearly understood the meaning after being subjected and suffered through the same treatment several times myself. This goddess had been subjected to the same harsh conditions of being isolated and bullied by others. Left all alone and no one to care about you as if you never existed in the first place.

I steeled my resolve and looked back in her eye; maybe she is different from others. Maybe she will accept me with all my weaknesses.

This goddess, who had green eyes and long blue hairs, was for some reason trying her hardest to look at me and I felt as if my soul was being pierced every time she closed her eyes. She wore a white and pale blue outfit, long brown boots with a light brown design and a belt tucked with a piece of white cloth.

I steeled my resolve and wished with all my heart and prayed to whomever these callings go to please chose me. A warm sensation had stimulated the centre of my body and as it spread in my limbs, abdomen and head; I felt as if my calls had been answered.

A faint smile appeared on my goddess face as she took her first step towards me, the warm sensation burned much brighter as if to fill the deep hole that formed inside my heart in these years. I steeled my resolve and for the first time without any hesitation LOOKED STRAIGHT IN THE EYES OF THE PERSON WHO NEEDED ME THE MOST in this entire world.

Both of us moved forward our corresponding hands to make a proper handshake. But all this time, our eyes were looking at each other where tiny droplets had formed in each eyes and were just about to drip. These droplets were the symbol of the long-lost happiness we had been searching for and testified our long wait till the very end and return from a place of no hope. Both of us understood the excruciating pain behind these tears but the feeling of joy was clearly visible in our smiles too.

"What is your name?"

"My name is Sachi Kondo."




























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