I could barely open my eyes in the bright light which was directly reflected on my cornea by the window panes of my room. I rubbed my eyes and my body still felt a little heavy as I lifted the upper part of my body to look around the room. It was 6 am in the morning.

'What did actually hit me? All I can remember was it was a like a mix of black stream and white stream. Was the storage spell construction really successful?'

I went straight to the bathroom to freshen up and as usual for practice created cold water, took a quick bath and then used swift wind to dry myself. I then used teleport to get my dress from the drawer and it directly appeared in my hand.

'Today I am sure Lady Athena will come to see me near the tree, so I should go there again to the decided location. This time I will pack some food and eat with her. And show-off my cooking skills'

I went to the kitchen and prepared some veg sandwich, rolled omelets, korokke (potato croquettes) and salad.

Then I thought to make something to drink and cool off in this summer typesetting weather, since there was no sun to exactly determine the weather. I took some sweet oranges from the pantry and then used magic to peel it off, remove the seeds and then crush the fleshy part to get maximum juice out of it. But it was much more difficult to use magic for this task than to do it manually. But if I had to improve then I need to increase my control over the flow of magic energy and make it more efficient and less time consuming. I poured the juice inside a steel thermos flask while I packed everything in a hand-woven golden basket made of wicker (dried willow strands) which I found lying in the right lower corner cupboard of the pantry.

Then I tried to summon my storage space. For some reason I was hesitating because of the accident and the fear that it may happen again. But I still used it and it worked. I took a sigh of relief. Just to check everything was alright I took out the 12 cubicles and they were fine. Since I wanted to test them so I took 2 cubicles each of one and three dots, while the rest I tossed back into the storage. Then I put the basket, the thermos flask and my magic book into the storage space too.

Previously I had to walk all the way to the tree but this time it was different. I am the 'crimson mage' now as I tried to pose as if wearing my witch hat and holding the magic staff. For some reason it felt cool and embarrassing at the same time.

Glad no one saw it.


The spell worked perfectly and I was standing under the shade of the gigantic tree. Every time I saw it I felt something unique about it but this time I felt like I belonged here. For some reason I could sense my magical power increasing under the tree as if it was connected to it like a thread.

I took a deep breath and felt the freshness of the surrounding morning air. A pageant of smells floated in the spring air and a horde of dandelions littered the grass field. The scene was spirit-refreshing and pastoral while it smelled pear fresh.

I sat under the tree and gazed up at the lace of leaves and the feathery combs of moss hung from the jutting branches. I took out the magic book and the food basket placing it on my left side and started reading about different ways to control magic flow and about different types of magic circles and arrays.

After reading for a while my thoughts ran a recheck on yesterday events where an apple dropped out of nowhere while the tree doesn't even has any fruit on its branches. As I was wondering about the questionable nature and origin of the apple I ate yesterday I heard some creaking sounds coming from the bridge which connected the lower and higher landmass.

It was an old man in long red robe and had curly silver hairs and silver beard. He had a long scepter in his hand and somewhat was using it as a walking stick and was probably heading in the direction where I was sitting.

He was the Almighty World God.



I knew I would find her here after all this is the most peaceful place even in the divine realm, which even I like to visit during my breaks. I wonder what book she is reading, after all I came here looking for a chat and maybe I was also bored with the daily routine work.

As I stood in front of the girl she hurriedly stood up and bowed in front of me. She must be too surprised to see me here again.

"Good Morning ….. Wor… Almighty World God."

"Good Morning to you too. Can I sit here too?"

"Umm... Why not… Of course." She then shifted to her left side as if making a spot for me.

She must be feeling too uncomfortable because of my stature and position. After all we had never talked before.

"So what are you reading?"

She looked to her right as if she thought I was asking this question to another person.

"Its... Just that... I was reading a book about how to use magic which I borrowed from Lady Athena."

For some reason my curiosity piqued up because humans cannot use magic in the divine realm. Also this book is based on spells and magic circles which consume divine power and not the magical energy of the mortal realm. Can she use divinity even though she doesn't have my blood? Could it be an after-effect of eating the apple of Tree of Life? Maybe I should try to dig more.

"So why do you visit this place?"

For some time she did not spoke anything, she is really very timid in nature. Do I look like a stranger who tries to harass other people, do I? Or an old man who indulges in giving worldly advice to youngsters passing by?

"Almighty World God, after the banquet ceremony, Lady Athena brought me here to see the stars. She said that this is the only place from where we can see the stars and asked me to meet her here from next day. But for some reason she is not appearing and I am unable to contact her. I don't know whether she is trying to avoid me but I still want to meet her and spend time with her like the first day."

"Star gazing from this point is really a sight to behold. I too visit this place often to forget my worries. As for Athena, maybe she is trying to keep a distance from you so that other god's don't bully you. I too heard about what happened in the banquet hall, it was unfortunate, but usually strong Gods try to harass the weak Gods specially someone non-combat oriented like Athena who specializes in intellectual field and not in fighting skills. I ask for your forgiveness if you were hurt and my inability to stop that from happening."

At this Sachi rose up from her seat and started waving her hands here and there in confusion.

"No Almighty World God, you don't need to ask for forgiveness. It wasn't your fault to begin with."

She still feels too uncomfortable around me. I know I should try doing this.

"Why don't you try calling me grandfather or grandpa? I have heard that's what they call old people in your world. The way in which you address me is too boring and way too long."

A sudden silence shrouded us. Did I make things awkward for her? She is my granddaughter after all, so there shouldn't be any problem. Also its not the right time to tell her about this.

"Are you sure…. You really want me to call you that, no one has told me to do this before nor anyone tried to talk to me or apologized to me… so."

"What are these dices are they for playing a game?"

Sachi stared at the small white and red boxes lying on the ground and tried to fidget her hand into her pockets.

'They must have fallen from my pocket when I stood up.' Sachi thought to herself.

"No they are not for a game just a piece of craftwork. HAHAHA…"

Sachi couldn't help but wonder what an embarrassing and awkward laugh that was. 'After all I can't tell World God that I made these mini grenades and brought them here to test their explosive power. I must try to change the topic somehow. What do old people like to do in such places like a picnic spot? Yes, I think I got it.'

Sachi then picked up her basket and then in a very heartbreaking manner glanced at it.

"I made breakfast for Lady Athena, but she hasn't come yet. I am afraid the food will get stale and cold. I cannot finish it alone, maybe…" Just take the hint grandpa.

"Oh! Why not I would like to enjoy the food made by the hands of a sweet young lady like you. We do not get the chance to eat food made by a mortal. I will give it a taste testing." She tried to change the topic. She must have thought that she dodged the question. She is actually pretty smart even though she lacks communication skills. I wonder what those cubes are for, since flammable gases are filled inside them.

Sachi first smoothly caressed her face with both hands as if determining was she really that pretty, but then coming back to her present senses she took out a medium sized red cloth and spread it across us diagonally and took out two large plates. She placed some sandwiches, omelet, croquettes and some finely chopped vegetables as salad on each plate.

But what surprised me most was when she conjured a small flame and used it to grill the sandwiches. So, she can really use magic, even though she didn't have Ichor's blood, she can still use divinity, even though she thinks she is using simple magic.

"What kind of magic can you use up till now? Would you like to share your experience with me?" I then picked up one of the sandwiches and started eating.

"Well, I thought of learning magic after I saw Lady Athena using a healing spell on me. So I asked a beginner's book of magic from Lady Athena. First she was surprised then she took out a fat book from her shelf and gave it to me. Currently, I can conjure water, fire, manipulate temperature and object structure, teleportation and even healing spell…" she stopped in between when God Almighty interrupted her.

"The sandwich and the korokke are really delicious. The omelets are fluffy and soft too. The sandwich is perfectly grilled; your control of magic is pretty good. I would surely take you as my personal chef."

"Thank you….Gr.. Grandpa, since I had to cook food alone on earth and eat alone, so I worked hard to improve my cooking skills, so at least I can eat tasty food every time. But I think I have been complimented for the first time or should I say someone first time tasted my food, so I never knew that it is really that good."

"You don't need to worry, I am not flattering you. The food is really good. I am sure Athena would like it too."

A bright smile appeared on Sachi's face. 'My granddaughter is really cute and beautiful like Urza. If only she could be here too to see it.'

Then two glasses appeared in her hand out of nowhere, which she placed in front of me. Then a black distortion in space appeared out of nowhere and she took out a thermos flask and poured orange juice into it. She then collected water vapour from the surrounding atmosphere and then cooled it till it turned into ice and fell into our glasses and floated on it like small icebergs.

This was too shocking for me, not only she can use divinity at such a young age, her control over magic flow and senses are highly developed and flawless. She can even use an advanced spell like storage space and does not need to even chant to cast spells. People with exceptionally high mental capacity, strong visualization and advanced processing skills can only cast spell without chanting and just by thinking, which reduces time limit and is much more powerful than normal spells as the visualization gets stronger with each casting unlike just normally chanting it out.

She is a born prodigy; I hope she may be able to find a good teacher on Isleguard to teach her magic.

Even among Gods, such talent is rarely born; she is able to achieve it in a human body. Should I make her my apprentice or student? No, I can't, the chance is gone. She is already a beneficiary of Athena, and is about to reincarnate after 5 days. Maybe after she has completed her mission, then I can try.

But something about that storage magic felt ominous, maybe it was the black miasma which must have leaked out while invoking an advanced level spell which require high amount of magical power. Performing it at such a young age is a miracle in itself, but since she ate the apple of tree of life, she almost has infinite divinity and black miasma at the same time.

After all it is a double edge sword, how fire and water can't stay together, presence of divinity and dark matter in same entity is the ultimatum of eventual death. I have to keep an eye on her while she grows.

"So when did you realize that you can use magic."

Sachi put down her sandwich and started recalling the first day she came here.

"It was when I got into my stay room; there were no bulbs or switch to light the room, no faucets or taps to take a shower, so I thought we had to use something like magic. When I imagined that there is light in the room or darkness, it just happens. Same when I visualized water coming from the shower, it started pouring itself out. I didn't need to use a tap. I need to learn more magic spells because I know all my other classmates are practicing with their Gods and learning great destructive spells with much more advanced uses and at a much faster pace than me."

"No, what you are doing is a wonderful deed in itself so keep working hard. I think I will be taking my leave."

"Yes, see you soon Grandpa."

'She said that line in such a sweet tone that I wanted to stay a bit longer but I have certain important task to take care of. So I must go!!!' Somehow it sounds too emotional, as if I leave now then something dangerous and bad will happen.

I used teleportation spell as usual, and found myself in my office and sat on my seat. I clapped two times and an angel appeared.

"May I ask that why the light bulbs, faucets and taps were missing from the room of one of the humans named Sachi Kondo."

At first the angel brought his hand near his ear and contacted another angel using telepathy and then bowed in a very fashionable way.

"I ask for your forgiveness my Lord, it seems that before the humans arrived, the rooms was being used as a hideout by God of mischief - Hermes and God of thief - Autolycus, so they must have taken those things away to create problems later. Within one hour the bulbs and taps will be fixed."

"Don't bother just leave it like that. You may take your leave."

The angel then disappeared in the same mysterious way in which he came.

It seems that my granddaughter is very unlucky, but may be this has what made her stronger and can even smile when she is all alone and no one to support or defend her. I just can't tell her that she is the only mortal who can use magic here and that also without spells and just by thinking and performing magic is considered exceptional among gods.

I can just hope that she keeps on getting stronger from here so that she can tackle all the problems and difficulties while enjoy the wonderful adventures that awaits her.



Just when Athena was about to leave her room, she saw a girl running towards her. She was not Sachi but the girl who tried to hurt her in the banquet. Did something happen to Sachi? I hope so not.

"Lady Athena, Sachi has been searching for you in the Barbara forest. You must go with haste. Also I must ask for your forgiveness for what happened on that day."

Athena had a horrified expression on her face. She understood that something was wrong and Sachi's life can be in danger.

"Do you really think you can lie to a God? Tell me is Sachi alright."

"What are you talking dear Goddess, I told you I am very sorry for what I did."

"Don't fool around. It is clearly visible that you have no shame and in no way you are apology is committed. Tell me where is Sachi."

A terrific smile appeared on Sakura's face as her face lift up and her lips moved to the right side and formed a peak in a peculiar way.

"You catch on quick. If I were you I would be heading towards the forest and not wasting time in questioning others or someone might get hurt."

Lady Athena had no time to go and seek someone's help or send someone else she could trust. Even the angels might have pre-orders from other Gods, so she doesn't know what actions they will take.

I must go on my own. I cannot let Sachi get hurt again because of me. I cannot lose any more people whom I can trust.



It had been a long time since I had such a nice talk with someone. I am glad there are others who still care about me here. Maybe it is not a bad place after all and is better than earth.

Would anyone be missing me on earth now? Probably not. My uncle and aunt must be happy that they got rid of me. It is probably in best of our interest that I died. I am glad that I met people like Lady Athena and Grandpa World God.

I think I should leave now, it must be probably afternoon, though it still looks like morning or night only occurs here in heavens. I will try contacting Lady Athena this time. I might as well make something new for us to eat. So I packed the basket and then opened my dimensional storage area. I tossed back the book and basket into it.


This time I was at the right place in my room and not standing inside the bathtub like the last time. Maybe I am getting better at this.



Someone is knocking at my door, could it be a salesman agian. Wait at least not in heaven.



I opened the door and one of my classmates was standing in front of me with a pout on her face.

"Jeez... you are as slow as usual. I have been banging all day and now you are opening the door. Anyways, your Goddess is searching for you in Barbara forest. And also …"

Wait! What, for the first time someone came from my class to talk to me and they tell me something suspicious like this. Why would my Goddess search for me in the forest in the first place? She already knows that the decided spot was the tree or she could come to my room.

Lady Athena already knows that my classmates either hate me or do not care about me at all.

It only means one thing, its a trap. What are they planning this time, why a forest? What is the need to bring both of us in the forest? In the first place, it is just near the tree which I visit and also from the books I have read no harmful carnivore animal resides there.

"Tell me, what are you planning Tama? Please don't hurt Lady Athena. She has nothing to do with what happens between us. If you want to… take revenge then do it to me alone."

"HAHAAHAAA. What are you talking? You have no right to ask for forgiveness. Both you and your goddess have pissed us of; so its time to pay. You must run there to save her or she may not be able to make back alive."

I banged the door close on her face and slide down the door in a sitting position and covered my face with both of my hands. Tears came in my eyes and ran all over my face.

'Why is this happening? I didn't do anything wrong to them? So why are they trying to hurt her? If anything happens to Lady Athena I will lose all hope of changing myself ever again. I will lose the only person who has cared about me up till now. Will she hate me if something happen to her because we were just friends?'



"What are you going to stay inside? Will you leave her to die? You are just a coward, a pathetic weakling who can't save anyone. How are you going to save the world? HAHAAHAHAAA."

'Yes, she is right, it doesn't matter whether I am able to save the world or not. But I must fight to protect what is precious to me.....'



'What is happening to me? Did something break? No, I have no time to waste. I must go to search for Lady Athena and warn her before something bad happens.'

I stood up and wiped my tears with my left arm and then I did what I have gotten best at…


There I am back again near the tree. According to the map I saw in the book this is the nearest destination to the Barbara forest where I have previously been. All I have to do now is walk to my right and I will reach the centre. Thank goodness there are no turns otherwise I am sure I would have got lost. Thanks to my curse of poor navigation skills.

I started running with all my strength. It was clearly obvious that I was not good at running. I soon started huffing and puffing and ran out of breath.

'I can't rest now. If I wait then, time is wasted and something might happen bad to…' I kept on running for more than five minutes and saw a bright opening.

I was almost there an open space which was probably the centre of the Barbara forest. I stopped and took a deep breath and started shouting;




I then stopped to check my surroundings. There were all kind of wild vegetation, dark green curled up thick grass grew everywhere and thorny bushes surrounded the whole place. The whole area was a bit dark and the only thing that lit up the whole place was the canopies of the huge evergreen eden green trees that grew all around.



There were some noises in the bushes around. I took a defensive stance and put a hand near my face and the other in front. I know I am a total amateur at this! But this was all I could do at that time. Could it be a wild animal? What should I do?

Should I run away? But if it proves to be faster than me then I am screwed. Should I pick up one of the sharp wooden branches to defend myself? Maybe seeing that I am armed it would run away. But what if it has a hard body and decides to fight. Then even swinging this twig will be of no use.

A figure much taller than my expectation emerged out of the bushes and ran towards me at full speed. All I could do was stand still and was unable to move.

"I knew, I would find you here." Lady Athena hugged me tightly and for some reason I could feel water dripping over my shoulder. But the same could be said for me.

"Lady Athena, you are alright. I am so glad."

She was still tightly hugging me, but I need to remember what I was here for.

"Lady Athena it's a trap, we must leave quickly."

"I already know that."

"But you still came even though you would have been in danger."

"What are you trying to speak, didn't you do the same thing."

My hands stopped shaking, before I realized that how much we cared about each other, even though it has only been a day since we met. We understood each other, our problems, our insecurities, our passions were same we were always looked down upon and hated by others because of our weakness.

"Let's go back. We don't need to be here."


"What's the matter is something wrong Lady Athena."

"It's the spell, teleportation is not working, and someone has put up a barrier to keep us inside."

"So that means we have to walk all the way out of the forest."

What was the real reason they sent us here? What are they planning?


"What's that noise?"

"No, this can't be. Did they really went this far. Sachi we need to run. There is no time for explanation."

Lady Athena grabbed my left hand and started running in the opposite direction from which the sound came. Just by looking I could tell that she was afraid to the extent as if she had heard her own death bell. She was death pale.

Just what was that noise?

Even though we were running at our full speed with all our strength we could muster, but the breaking of trees, the trembling ground, the far cries of the flying flocks of birds and the racing heart beat of Lady Athena all led to the same conclusion that a catastrophe was about to hit both of us hard. Something gigantic and huge was following us at a much greater speed than we could run. With all the howling we could tell that this deadly disaster is soon going to catch up with us.

I turned my head and there it was. As if my heartbeat stopped, and my legs gave away when I froze out of fear in the same place. Lady Athena too looked back and she had the same reaction.

A super sized wolf covered in all with long snow white fur to the extent that no one could determine how deep the flesh must have been. Two long incisors jutting out from its mouth and the drool which spilled from its mouth was so large to form huge puddles.


A chill shot down my spine. While both of us stood petrified by the fear and my stomach started hurting, were the sandwiches too much for me. Wait this is not the time to think about that...

"That's FENRIR, the guardian wolf of the peak of Mount Olympus. What's it doing down here in Barbara forest? Did they really plan all this. Are we going to die?"

Broken thick silver chains could be seen surrounding its neck which made it look more mad and ferocious. An animal that had lost its control and has gone wild. Just the thought of it made the floor slip below my feet.

Its eyes were bloodshot and it had already spotted both of us by our scent. Its only a matter of seconds before it catches both of us.

Is this really the end?

"Sachi we need to run. HURRY."

But both of us knew by now that this was end for both of us.

No, wait I can't give up like this, not after I found true happiness and people I can rely on for the first time. Is there a way for both of us to survive? What if only one of us has to die?

Yes that's it.

If only I die then Lady Athena can survive. I am already dead so it won't make a difference, but Lady Athena is working everyday hard to grow stronger, while I was just having fun.

"Sachi, what are you waiting for run?"

"Lady Athena, I have an idea."

"Don't be foolish? If we stay any longer we will both die."

"Either way, even if we run, we won't make it."

I held Lady Athena, and looked directly in her eyes.

'What's this feeling something is different about Sachi, she is brimming with confidence. Was she always like this? Does she really have a way to save ourselves.' Lady Athena thought to herself.

Before Athena could respond to Sachi, she ran towards the blood-thirstywolf which was up till now gazing at their prey as if trying to figure out the best way to eat us. But I ain't gonna let that happen.

"Lady Athena, run. Get help from outside."

I turned back at her and tried my best to muster up a smile.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. I will come back alive."

'I could only listen to her voice, and saw her running away from me, directly into the face of danger. Am I really going to be separated from her, after I found such a good friend and an ally!

What is she trying to accomplish. She bent down while running and picked up a stone and threw it at the face of the wolf which hit its soft region – the nose. The growling of the wolf only became louder and more blood driven than ever as if it would tear anyone down with its sharp fangs in a flash. She only made it angrier and started running towards the left direction deeper into the woods. The wolf growled once and after taking a glance after me it started chasing after Sachi at full pace taking large leaps and crushing any trees obstructing its way.' Lady Athena fell on the ground and was dumbfounded.

'Why Sachi? Why? Why are you going to sacrifice yourself for someone like me? Why do people have to endanger their life to protect me again and again? No, I cannot sit still here. I must seek someone for help as quickly as possible' Lady Athena ran towards the exit of the forest till the point where the reach of barrier is over. It will take up a few minutes so just till then hang in there Sachi.

Stay alive for me!



This is the only way. If I have to protect someone I will have to sacrifice myself first. I am weak now and my life is the only thing I can offer to protect the ones I cherish. So, I will be the decoy, while Lady Athena runs away.

Good after a hit at nose it seems to be following me. But I won't go down without a fight that easily. I have been learning magic by myself so I will put it to good use now.

It seems that its nose and inside-mouth are only the soft and delicate parts which I can hurt with my fire power. It lives on top of Olympus and so is suited to cold environment, therefore it will be weak towards fire. First I need to slow it down or it will just hunt me down in mere seconds.

Magic has been blocked to leave this place, but I could still use magic inside. I hope this idea doesn't fail otherwise my heroic sacrifice debut will be for nothing, so make it count.


4 red and 4 white cubicles fell in each of my hands, while two each I took out from my pocket.





A pale blue flame and reddish yellow flame soar up high in the sky. Two trees fell down and crashed on the huge body of this wolf monster.

"YES, it worked." I shouted out of utter joy. The experiment was successful. At first I transported the 5 dot cubicles in the hollow of the trees and raised their temperature drastically to the ignition point and there it was my brilliant idea passing with beautiful colours.

'But there is still more to worry about. So maybe I will celebrate 'later'. RUN.'

At first it seemed it took damage but it only howled again and after getting rid of the trees.

Well that did buy me some time but it only made it angrier. I need to run faster.


This time 2 one dot and 2 two dots of coloured cubicle vanished from my hands.



Trees again fell on the back of the wolf. Even though it didn't took any physical damage, but it was slowing it down and by the howls I could tell that it was hurting it like hell.

'Yes cry in pain, under the splendor of my creation. HAHAHAAH'

Now, I had 3 dots, 4 dots and 6 dots, two cubicles each. I don't think it will fall for the same trap again. I am also running out of breath.

So its PLAN B – MAYBE A BATTLE TO DEATH. What I am even talking about, I cannot die here until I play all my hands.

I found a tree with huge, fat and sturdy looking roots jutting out of the ground and forming a small protective dome. This is it – the final showdown is here.

I stopped my feet and I felt burning rubber smell coming down from the soles of my shoes as I turned around and skid on the harsh ground.

The wolf too stopped at this sudden change of events. There was a gap of 10 meter between us. We both stared at each other, but I lost, I dropped my gaze out of fear of dying.


The wolf was looking at me and taking deep breaths while the air it respired out made even the trees shudder around and difficult for me to stand still. For some reason I thought it was smiling at me and as if it wanted to say 'So you have given up! Good for you. Now quietly let me tear you apart and eat your soft meat.'

Something along those lines. I guess.

You are wrong, so don't drop your guard you stupid beast.

I took a step back and prepared my body for what was going to happen only the Heavens will be thy witness.

I shifted my weight to the left foot, allowing myself to lift my right foot and raising my right arm, facing directly towards the ugly vicious face of the wolf, without any hesitation, maybe a little to be honest and my hands shaking to be more precise, with all my might I threw the 3 dots and 4 dots cubicles at its nose.





Three out of four cubicles blew up near its nose while the other was a bit off the mark but it still exploded near its eyes and blinded him. Blood spurted out from the left side of his nose, while its left eyelid was bleeding very badly.

Also the smoke and the sudden burst of light had blinded him, while the hydrogen flames had burned its face. He was in utter confusion and pain because all his hopes had been smashed by tiny boxes of a kid's play collection. All it could do was howl in a lame way as pain surged through his sensitive organs and messed up with his senses.


What are you howling for; things are not over between us.

I took the pitching stance again and send the last two cubicles flying into the air. Will it hit the right spot, if not then I am screwed. Will my years of training in shooting RPG game come in handy or not?


The cubicle entered his mouth and I timed my magic and till it closed its mouth I started raising the temperature inside the cubicles in one full go.



Huge bursts of two explosions could be heard as the 6 dotted cubicles detonated inside this vicious monster's mouth. Smoke started coming outside his nose as it threw itself on the ground and started rolling and continued howling in pain and anguish.

Shit, he did not swallow the cubicles. It only blew up inside his mouth. Maybe that would stop him. But just out of precaution, I slide through my left as I stole myself from the eyes of the wolf that was still throbbing in pain. I went straight inside the dome of sturdy roots till I could no longer press my back with the wooden wall.

Thing are not just over yet. Not by a long shot. So just come at me with all you got.

I started preparing my next magic spell. This time I started spinning water in my right hand clockwise and produced tremendous amount of fire in my left hand and started spinning it in clockwise direction at full speed. I cannot lose focus now. If I cower now, I will die. Even if my hands get burned by the fire I conjured, there is no point in crying now. I must not fear. I must not run away. I cannot stay quite anymore. Because if I don't act now I will die before I could do anything in return for the people who have helped me up till now.

By now Fenrir had come back to its senses. He was angrier than before and more disgusting to look at with the injuries on its face. His howls were louder than ever which resonated inside the jungle. Just by hearing it anyone could have frozen in their legs and would not dare tread in its territory.

It started walking to the little dome while it opened its mouth to eat its meal.

Which was obviously, me! Lucky me, getting eaten by a heavenly beast on a fine Sunday morning. Then I will do the honour and grill it to its optimal temperature. Just come at me.

It brought its two long incisors, the fangs as sharp as blade jutting out of its big mouth near the entrance of the door as if to take a last look at its prey.

But my spell was almost ready and before it could lift up its head, I merged both of the spells and efficiently created a much larger Plasma Ball ( well that's what I decided to call it) and shot it back at the wolf that fell for my every trap by now including this one.

The spell hit the wolf right at the spot where he was burnt the most. Steams rising from its face played the role of smoke screen which would later unveil the results of my efforts.



"But why?" I looked at my burnt hands which were hurting and the sensation of burning was killing me.

"The spell was obviously more powerful than the 6 dot cubicle"

The spell had hit the right place. But the surprising thing was that it did not even flinch a bit due to the impact.

"So was it toying with me up till now? Has all my work and bravery gone to waste. So this is true strength, where any and every attempt of the one lesser than him fails."

Tears rolled out through my eyes. The dirt of the ground, the black soot of the flames which covered my face and dress was all I could look at.

'Back then and in the end I was a nobody and I still am. Even if I tried to be a hero. Even if I held my own ground. Even though I gave my best. I failed yet again because I was powerless and weak. Even if Lady Athena was able to successfully escape. I will die here and will no longer be able to protect her or play with her.'

The wolf was slowly tearing through the roots which was the only barrier between its sharp fangs and my body. Just then I remembered the time I spent with Lady Athena near the tree and the promise I made to myself that day.

'No I cannot die here until I try to the very end. I will not miss this opportunity to get a new life and spend my time with Lady Athena. The faith she had put in me. The day she chose me when everyone turned their back towards me. The person who needed me was still waiting for my safe arrival, so I won't give up.' I am not going to break my promise so easily.

Even though in few seconds the dome was about to be broken into smithereens. I did not run. I did not look anywhere, but closed my eyes and focused again to create a second and much stronger Plasma Ball.


Magic power was reaching to their full capacity in both of my hands, but something was changing, the fire was vanishing and was being replaced by a non-sticky fluid as black as soot. In a similar manner the water too just disappeared and a bright light orb grew in its place.




The huge paws of the wolf had already broken through my protection wooden roof and was about to land the final hit.


This time instead of closing my eyes like my previous death, I will look straight into its eyes and will make sure to tell it that I did my best.

But there was darkness all around me. As far as I tried to look there was nothing but dark. Wait am I already dead, no that can't be, that can't be true.

How, why? Anyone is anyone here?








"Damn it! I only left for a while thinking that everything will be fine, and this is what happens under my nose."

I started recalling what Athena told me. She came running and directly barged into my office. Just by looking at her face I could tell something bad has happened. According to her Fenrir has gone berserk and Sachi took the job of decoy while giving space for Athena to escape. Well, I can understand, she wanted to protect her goddess but sacrificing herself even before things started is going too far. There are barrier stone so teleporting directly is not an option. Also we don't know the exact location of Sachi.

Is she alright? She should still be alive if she runs far away? But how can a human fend off against such a beast?

As I scouted the whole forest while I flew high above in the sky. I followed the direction in which the howling of wolf could be heard. There were so many fallen trees which went in a straight line. How did the trees fell in this orderly manner, if it would have been Fenrir, he would have just broken through without wasting time.

As I was about to land I saw a huge ray of pure divine light while the dark matter curled up around it rose up high in the sky. A fierce wind storm blew up all the trees in the near vicinity, and the barrier which until now was isolating the forest vanished in a flash.

I reached the point source of this abnormal power. All that I could find was, Sachi lying unconscious while Fenrir lay dead by her side. Its whole body charred and face burnt up. Blood flew all around it. I picked up Sachi, and teleported myself into Athena's room where she was waiting.

Athena rose up from her seat and came running towards me. By looking at her face I could tell that she was crying. She wiped her face with her left hand, and helped me to lay Sachi on the bed.

"Is Sachi gonna be fine?"

"Don't worry she is just unconscious and little roughed up while running. I have already casted my best healing magic, though…"

I used my All Seeing eyes on Sachi and then turned back to Athena to complete my statement.

"She might be asleep for a day or two, take good care of her. I will be taking my leave."

This time I teleported directly to the spot where the dead wolf lay. Its white fur had already turned black and its upper body was half-turned into black soot. I would have killed it myself if it would have really hurt my granddaughter, but whatever.

I clapped twice and an angel appeared before me.

"Find barrier magic stones in this forest and anything that looks suspicious."

The angel disappeared just when I dropped the sentence. They are really quick on the intake.

I took up a final look at the wolf and tried to figure out what events actually transpired here.

At first point, Sachi worked as a decoy and lured out Fenrir while providing Athena the window gap to escape and seek help. A smart yet reckless move.

Then somehow the trees in the trail which she ran are all destroyed. And she was able to run this far without getting caught, which somehow sounds impossible for a human with a poorly built body like her in terms of strength and stamina. Finally she took shelter in the base hollow of a large tree.

She must have first tried to use fire magic to scare Fenrir off. But it would mean nothing in the face of such deadly heavenly beast. She kept on increasing her firepower, to fend herself off. Even though it must have hurt as her hands were burnt pretty badly. She must have kept on firing, even though she was being hurt herself.

And finally the most interesting thing of all, she broke through her first seal and temporarily broke through the second seal. Protecting the people whom you love even when you are powerless and only death awaits you, which must have been the trigger of the breaking through the first seal. How smart of Urza, I wonder what conditions are to be met to break the second seal.

Just by breaking the first seal, she was able to obtain such tremendous power. Using black miasma and divinity together in divine realm by a human, even I cannot imagine it. Having a soul realm representing abyss and assimilating the apple of tree of life, she has finally obtained what she desired the most, the power to protect others.

Even gods cannot use black miasma because it is poisonous to them. Also divinity and black miasma cannot exist together. I wonder what future awaits her. Whether she will be able to control her mighty strength or be crushed underneath it? Just thinking of them to make contact is considered a taboo.

Finally the attack was so powerful that the barrier broke and even the soul core of Fenrir is destroyed. Power that can destroy and dominate over other's soul core itself. A power even beyond the reach of gods. I am looking forward to how she uses such a deadly ability and how it matures within her.

This world, not only the divine realm but the mortal realm and the hell are going to experience a huge revolution. Now it all lies on the shoulder of this little girl, whether she ignite hope in life of others or submerge in the despair of darkness and gory of war.

The angel soon appeared and gave its report.

"We were unable to find any magic stones. However near every broken tree and the corpse of Fenrir and inside its body. We found this metal cube shells half exploded."

"Get rid of the beast's body and you may go now."

I took the cubes in my hands and asked the angel to take its leave.

On further inspection there were red and white cubes with dots from one to six. Now I remember I saw these cube with Sachi. Now I see, she is not only capable of holding such great powers, but is innovative and clever too. These boxes which had inflammable gas stored in them, she must have used them to break down the trees and make them fall on the beast to slow it down and threw it inside its mouth in hope to get rid of it. It is very much similar to the idea of detonating bombs from her planet. Even though it may have not worked in the face of a mighty heavenly beast like Fenrir, but the idea in itself is a genius. Using what little magic she was able to learn, she invented such a deadly weapon and made good use of it in a fight. She is truly a genius.

I should totally make her my apprentice, maybe after she had completed her mission in Isleguard. I have started to like her more as my granddaughter. Even Urza would be proud of her to be able to defeat Fenrir, save a life and turning table around even in the face of death under all the disadvantageous conditions.



It has been a day and Sachi is not awake. I still can't forget the time when she made herself a decoy just to protect me when I haven't been able to do anything. On the other hand, I tried to keep myself away from her, so that the other gods and goddesses do not pay much attention to her or harm her in any way because of me. But I was a coward. If only I had been together with her, this won't have happened.

If only I acted a bit brave and tried to shoulder mine responsibilities more properly and not neglect them, then Sachi won't have to suffer. Just by looking at her roughed up clothes I could tell that she was badly bruised everywhere because of running and falling.

"Please wake up quickly! I promise I will always be by your side."

'I will never leave her alone again, because she is dear to me."



I went to the door and unlocked the door and behold stood in front of me the Almighty World God. He went inside the room and after taking a quick look at Sachi he took a seat and I started pouring tea in a cup from the kettle.

The special thing about this kettle is that, there is unlimited tea stored in it and the temperature could be controlled in an instant manually by magic.

"World God, will Sachi be fine. It has been a day and she hasn't woken up."

World god took a sip from his cup and took a sigh of relief.

"You don't need to worry; she will probably wake up within few days. But, you see I came here to talk to you."

"World God is there a complication with Sachi's body, if she is still hurt anywhere; please tell me I am willing to do anything so please heal her quickly."

"No, no, don't worry. Everything is fine, its just that her body is exhausted and adjusting to the changes. But its very rare to see you so worked up and messy in a way."

"Maybe I am, I have just been so worried about her that I can't even focus on my routine anymore. It was all my fault to begin with. It was me who neglected her, thinking that it was the best way to keep her safe. But at the end of the day I still messed up. Maybe I am really good for nothing. Maybe the other gods were right and I should withdraw from this reincarnation and saving the world business. How can a non-combat goddess even hope to save a world from all types of dangers? If I participate then I will only be putting her life in danger again. Even when Fenrir attacked us, I couldn't even move or make a decision. I am just too weak. Maybe Sachi is better off without me, she is brave and also survived the attack from the deadly beast, which is a miracle itself. She truly deserves someone better than me."

"Hffffff, you don't understand, she did all this because she wanted to save you. The reason she acted bravely was because she didn't wanted to loose you. You are her strength and not the other way around that you think."

I didn't know how to answer to that. Is it really true?

"Athena tell me what does Sachi mean to you. Why did you choose her."

"Well, during the Assembly, when I looked at her, I could see my own reflection in her. We had the same weaknesses, similar past, same passion and attitude towards life. But most important of all I just wanted to be friends with her and stay by her side and look after her. That's what I first felt when I saw her for the first time. For me at that time it didn't matter whether I save the world or not, but I wanted to save the person who stood among all, afraid of other's gazes who were looking down on her just because she was alone. Sachi is my only best-friend and that is the very reason I chose her."

"I see. Then I am sure everything will be fine. Because Sachi is your strength and you are her's."

My neck felt a bit tight because I was overwhelmed, with what I had realized now.

"Why don't I let you on a secret? Tell me who killed Fenrir."

"It was obviously you. Such a dangerous heavenly beast is even considered impossible to be killed by some of the gods including me."

"Well you are wrong, before I reached on the scene, Fenrir was already dead."

"What? ... You mean… could it be"

I stared back at Sachi, but could not shake off my feeling of astonishment.

"Well, it is true what you think it is. The one who killed Fenrir was Sachi."

"But how is that possible?"

I had almost jumped from my own seat but my gazes were all set on Him and what he was about to speak.

"Tell me did you know that she could use magic."

"Of course not, humans or any other mortal cannot use magic in divine realm because they lack divinity. I am sure I gave her a book of magic but it was just to fulfill her curiosity, when she learnt that she will be able to use magic after reincarnation."

"Didn't you take her to the tree of life for star gazing?"

"You do know about that. Yes after the banquet I was too upset so I took her to my favourite spot. Maybe at that time I just wanted to share my happiness with her."

"Well if you do remember coincidentally the next day was the ripening of the fruit of Tree of Life and it seems that the tree of life chose Sachi as its consumer while she was there and accidentally ate the fruit."

"WHATTTT? .... Is Sachi going to be fine? Everyone one knows that even gods cannot handle the soul power of the fruit of the Tree of Life contains which has both divinity and black matter."

"But it just so happens to be the case. Sachi not only properly assimilated the apple but is now able to use both divinity and dark matter, which is a matter of both interest and concern. I too realized it when I saw the Fenrir dead body whole burnt by divinity and black miasma at the same time. So keep watch on her."

"Is it my fault again that I took her there. Is she really going to be fine?"

"You are worrying too much. She is much stronger than she looks, so have faith in her. I see, it has been a much longer stay than I thought. I will be taking my leave now."

"World God, just before you leave, I wanted to ask something. If I try again, will I lose again what is dear to me now? Can I be really strong enough to achieve what I desire?"

'I have never seen Athena, to open her heart to others. The serious look in her eyes, reminds me of her father. She has really grown up a lot in a matter of few days. Maybe it is because she is truly worried about the well-being of Sachi.' World God thought to himself as he drew a deep breath.

"When you wish to protect something truly special to yourself, you can become as strong as anyone can be."

After God Almighty left I went back to where Sachi was sat beside her, hoping that she would wake up anytime soon.




In the Era of Gods, the Heavenly Wolf God was once captured by the devil race during war and sealed inside the Netherworld Demonic Hell, and suffered endless torment, which gave rise to endless hatred and resentment in his heart. Later, his obsession and hatred gave birth to an incomparably powerful energy that helped him break out of the prison, and he managed to leave the territory of devils with his own strength and flee back to the Divine Realm. This power of obsession and hatred was what took the form of a deadly beast 'Fenrir' later on. Afterwards it was chained at the top of Mount Olympus in a freezing environment to stop it from going on a rampage.

Status Window


AGE : 20564499 YEARS


LEVEL : 840

HP : 22000 MP : 13000 SP : 45000

SKILS : [Body Armour LV 10] [Destructive Enhancement LV 10] [Strength Limit Over LV 10] [Perception LV 10] [Sense Enhancement LV 10] [Adaptibility LV 8]




Ø Every student is reincarnated with their respective god or goddess in contract in the world of Isleguard.

Ø The mission is to unite the world of Isleguard which has undergone chaotic changes after the Holy Crusade War and evil forces are looming all around to seize the power control and destroy the binding forces of nature.

Ø Every reincarnate will be born as a new person with certain high ranking position in society to facilitate their growth and the same goes for the gods who will assist them as they will be reincarnated as someone close by.

Ø Every reincarnate will be born as a being which corresponds to their personality and the potential they hold inside themselves.

Ø Every reincarnate will possess a unique skill that will be directly bestowed upon you by the divinity of your respective God in contract and is based on their attribute nature. (Hence the more combat oriented the God is Higher are the chances of the reincarnate's growth in combat ability.)

Ø After more than half of the reincarnate has achieved the age of 18 and above they are free to make their own decision and have full authority over their action while the gods are only just for guidance and in no way their words in the mortal realm regarding the decisions of reincarnate are absolute.

Ø You are free to use any means necessary you see fit to complete your mission and in no way the gods from divine realm will interfere unless deemed necessary by the World God.

Ø The reincarnate and the gods have to keep their previous life identity a secret in Isleguard.

Ø The gods or goddesses in contract are forbidden to use their full powers in the divine realm unless there is a sudden emergency to protect themselves from hazardous situations.


Ø Killing the residents, other reincarnate, gods and goddesses is in no way forbidden, since the rules never mention it.

Ø The right to titles are decided by the actions the reincarnate take and are bestowed upon by the gods of divine realm or the Divine System.

Ø You can take any action you deem fit to save the world whether it is good or evil in nature.

Ø The other reincarnate are in no way forbidden to interfere or meddle in the affairs of other reincarnates.


After a god or goddess are killed or die due to some other cause, after some time their soul return back to the divine realm and are forbidden from descending upon the land of Isleguard again. Also the reincarnate in contract then is to be deemed as a failed attempt in his mission and is now a regular resident of Isleguard.


After a reincarnate dies due to a certain cause no matter its nature, the mission is deemed to be a failure for the reincarnate as well as the god in contract. However the god in contract can choose to stay at Isleguard or come back to the divine realm.


Isleguard is one of the many worlds created by Almighty World God. It is one of the biggest and most resourceful world in terms of divinity, magic power, dark matter and a multitude of mortal species that inhabit it.

Humans, demons, elves, beastmen, dwarves, spirits, fairies monsters, magical beasts are the major species in this world with human population surpassing any other species without any doubts.

Every race and every individual have different affinities for magic towards different elements and hence magic is the part of day to day life activities.

Whether there are students who attends magic academy, or adventurers who seek out adventures in dungeons or hunt down monsters, whether the imperial countries are at war with the demon race or a squabble of their own.. The dwarves who are known for their magi-tech and weapon creation or elves that are known to live in reclusion. Monsters that ravage the lands and dwells in the deep and dark parts of labyrinths or the magical beasts and fairies that have occupied the magical forests or live in the harsh conditions of mountainous regions.

The world where once the Gods themselves descended to lend the mortals a helping hand and defeat the tyranny of devils and denizens of hell. This war later came to be known as the Holy Crusade War. The legend of the heroes who vanquished the evil and defeated the demon lords, or the scholars who attained enlightenment and brought revolution in the world through their wisdom, or the great Kings who were known for their economic policies and kindness to the common masses.

Now after 200 hundred years of the Holy Crusade, Gods have again decided to descend on this world with new heroes to unite and save the world from chaos and reveal the evil plots that may bring the world to its extinction. At the end of their journey, what will these new heroes choose? What awaits this world is peace or war?


Every living being in the world of Isleguard has a status window; frame designed by the world system to measure and keep a check on the growth of this world. So, the reincarnators and gods will too be provided with this status window.


NAME : -----------------

AGE : ------

RACE : -------------------

LEVEL : ----------------

HP : ------------------------

MP : -----------------------

SP : -----------------------

SKILLS : -----------------

TITLES : --------------------


This is the parameter that measures health status of an individual. If someone takes damage from an attack or suffers from an illness then his health points start decreasing. When health points hit zero the individual dies.

HP points is directly proportional to health, endurance, dexterity, agility, stamina, body strength.

Hence more HP points gained a day, keeps the doctor away.


This is the parameter that measures the amount of magic a person can store in his body and use in magic arts and spells. The more the magic points the more the person has an affinity for magic and restores magic from the surrounding easily than reproduce it slowly inside the body again.

Magic power can be basically of three forms – magic of the mortal realm

Divinity of heaven – the divine realm

Black miasma or dark matter of hell

The basic attribute of magic are – fire, wind, earth and water. Light and Darkness are other independent attributes.

Mixture of two or more attributes give rise to a totally new nature of magic like – wood (water + earth), magma (earth + fire), and ice (water and heat manipulation).

Then there are other special independent attributes like beast tamers, sound, lightning, metal, gravity, shadow and many more which depends on sophisticated and special affinity for the base elements.

Other psychic powers do exist like telekinesis, space and time control magic, telepathy etc.


Soul power directly refers to the individual's life force or energy. Every individual has his own soul core placed inside one's soul realm. The larger the soul core and the denser it is the more the Soul power is and the larger the soul realm and its constitution the more the soul power it can contain inside it.

If the soul core ever breaks or the SP parameter hits zero the individual dies.

Using SP combatants practice special arts called AURA SPIRITUAL ART which increases every fighting aspects like instincts, mobility, endurance, combat abilities and heightened senses. Even mages uses SP points to convert them into MP and recover their lost magic quickly.

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