Here I was in floor – 44 & 43; again clubbed together. I wonder why the floors exist together, maybe because they are actually monsters with intelligence and prefer to live in groups.

A tall black colour, double layered and extremely thick built tower was hanging from the roof. While the above segment was small and much thicker, the below segment was longer and less thick. There were several small cube shaped holes lined up in an orderly fashion from top to bottom. The whole floor was large though not much larger than the previous one except for the height of the room. At the eight corners of the room huge cluster of Magitite ore was shining with a deep blue colour while a small circular perimeter of water body was formed below the tower.

I wonder; if something is living inside the tower.

The only way to know is to get nearer, but my brain started hurting a bit and got worse with time as I approached it. Because of the heightened senses and Danger Sense I was receiving Living signs not in tens, hundreds but in thousands.

A flying monster species almost same size as me, though a bit larger in length had started mobilizing themselves in numbers tending to thousands. I can count a total of 50,000 monsters.

Aren't there just too many, I mean should there be these many monsters in a dungeon on a single floor in the first place. And just my luck that through my clairvoyance I could see them assembling in groups and taking a triangle formation with numbers multiplying in five.

The first wave was of 20 monsters, next 100, and next 500 and so on. Planning to attack with such a strategy means that the enemy is weak and so relies on number power. To overpower the enemy with large forces, tiring them out and finally dealing the final strike.

After a moment's pause, a small survey team of ten monsters started approaching in my direction. They had already sensed an intruder in their home. Honestly fighting an enemy who can think strategically can take longer than expected and will be more tiring than ever. I still don't know the exact species. So I used [Appraisal] and was a bit relived but quite worried about how things were going to turn out.


Yes, it's a new spell I developed, by mixing two attributes Dark Matter and flame. In the previous floors I have learnt the lesson that single attribute magic attacks are useless against these legendary labyrinth monster but mixing more than one gets the job done. Like my fusion ball this too was supposed to prove super-effective.

But things went quite different. I was sure that I regulated my magical energy and targeted only the 10 monsters. But suddenly the whole ground was on black flames which was super hot though it did not affect me – the caster. It transformed into a huge wall of black flames and spread across the entire floor. The only safe land was behind me which was still green.

Apparently, these so called flying monsters were actually gigantic wasp which were almost similar to honey-bee anatomically but were pitch black in colour.

Before they knew it their wings and then the whole body was on fire. I thought it would be difficult to identify which bees were on fire but there was a stark difference between the black colour of the bee monster and my flames which were still dark as if one could immerse themselves in it.

Those 10 did not even get the chance to get a look at their enemy and were completely erased from this world. For some reason I thought I won't be able to use gluttony on them if they disappear, but I could still feel that I was able to consume them – their soul core – that's it their life energy was transferred to me. I have got quite a nice skill, but it was pretty useless at level 1 back then.

But I had no time to rest, the enemy on being notified of their scout party wiped out, had decided to head to the battlefront.


This sound was killing me more than their attacks could.

Before they got closer to the black flames, they launched their unique projectile attack from the tip of their needle attached at the bottom of their hip.

Several strikes of lightning fell exactly at the same place where I stood without a single miss, but I was quick enough to dodge them by jumping and then hanging midair with my webs.

I condensed the black flames now, and started launching them repeatedly in ball shaped shots at the enemy which had now had me surrounded in thousands.

"You think you have cornered me, then bow before me and beg for your lives."

Somehow speaking these lines really lifted up my fighting spirit, so please just bear with it.

By now the whole floor was ravaging in my black flames as they tried to soar up high in the sky. Most of the bees tried to maintain their distance, but their large number made it inevitably impossible for all of them to avoid it.

I subjected the whole area under a very strong Gravity field, making sure that each of them falls in the dark burning pit. While it was working fantastically, some were strong enough to take support from their neighbour comrades which were working in turns with the former and latter waves. Their cooperation and group work compatibility was unrivalled. While some of the bees who looked like the commanding officers because of their increased size and a much deeper colour with a brown tint at their forehead were strong enough to still fly in my gravi-field.

By now they were trying desperately to put out the flames. Some bees on fire would jump in the middle lake while some were trying to spray water over the spread flames. But it was of no use.

Actually I myself was surprised on such a revelation. Maybe because dark matter magic is mixed in it.

It had been more than 20 minutes and there were still more than 20,000 bees left. They had fallen back and regrouped once. Their decisions are too coordinated and human-like.

This time something was different while the front continued with their failed lightning assault strike. The bees at their back were attempting to do something secretly. As their thorns attached at their back glowed with a purple colour, it started spinning and launched at a much faster speed than lightning. Though there were few of them, dodging one was pretty much difficult. It was thanks to the gravi-field that their speed was slowed down. But the problem lied that wherever they landed the whole space was sucked into a purple vortex. Much similar to a mini-black hole, a single hit and I would be a goner. So I made sure to avoid them the most, while even if it meant to take some shocks from the lightning strikes.

I continued the same pattern of black flare balls, gravi field setup.

While for those who survived I launched at them lances and spears made of ice, sometimes I used wind blade to take out enemies in group as their half cut body fell down and got roasted in fire. While it also served as a means to spread my flames as it roared and were now even burning down the dungeon wall.

For the special thorn-thrower bees I launched at them special gravi-balls to make them purposefully fall in the flames.

The sounds of their buzzing was fainting slowly and yet it felt relieving every minute.

"Stop making sounds and just die."

I shouted loudly as the last of their brethren fell into the black sanguine fluid. Yippee! I cleared this floor.

So I had thought but there is always a surprise, as the whole tower was now shaking and small parts of it started falling down in the lake below.



Strange noises could be heard from inside the tower growing every second like a heartbeat as the surrounding air started shaking. The wind pressure had increased suddenly and strong gust of winds had started revolving in a circle with the tower as their center.

Huge cracks formed on the tower and from those bearings a huge red body could be seen inside almost half the size of the gigantic tower.

Just what in the world is it now? Stop with the noisy entrance act and just show yourself.

By now I was floating in mid-air with anti-gravity, though it was difficult to maintain balance under these strong winds, but I held onto it.


In a sudden flicker of wind, the whole tower was violated and all its huge debris was sent flying in every direction almost breaking the walls of the dungeon and leaving huge holes in the ground.

"So, that's how big it is."

The queen of all the bee monsters, a 35 feet tall and almost 8 feet wide red colour bee was flying in front of me.

Something was quite unique about her, it was as if the presence of an elegant queen – like vibe. Her title really fits her as the ruler.

All the air columns in the space had drifted towards her and were somehow taking a shape of discs, almost more than hundred in numbers.

These invisible discs were easy to pinpoint out thanks to my magic sense, but they were flying at a much faster speed than the lightning strike. Even if I dodged them, I still ended up bleeding. Just now I lost a leg as one of the discs came in flying. It pains a lot but I can't lose focus during the battle. No need to worry since I can using my healing spell anytime.

There was much more to the attack than I saw in the first stance, the wind that rotated at a very high velocity was not the only fatal thing but the wind as a whole that surrounded the disc worked in synergy to cut down things. Also the main problem was that these air discs did not disappear after a single move, but rather followed me around relentlessly.

I had to keep on using gravi-balls to parry these discs but had to also keep an eye on the next move which the queen was about to make.

"Is that all you have got." I tried to shout, while I blasted off the last disc. Not that it would understand that I am provoking it. Killing the whole army was easier as it was done in a planned repeated number of fixed attacks.

But this queen was just sadistic. It kept a huge distance between the flames and me too. The speed at which she winked her wings made it almost appear disappear, causing a deafening sound and making her immune to the gravi-field I had set-up.

I launched a number of fusion ball attacks and in between jets of Dark Flare but she was able to dodge all. Her speed was almost at the same level as me, even greater than mine. It's so unfair, to be able to move so fast even with that huge body.

Her next move was pretty much obvious as I saw her thorn shining with a blue colour. She was preparing for a huge lightning strike.

If it's that, then I think it will be quite easy to dodge and then I will close in for the attack.

So I thought…

But when a huge circular ray of blue plasma, started moving in my direction, I was shocked. I tried to maneuver in mid air-while using my webs and accelerate with the help of wind magic, while also controlling my body weight using anti-gravity magic. One might think that it would be difficult to control these many spells at once, but when its life or death situation, you must need to do everything to survive. The plasma ray didn't stop but kept on travelling while following my every move quite intuitively, so the queen was smart enough to predict my next move. If I slowed down a bit or did not use every means at my disposal to move fast then I would be burned down to the last cell.

After two minutes it finally stopped, and the queen let out a huge roar while it buzzed around in a circular fashion.

It seems quite frustrated and I have almost drained it s MP with that attack gone, it appears to be mad.

"Finally, lost your mind, then let me finish you."

Something was odd; suddenly the roundabouts of the queen had turned into a huge hollow blue disc. Huge sparks of lightning emanated from its every body parts, especially from its joints.

What is it now this time? I used my appraisal, since I didn't quite catch this information the last time.

I missed it. Even after so much preparation I am not good enough!

The blue necklace around its neck, it's a legendary weapon. Just what is up with every boss-category monster in this dungeon? After they drain all of their MP, they throw their final trump card. How did they even get hold of such a weapon?

The whole body of the red queen was now glowing in a blue light as huge lightning strikes fell around in a disorderly fashioned, so I did not needed to dodge them.


I was knocked off and directly fell in the lake; something so fast hit me that even my senses couldn't keep up. I instinctively looked up with my eight eyes and their it was a huge blue plasma ray flying around. No, that was not it, the queen bee had turned into a plasma rod herself and was now flying at an unimaginable speed, defying my eyes and the physics so I believed in. well this is a magical world, so you can throw your physics book anytime in the dustbin.


Even my eyes couldn't keep up.

So my last resort was to quickly spread my webs across the floor and keep tabs on its movement whenever it trips on one. Being caught in the webs was just asking too much.

Thousands of web lines broke in succession as it tried to follow me around, another quick hit and I might be decapacitated into two.

All my magical attacks got brushed off or either dissipated by the plasma ray surrounding the huge body of the queen bee.

I now had two plans in my mind, one that I had used before and the other I could think of in the present moment based on my surroundings. I plan on using the first method while make preparations for the second.


The surrounding temperature dropped at an inconceivable speed, but I concentrated this phenomenon on the queen bee.


By far all the magical attacks I considered it my most dangerous move and my ace card. A spell that can freeze the soul, life energy and all biological movement at cellular level, may as well announce the victim dead.

It was so beautiful; the whole blue plasma froze in mid-air covered with a shining blue-ice, transmitting a cold yet soothing light all around the area. All I could say that it was sparkly, sparkly and sparkle.

But I cannot be careless; the next spell preparations were in order. Now I was standing at the centre of the lake of which all water had dried up by the heat generated by the black flames.

Between the fourth state of matter plasma and fifth state of matter absolute zero (Bose-Einstein Condensate) I wonder which will win.

I had already started feeling the movements the bee was making inside the Absolute Ice covering. So it was ineffective, even though I brought down the temperature, it must had been that legendary weapon which helped it to maintain its thermal kinetic energy.

But still I have some time in my hand, I was planning on using wind magic to now take control of the wind since the final bee had stopped moving. Round, Round and Round, this is the way you go. A black vortex of black flame was slowly taking shape on a large scale. But doesn't it sound too simple for me and also it was of not much use against the queen. So to make sure it makes a direct impact in one blow together, I introduced a very small Dark-matter Gravi-ball in between. I kept pouring in magical energy without any checks, while I also had started compressing my black flames around it, making it look like a small planet surrounded by a black orbit.

It was still under progress, the exact shape which I had thought it to be was still not around, and the bee had already broken free through its icy state.


Small fragments of blue ice showered all around like rain. While the bee in its blue plasma state flew all around at maximum speed, trying to gain maximum momentum and achieving its final dash state, She circulated above the top of the lake and from the maximum height made a final dive.

My spell, was almost at its completion, one could even call it a semi-black planet, the total mass of this black orb was unimaginably high as it could now keep all that spread around black flames in a compressed revolving state around it.

It was now either my final super-duper special attack or its final ultra-fast lightning dive. I know the name sounds ridiculous because I don't have enough time to think of good ones.

It all happened in less than a fraction of a millisecond.


The whole floor was destroyed and all that was left was a huge crater which at successive steps grew deeper and deeper. At the bottom pit of it, laid my body.

Don't worry I was not dead yet…

Hopefully not, it will take more than that to kill me.

Should I even say these cliché lines, it's always after speaking these lines that the hero meets an opponent he cannot defeat.

It will be bad for me if I fail to defeat my opponent because that would be equal to accepting my death.




I was quickly back on my feet, the most versatile spell to make a quick come-back from the grasps of death. I was jumping around trying to eat the golden dusty light which was emanating from my body.

I don't want to but I think this loneliness and all this fighting is getting to my head. Please refrain from prescribing me to an asylum, because I don't think there is one here. And if you still think I should go, then you are more than welcome to come and rescue me from here.

This time I did not level up, but I could feel my magical powers had exponentially grown after gluttony consumed the life energy (soul core) of the queen bee monster.

But while all this jumping around my eyes fell on the small blue beads scattered around me which must have been the parts of the legendary necklace weapon she wore.



I ate all the beads, why do you ask because they resembled so much like candies that I thought they were actually one. If only I was back on earth and I knew I was going to die then I would have made sure to fulfill my dream of once buying all the chocolates from an exclusive candy store and eat them all while watching movies, anime and reading novels.



Suddenly an absurd statement appeared on my status window and before I knew it my whole body was glowing in a blue colour and blue sparks just like the queen bee was darting all around my body.

Just as I thought, ZOOOOOOM.

I am able to move much faster even than the queen bee.

Maybe eating was the best option after all.

One could witness a sharp blue light appear for a moment and disappear in the next as it sprawled around the whole room.

Electric discharges were coursing throughout my entire body.

I was just too excited and in that movement before I could even count 1, I had revolved around the whole floor more than hundred times while I also collected all the Magitite ore.

Time to head to the next floor.






AGE : -----


LEVEL : 5600

HP :58000

MP : 50000

SP : 70000




DESCRIPTION – A necklace forged by the Goddess of Alchemy and blessed by the God of Thunder was bestowed upon the Primordial Bee Queen during the Great War two hundred years ago. Contain vast amount of pure divinity and the power of lightning held by the God of Thunder himself.

FLOOR – 42

A starving desert that's how I would describe this new floor.

Sand, sand everywhere and not a single drop of water to drink. There was not even a single monster; maybe they abandoned this place because it looks just too plain to even describe anything. Usually you find some ferns, cacti or some scorpion, camel or snake but it was a total barren land. I cannot sense any hostility and there are not even any Magitite ore.

The gate to the next floor is just 1 km ahead; I wonder why it is that far. Maybe it is one of those rest places – safe zone you find in a game.

Then I cannot waste any moment and with further ado I must gallantly walk like a lone fighter through this desert when no one is noticing me – silently while I try to twist my hood and adjust its angle to stop the rays of light directly hitting my eyes. Even though – unfortunately I am a spider and I have no hat, but I think I am a warrior since I have exterminated a goblin species and a bee species – just so that I can….

For a moment I paused because suddenly the ground started shaking and the place where I was standing started getting submerged even though where this sand was going I don't know.


I used flying magic and reached a certain height but then a wave of fear disarrayed my entire thought process.

Without any thought I used my webs and changed my position to extreme right as far as I could go.

There it was a huge mouth with countless sharp teeth and a cylinder worm like body, a being as tall as a skyscraper appeared exactly at the same position where I was floating.

But I couldn't even take a breath or observe its physical features carefully that it started following me.

Twisting its body in any direction, in whichever way it wanted, but I kept on flying and swing through the entire floor. Something was telling me to stay away from its mouth as far as I could. Spidey-senses do come in handy, don't they? Maybe if we have them in real life then we can avoid accidents that happen due to the care-free nature of humans. But whatever, things returned to silence when this tall, gigantic being with its ugly mouth went crawling back inside the desert.

Maybe asking for a safe-zone in the world's most dangerous place - The Great Tathya Labyrinth was too much to ask for. Just what was the deal with it, was it sleeping all this time, that's why I couldn't sense its presence before. And how long is it, to twist its body at any place and anyway it wanted. What about its bones, wait does it even have any?

Time for {APPRAISAL} – just when I thought things couldn't get any tougher.

So we have got a 'time-eater' here, a single bite and my time will be eaten by ten thousand years. So not even my bones will be left behind. I am glad that I avoided its jaws.

Does something like that should even be allowed to exist?

I need to keep my guard up all the time, I don't know from where next time it will emerge.




AGE : -----


LEVEL : 6600

HP :70000

MP : 90000

SP : 80000




Sand is considered to be the representative of the flow of time. The falling sand in an hourglass is equivalent to the time passed, that will never return again, even if you flipped back the hourglass, it will always symbolize the passage of same amount of time but will always have a different nature and will never be the same.

It's probably roaming underneath all that sand, waiting for me to stop moving and then capture. So I will give it the bait while preparing a surprise gift for it.

A monster then suddenly popped out of the ground eating sand and all the living beings alike, it was directly aiming for me without any hesitation, but I easily dodged it since I can now use divine lightning speed.



I used two consecutive spells and half the body that appeared above the surface was cut down and fell on the sand.

But that's when things started getting ugly, when you think that you can lighten up a bit. The fallen part got submerged in the sand, while the upper head grew back and a new mouth appeared near the cut.

Maybe I learned a late lesson by continuously hitting it with series of magical attacks and now it had almost 25 mouths crying for food. But the good thing is that I could now have a rough idea about its total length which is almost 10 km; bad thing is it gets me demotivated since even if I keep on cutting - prolonging this battle will do me no good.

I wonder how such a huge body is living inside the sand... that's it. SAND, everyone knows that heating it at almost two thousand degree Celsius turns it into a glass. This way I can trap the death worm inside the glass and then break it.

All I needed to do now was to wait for it to return back underneath and boom.

[BLACK FLARE + GRAVI BALL] – A deadly combination indeed.

Within a second the whole thing turned into a semi-liquid glass state with pitch black in colour. I could see the surface almost moving but I will not let it escape.


This time the whole glass structure was turned into crystal black solid and through the transparent surface I could properly see the silhouette of the worm spanning all across the floor and so did the glass I forged. I was impressed by my own magical powers and the wondrous thing I could pull off. I wonder are others stronger than me or maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

Time to break the ice!

I came back on the surface and forged a huge ice hammer.

Three…two…one… Here we go, with my full force….



A small crevice appeared on the surface, and within a blink of an eye it spread all across the floor.


Tiny shards of broken glass was spread all around me and contained the broken flesh of the death worm.

I used gluttony and all the glass pieces with death worm's body part got enveloped in black webs and then vanished.


As usual the pure white threads started wounding around me and I was put under a deep slumber. And when my eyes opened again I had been asleep for 15 days. The number of day I needed to rest had increased when I level up.




I cannot wait any longer; I need to climb up at a much faster pace.

Time to head to the next upper floor....



NAME : --------




HP : 100,000

















This form of eye grants the power to :-

Ø Automatically repels and eliminates any magical or physical attack in the field of view.

Ø Controlling attractive and repulsive forces of the planet at will and enhance its potential by using it on objects both living and non-living.

Ø The ability to attract and repel extends to even massless things like light, magic particles, electromagnetic radiations.

Ø This ability extends to even the molecules present in the states of matter.

Ø Grants access to erase, increase or decrease one of the nature's forces in small vicinity includes – Coulomb forces, Magnetic forces, Gravitational force and Nuclear forces.

FLOOR – 43

Floor 43 was a first time for me, both in this world and my previous world. A beautiful marshland stretched out far beyond my view. The whole place was shining blue under the huge chunks of Magitite ore hanging from the ceiling. Usually these kinds of places are described gloomy, sticky, dangerous and unhealthy. But for my first time in a place like this it was peaceful and in the whole area there were vines spread out on the ground, though they looked old but were quite sturdy.

In between the whole floor there stood a giant, well more exactly to say a colossal gargantuan withered tree, covered all over with some weird green overgrown moss, with no leaves to speak of. Its trunk was thicker than any tree I had ever seen. Its branches were jutting out from the other end and formed large assemblage in two separate groups.

Small puddles of clear water were present everywhere around me, but its colour seemed off a bit and tiny fumes appeared here and there as if they were being heated under a constant temperature. The thought that I was up till now inside a rocky underground dungeon seemed like a dream. If only I could find some fruits then maybe I could avoid eating monster, though they taste bad I have gotten used to their flavour.



The silence which I was enjoying up till now was shattered into pieces by this awful noise. Strong gust of warm winds started revolving in the upper region and tiny fumes from the small puddles have turned into huge misty clouds.

Jets of white smoke were being released from the base of the mountain tree at regular intervals and somehow it seems that it was filling itself up with that weird steam. The tree was now stiff and appeared turgid in every aspect of its plant physiology.

I think I know where this is all going. Classic Legendary Monster waking up from their eternal sleep to kill those who tries to tread past its domain.

Is it my fault again that he woke up?

The huge bevy of long tick branches were now shifting and taking form of two hands, which later bent down while touching the ground using full force to pull something heavy up, which appears to be its lower body. And that' what exactly happens, no surprise. With the trunk as its mid body the roots two were in a pair of two and resembled the legs of this monster.


Whoa. What? ...For real? If you are thinking I will have that kind of expression when an ugly face appeared exactly at the same place where it should have been and the thing that it could make noises then I will be surprised to see a talking tree.

Then let me tell you that I am currently pissed off.

Damn it! Just go back to sleep and let me pass through.

Its not that I am complaining, it would be nice if they wake up from sleep.

Then I say "Good Morning."

"Morning, to my fellow neighbour spider."

Then we have breakfast, over some fruits, boiled herbs, soup and maybe someday I can even get hold on spices, some flour.

Then after playing for a while, at the end of the dusk we would say our goodbyes and promise to meet again and as a farewell present he would give me one of his sacred possessions.


A flying punch of a bunch of clumped hard branches came crashing in.

Maybe I spaced out far too long. But I am still able to dodge thanks to my spidey senses. I took a quick look around the floor again and realized that in this short time its entire geological features had changed.

The mist had grown denser, and gradually became thick enough that I could only make out the shapes of the things around me. I was in mid-air when another punch came flying towards me.

Like a gymnast I swung around with my webs making a clear dodge. Don't try to mix me with those in circus people, but a professional one at that.

"BWEBRRAGHhh.." I led out a large cry after something huge hit me in my stomach. I came crashing down on one of the walls. My whole body was under a lot of pain but the self-regeneration was kicking in.

Then the tentacles of vines and branches quickly made their way towards me, desperate enough to even climb the walls as fast as they could.


A wall of flames appeared in front of me and while those who tried to cross were burned to nothing in an instant, but the other approaching branches quickly backed off.

I still am not able to move, the impact of the punch had a much greater affect on me. You can' expect a little, gentle spider to tank a blow from a 100 feet tall Giant Tree Monster.

I used my appraisal and found out that this fog had the ability to mess with the senses of the target.

So the solution was pretty obvious get rid of the mist.

I rose up from my place, used teleportation spell and was now at the gate through which I had entered this floor.


I manipulated the air all across the room and shifted them towards the ceiling. Finally I started cooling it off with my Kinetic Eye using 'CRYOKINESIS'. A small shower of rain came falling down and the area had now cleared for a perfect view.

I too could now see the Tree monster who looked frustrated seeing its barrier down.

"What did you do? Where is the white smoke in which I could hide myself? It was you; you turned my smoke into water. Please teach me too… tell me how to do it." With its expression so should have been the response of the tree monster.

It quickly charged towards me, but there was still some time. I needed to get rid of the source of this mist. So I launched some black flame–balls at the puddles which were evaporated in an instant with a "WHISSSKKK" sound.




AGE : -----


LEVEL : 8000

HP :90000

MP : 90000

SP : 95000





Usually such colossal 100 feet tall monster would always had an upper hand over me had I not discovered flying magic, mid air-maneuvering, anti-gravity magic and finally controlling lightning around my body and move around just as fast as while using teleportation.

I made a quick dash towards the tree monster too leaving air sonic booms behind me that throttled my speed with each one I made.

I had prepared eight black-flare spheres and launched them each at one of the limbs, one at the head and the rest at the abdomen.

'Game Over! ' or so I thought, but the dreaded path which I was about to take starts now.

The giant tree monster shed its own limbs and the branch covering which were on fire before it could spread and grew new fresh ones within no time, and just my luck that they looked stronger than before.

Things were getting uglier by every second; this monster sure knew how to put on a good show. Huge, long vines sprouted out of its body and moved in whatever way they liked in whichever direction. Then his giant punches were all around the place, maybe he used to be a boxer in his teens.

I kept on trying each magical attack but the result was the same, its densely packed and intertwined vine made body withstood all of them and those which were damaged simply grew, like it was not that big of a deal.

Things escalated when, suddenly earth wall obstacles started appearing out of nowhere trying to block my path, while the tree monster had started throwing off rocks by first crushing them and throw its pieces all around. For some it might look like, it was a waste of time, but even the smallest crushed rocks were thrown with reinforcement magic fixed at a pace strong enough to leave a huge crater wherever they fell.

Destruction was widespread, to the extent that all the world-disaster pictures I saw in the newspaper would just look like small torn-down rooms in comparison to what was happening here. But thanks to my teleportation skill and blue lightning speed I was able to keep up with its huge number of attacks.

Recently after unlocking my fourth eye I had an idea, a spell that can be strong enough to destroy this entire floor including this Tree Monster. But if I don't carry myself around properly then I might be obliterated too along with it. So I need to keep a healing spell active on me all the time.

"Time to put on a show, living in this dungeon for past two months I had realized what I needed to do."

Usually if I was reincarnated as a human, I doubt that the courage I had shown up till now was really a part of me. Or was it because I am born a MONSTER that these qualities came with my birth.

But something in me told that it was not courage, what I was experiencing is fear. A typical fear that demands you to spent all your life force forcing you to the brink of your death.

This press of death and the energy that is released by the fear of death at every step of your life – what does this really make me?

Life is precious, life is irreplaceable once it's gone then I will never get it back. But this was not what I was actually thinking.

All I wanted was to kill, kill & kill everyone who wanted to kill me. Because if I don't take the initiative to kill them, then my chances of survival will be less.

By being born as a monster – I had learned to turn my cowardice, fear, anxiety and my unneeded concerns into power. Will I give up without fighting? What choice did I have?

I was alone and no one is there to help me. At the back is the entrance where I just slayed a monster, in front of me is a monster who wanted to kill me and beyond that is another monster who will whole-heartedly try to eradicate me. There was nothing left to do but fight.

POWER, I needed more power to survive….




Several tendrils of this tree monster headed towards me and crashed into the wall. Flying mid-air had become my hobby and I was an expert of evasion skill now. For those attacks I could not dodge, I used my black flames to disintegrate them, though they were quickly replaced by another bundle.

My plan was to reach above the head of the Tree monster, so I first needed to slow down its movements.

I continuously launched a number of Dark Gravi-balls and then used [ABSOLUTE ZERO] spell to make it stop, though it will only buy me five seconds and then it would just shed off its armour like skin.

This spell of mine was actually based on one of the theories I read in an astronomical encyclopedia. And with these special - EYES OF ADRANEIA I can now perform it.

Problem is I don't know the result will be same or not, or will the whole spell just stop in between while several holes will be punched inside my body as I would be left wide open, unprotected and exhausted then.

It was all on just one new idea, that's all…

At first I casted an anti- gravity field around the whole room, except for the Tree Monster, which was still trying to free itself from the ice attack. Then I took a small rock and casted a strong Gravitational magic on it.

What I was doing it was increasing its weight using my Kinetic Eye. I kept on increasing its weight, more and more. I added dark matter magic to it, no special reason, just my intuition and some cooking-mixing skills.

The small brown pebble was now a perfect sphere with a black colour brighter than the light prevailing in the room. By every millisecond its mass was rising beyond with an exponential of 1010.

Carrying it around was easy since I made the whole area weightless with anti-gravity.

By now I was above the head of the Tree monster, whose head was a bit bent down.

[DIVINE HEAL] – The spell which I needed the most.

A golden light enveloped my whole white body which had grown a bit larger than before; after my evolution to the fourth level.

Last and final the small pebble, whose mass was almost more than half of a large planet, I considered a spherical area greater than the radius of the pebble and using my Third Eye Form I erased Coulomb Force.

If you are wondering what I did, then by removing this force, I erased the nature of particles that attract and then repel each other to maintain stability. But now the only force that remained was the strong nuclear forces and gravitational forces which were both of attractive nature. With no other variable forces to keep the stability of the pebble in check, all its atoms had now started to move inwards – that is towards its centre of mass, leading to the formation of a black hole and ultimately a gravitational collapse of the super-massive particle.


The small dark black sphere in front of me – it was…. majestic. Brimming with magical and life forces of infinite possibilities – I had done something that could even rival the dawn of creation. I had to squint all of my eight eyes just to look at this magnificent piece.

Black whips were revolving all around me. Just being in the presence of such a thing had broken me into a heavy sweat. There was still two seconds left. Moving with this heavy particle was impossible in normal circumstances.

But this time around I had taken that into account too. My legs, they were burning, but I need to hold on if I want to beat the Tree monster – if I want to end this quickly – if I want to get out of this hell soon – if I want to meet her…

I have to do it, even though it is hurting. My legs were burning; my claws were being crushed under the huge pressure, while I was in an instant being healed by my healing magic.

My ends of the legs were covered in blue light of plasma ray jets along which blue lightning was radiating throughout my body.

I spun around my body furiously like a cyclone of blades, mincing any thing that came in contact even the air with the plasma covered legs, while carrying the Black Massive Hyper-nova Particle, which I held in front of me.

In an instant the wooden body had broken free, but I had already made my move and in the blink of an eye, the ever tough, unbreakable body of this Mythical Creature was cut down in half like a fruit sliced through a blue laser beam.

The super nova ended up hitting the ground and before the body of the monster could regenerate and rejoin itself, the room had turned white.

As if all the colours from the nature had been absorbed into that one single point of impact. For a moment there was complete silence and in the next my ear-lobes went numb that I couldn't hear anything.



After 30 days I came out of my white web shell and found myself in the middle of an unbelievably gigantic crater with a diameter of 25 km and a depth of 3 km.

Well that takes care of the Tree Monster, but was this massive destruction really caused by me. This floor was supposed to be much smaller. Could it be that other floors got caught up in this blast too, since I have leveled up two times at once, which I thought would never be possible.

But where was I!

I used appraisal and to my delight I was now on floor 30. I sure took a jump…

So the blast really did a number on this dungeon. I think its thanks to my leveling up and the DIVINE HEAL spell that I am alive.

Usually all the floors are considered to be in another space-dimension pockets but maybe because of my spell which was supposed to work on molecular level broke the dimensional barrier and exterminated all the other monsters.

Other monsters who too were born like me in this dungeon, who wanted to survive and see the outside light and maybe were too finding the person they loved and if they don't have one then possibly search for them.

All of them were wiped out, even before I could see them before they died or I could identify whom I killed. In an instant light would have flashed in front of their eyes, and without knowing what hit them they were disintegrated into the nothingness and then automatically absorbed by my gluttony.

Why was I the only one to survive?

Do I really have something special in me that they didn't?

Was fighting the only way I can get out of this dungeon, surely all the monsters had supposedly feeling and a certain level of intelligence to make their own choices, to get angry when they screw up and get hungry when their stomachs are empty. And for that they hunt others. Why did they never try to climb the top like me.

Are they afraid of the light too?

Is the surface dangerous; where supposedly common people live their merry lives? Food is everywhere, people spend times with their families under a single roof and try to form and live in a community to protect their interest, culture and ideology.

Am I afraid of the light?

Maybe or Maybe not… but I know that even if I am scared someone outside will be there to hold my hands, grab me round their arms and tell me that it's all over and I can rest….






Because that's the thing I want to hear the most right now.



NAME : --------




HP : 200,000

















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