41 Deadly Period


Li Nan stood still in shock as his shaky eyes took in what just happened.

His strong, smart, reliable brother, the fucking Emperor just went into a coma and now he was bleeding excessively as if he was having a period on drugs.

His sweaty hands that were holding onto the Draconic Ruins Sword which weighed tons started shaking along with his eyes, but he got himself together and a resolute look took over his face.

His eyes, which now had a mix of rage in them, locked into Wang sickly, disgusting, half dragon body with disgust and locked into him.

Already shaky, chaotic, and destructive aura on his Draconic Ruins Sword shook even further due to his conflicting and excessive emotions as if it was about to blow up due to instability.

Feeling the danger, Li Nan didn't wait for a single more second and fixed his target onto Wang, and swung his sword with all his might along with a battlecry.


The moment he swung his sword down, the chaotic and destructive aura gathered on top of the sword rushed in Wang's direction as if it couldn't wait to devour him whole.

As the aura from the sword left Li Nan's side, an ice sword passed through his chest.


He choked in his own blood as he immediately lit himself on fire to get rid of the intruder who sneak attacked him.

With a flash of bright fire, he was left alone once again.

''Huff, who- who was that?''

He turned around to see the attacker, but there was no one for him to attack.

In the end, he cautiously looked at his chest, only to see an ice sword in the process of melting that pierced through his left lung.

'If my senses didn't warn me and I did not suddenly shift my body, I might have been seriously injured by now.'

He clutched his chest as one of the jade talismans on him broke and bathed him in light, healing him almost instantly.

As this was happening, the destructive aura from the Draconic Ruins Sword was approaching Wang with a speed faster than the sound itself.

Wang took a glance at it before gripping the half-unconscious Emperor from his neck and bringing him in front of himself.

The wings behind him folded and his stature got smaller and smaller until he was completely behind the Emperor except for his hand which was holding onto the Emperor's neck to use him as a shield.

''NO! You bastard, at least have some respect for the dead!'' Li Nan shouted in anger as he saw what Wang intended to do.

''He is not dead yet, he can see, hear, and feel everything.'' Wang said with a small smirk that nobody could see, but the smugness on his voice could be heard by anyone in the vicinity.

Dark and chaotic aura covered by gold finally reached its mark and hit the Emperor's body with all its might.

Li Nan and the Advisor Hong watched the scene with horrified eyes as Li Nan's sword energy slowly chipped away at the Emperor's skin.

Even though he was wearing the Golden Draconic Robe, he was still in a weakened state and took the full brunt of an attack capable of killing anyone under the Emperor stage.

In the end, nothing but his torso and his half destroyed head was left behind.

''Hmm, you can't even recognize him anymore.'' Wang said as he watched the Emperor's body fall into the woods.

''I would land him a hand, but I only have one hand remaining now. I don't really have the luxury to-''

''What the hell are you even talking about!'' Li Nan said with tears streaming down his face.

''Ah sorry, I don't have much blood going to my head right now. I feel kinda funny.''

Veins popped on Li Nan's head as he couldn't hold himself back anymore. He took his sword and rushed towards Wang with everything he had.

''You can still save his soul you know... maybe.'' Wang said nonchalantly before raising his hand.

His fingers aimed at Li Nan and after a moment of aiming, he shot his fingernails at him.

4 purple fingernails rushed in Li Nan's way with the aim to strike him down.

Li Nan dodged the first one, then the second, and then the third fingernail but he had to block the fourth fingernail which was hidden right behind the third one.

Fingernail exploded, dyeing Li Nan in purple.

''My lord! Be careful of any attack from him. He is a master at poisonous arts! That's how he took down your uncle and nephew!'' Advisor Hong shouted hurriedly from behind.


Seeing the disgusting new appearance of Wang, the onlookers behind the screen couldn't help but be taken aback.

They were used to seeing him with his usual kind face that would make him look cute even when he openly mocked people.

''He looks so sinister like this.''

''Maybe our young hero isn't such a good person after all...''

''He looks more like the Demon Emperor right now.''

''Hmph, I always knew he was so rotten deep down his heart, he just started showing his real self after they backed him to a corner.'' a jealous guy from the Yang Fire Palace shouted out loud as if he was afraid not everyone would hear his important thought.

''You guys are being too much. He just changed his appearance.'' someone weakly tried to protect Wang with her words, but it was futile.

''Do you seriously think thos-''

''That's why I told you, 'We should get one of those skin cleansing arts.' but you never listened. They think we are a demonic sect because our disciples aren't beautiful enough.'' the Sect Leader of a small sect complained to the Supreme Elder of her sect.

Above them all, the Ice Empress looked deeply into each and every one of those speakers who actually dared to speak their minds, etching their names and appearances into her own mind to take care of them later.

''Look how shallow they are, hmph.'' the Phoenix Empress said with a huff. ''Beauty doesn't matter if your heart is golden.''

''Pfft, yeah sure.''

''You got a problem with that?''

''Wasn't your Phoenix Bloodline which drove you to the Empress realm given by a suitor who wanted to get in your good books?''

''No, what he gave me was a third-rate Fiery Chicken Bloodline. I evolved that bloodline after going through many difficulties, by MYSELF. Do you know how many legendary fruits I had to sacrifice? How many tombs I had to raid? How many inheritance spirits I had to please?''

''Yeah buddy, you still had help. In the end, part of the reason you are an Empress is because of your beauty.''


[An: This is not a preaching about how beauty gives you a step ahead of the others who weren't so fortunate. Seriously.

This chapter had nothing to do with this. I just wanted to add a small segment about Mc's new appearance and their reactions, but then I remembered how many jade beauties got insane help from Mc or other people simply because they were beautiful, how many enemies were spared simply because they had boobs... So, by the time I was finished, it became like this. I mean, beautiful people have to work hard too, look at our Phoenix Empress... Well, you don't know much about her, but you get the point. This is not a preach, don't get mad, bla bla bla.]

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