9 Is This Really the Weakest Warrior?

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Xia Jinyao and a few of her teammates hid behind a tree. In front of them was the terrifying Giant Pincer Scorpion King, but no one saw how Zhang Xuan ran to the top of the Giant Pincer Scorpion King's head.

Zhang Xuan's next attack made everyone think of a phrase: An ant trying to shake a tree.

An E-rank Warrior attacking a boss with 6,000 HP, other than scratching an itch, it was just a joke, right?

As Zhang Xuan stabbed the broken sword into the Giant Pincer Scorpion King's head, a numbing number appeared!

[HP -4,500]

Xia Jinyao was stunned. The damage figure seemed to have shattered all her thinking ability. It was too unreal.

Her teammates were completely dumbfounded, as if they had been petrified.

Was this the damage that a human could deal?

Half of the Giant Pincer Scorpion King's HP was taken away, but its huge pincers and stinger were less than half a meter away from Zhang Xuan.


The Giant Pincer Scorpion's pincers collided with each other, and its sharp stinger stabbed at Zhang Xuan. Zhang Xuan didn't even look at it as he pulled out the sword that was completely embedded in the Giant Pincer Scorpion King's brain.

Three big Miss's flashed, and the Giant Pincer Scorpion King's pincer attack, which could be said to cover almost everything, actually missed. Of course, only Zhang Xuan could see this.

The sound of the explosion made Xia Jinyao and the others feel as if their eardrums were being torn apart. From their perspective, Zhang Xuan was instantly covered by huge pincers.

Needless to say, that position was already a dead end.

A three-hit combo of 1,000 damage was enough to kill a Level 10 A-rank Warrior, let alone an E-rank Warrior.

However, it was still a living person of the same kind who had died in front of them. Many people felt as if their hearts had been ruthlessly gripped. It was their first time facing death, and their hearts were also violently shaken.

They did not have time to reflect. Their survival instincts told everyone that they could not delay any longer!

[HP -4,700]

Another terrifying number appeared, even higher than the last time!

The aggressive Giant Pincer Scorpion King instantly fell to the ground like a broken machine. It was killed in less than three seconds!

The people who were about to escape completely entered a state of paralysis. What happened?

Xia Jinyao was so shocked that she couldn't close her cherry lips. She wondered if she was dreaming.

Everyone looked at the fallen Giant Pincer Scorpion King in a daze. A moment later, a person stood up from the head of the Giant Pincer Scorpion King.

[Ding! Killed (Boss) Giant Pincer Scorpion King, EXP +1,000]

Since he wasn't in a party with them, Zhang Xuan enjoyed the boss's EXP alone. His EXP bar increased by half, but of course, those guys couldn't see the EXP display.

Zhang Xuan glanced coldly at the guy called Tang Zhen. He was considering whether he should deal with these people together. After all, other than Xia Jinyao, the others had planned to use him as a sacrifice in the beginning.

However, he did not attack because he wanted to save them. It was because these boss-level monsters were very valuable. Any one of the materials they dropped could be sold for tens of thousands of gold coins. This was enough for his family to live comfortably for the rest of their lives!

Of course, this was also a gamble. This boss didn't have any skills. It could be said that Zhang Xuan was lucky. Otherwise, with his level, he would have died with just one skill.

Tang Zhen noticed his gaze and immediately looked away guiltily like a mouse seeing a cat. Xia Jinyao saw Zhang Xuan jump down and walk toward them, so she quickly took a step forward.

The rest of the people who reacted took a few steps back as if they had seen a ghost. In their eyes, the broken Novice Longsword was like the scythe of the grim reaper!

"Thank you for saving us. My friend said something wrong just now. I'm really sorry!"

Zhang Xuan didn't hate Xia Jinyao, but it was also because of this conversation that his passive effect lost its effect. Without the passive effect, he temporarily gave up on the idea of killing them.

After all, they were all advanced class holders, especially Xia Jinyao. He didn't even know how many skills she had. He wouldn't be able to take advantage of so many people.

Seeing Zhang Xuan turn around and walk toward the Giant Pincer Scorpion King's corpse without saying a word, everyone, especially Tang Zhen, immediately heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, his back was already drenched in fear.

Zhang Xuan threw out the Level 1 and Level 2 materials in his backpack. The Giant Pincer Scorpion King had dropped a lot of materials, so he had to put them into his backpack first.

As for the rest, although it was a pity, Zhang Xuan couldn't bring it back with his backpack. He could only leave it for the fated person.

"It seems like you can't store all the materials. I have an extra backpack here. You can take it and use it. It's also an apology for my teammate's offense."

Zhang Xuan glanced at Xia Jinyao who was walking over. At this moment, he received a transmission request through the transmission system.

[(S-rank Angel of Judgement) Xia Jinyao has transferred one Backpack Expander (Gold) to you. Do you accept?]

Good heavens, gold quality!

Zhang Xuan only had a rough understanding of this item. Its price was around 3 million and it was very rare in the Northern Spiritual City. This was because there were limited materials for forging gold-quality items and the success rate was less than 10%.

"Thank you. I'll give it to you when I'm done."

Zhang Xuan accepted the backpack expansion device. He wasn't a greedy person. Even if they had to apologize, it wasn't Xia Jinyao's turn.

A golden object in the shape of a backpack appeared in his hand. Then, the golden object burrowed into his body, and the space in his backpack expanded by more than ten times!

'Finally, I don't have to worry about my backpack running out of capacity!'

As he thought about this, Zhang Xuan put all the materials he had taken out back into the backpack. Then, he put all the materials that the Giant Pincer Scorpion King had dropped into the backpack.

Xia Jinyao was still quickly digesting what she had seen and heard. She was sure that it wasn't an illusion. Her teammates were still staring at Zhang Xuan as if they had seen a ghost.

She wanted to say something to Zhang Xuan, but it was stuck in her throat. That damage figure that could be called a cheat had completely overturned her understanding of E-rank Warriors.

Soon, Zhang Xuan walked away while collecting the materials. At this moment, a Warrior in the party said with lingering fear, "F*ck, I can't even tell who the boss is now."

"Since when did E-rank Warriors become so insane? One slash is almost 5,000!"

"Is it possible that he's a big shot who happened to pass by?"

"Impossible. The Novice Protection Zone doesn't allow high-level players to enter before Level 10. Don't you know that?"

"I think he used some rare item to hide his class rank. He didn't want us to see it. After all, the information in the Novice Protection Zone and the combat power rankings are kept secret to ensure that advanced classes can level up smoothly."

Xia Jinyao's words enlightened everyone, but there was still a problem that they couldn't figure out. Even if it was an S-rank class, how could it deal thousands of damage in one hit?

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