41 Infinite Layering!

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A bright red number floated above Zhou Qian's head.

White light burst out from Zhou Qian's body and instantly teleported her out of the array!

He sent her away with a slash! Without any hesitation!


"Tsk, tsk!"

"Another one sent away!"

Everyone was in an uproar!

If it was the elimination of Chen Siwen before, some people still had the mentality of getting lucky.

In that case, killing Zhou Qian in a 3v1 was the best proof of Zhang Xuan's absolute strength!

Chen Siwen fell to the ground with a thud. Zhou Qian's face was pale and her lips were tightly pursed.

Tantai Minglei and Hao Ren, who had lost the protection of their lightning shields, were both panicking.

Zhang Xuan glanced at the two of them and slightly shook his right arm. He extended the golden greatsword and pointed it at Tantai Minglei.

"Let's attack together! I don't believe this!"

"A mere E-rank Shield Warrior!"


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