The entire process of buying the house was successful. Zhao Yao submitted 300 thousand RMB worth of deposit and hence considered to have completed today's mission. Following that would be to go to the transaction center in a few days to finalize all procedures.

Xiao Shiyu stood at the side, watching the way Zhao Yao signed the contract, and dishing out 300 thousand just like that. To her, the originally average Zhao Yao looked so much more manly.

The salesman grinned and said, "Mr. Zhao, everything is done. Following this would be to finalize everything at the transaction center this Friday, and the house would be yours. Or whenever you are free, we can adjust the timings to your preference."

Zhao Yao still felt the pain in his heart at this moment. Facing the hospitality of the salesman, he smiled slightly, "Alright, I'll make a move first. This Friday will be alright; there's no need for any adjustments."

The manager smiled and said, "I won't send you off then. Xiaoyu, you escort Mr. Zhao off!"

Xiao Shiyu nodded and followed behind Zhao Yao towards the door.

Stepping past the door, Zhao Yao said, "Alright, you don't have to escort me anymore, I can go to the taxi stop myself."

Xiao Shiyu shook her head, and said, "It's nothing! Having completed your transaction, I could afford not to work this entire month. Let me send you there."

Zhao Yao naturally did not object to having a beauty by his side, and the two of them walked towards the taxi stop.

On the way, Xiao Shiyu seemed more formal than before. After all, the current Zhao Yao was different from the one in the past. To be able to spend RMB 1 million on the house after working for merely one year, Zhao Yao had drastically increased their social and economic disparity, leading to some jealousy, some envy, and even slight worship from her.

After walking a few hundred meters, Xiao Shiyu eventually could not control herself, and said, "Zhao Yao, you're so impressive, able to buy a house on your own at such a young age."

Zhao Yao did not feel so amazed by himself. After all, all he did was use his ability to gamble. He responded to Xiao Shiyu with a smile, "It's okay."

Xiao Shiyu continued, "What are you doing now? Still programming?"

Zhao Yao's eyebrows congregated, thinking that since he was about to resign, what he was going to do in the future shouldn't be programming.

Nurturing a supercat, making money through his unique ability. What job could that be?

Zhao Yao thought for a moment, and said unsurely, "Nope, I would say I have my own business now."

"Oh, business." Xiao Shiyu's eyes glowed, an impressed expression could be seen from her gaze, "You're so competent, I would like to dabble in business too, but haven't dared to all this while, afraid to lose all of my money."

"Oh yeah, since you're so capable, you must have a girlfriend?"

"I don't, can't even speak a few lines to any girl." It felt comfortable to be looked at by a beautiful lady's impressed gaze. Zhao Yao continued, smiling, "Running a business well is just luck anyway."

"Yeah." Xiao Shiyu nodded, and her eyes glowed even more upon hearing his reply. She continued asking, "Following this, when you're moving, buying furniture and renovating, I can help you! I know quite a few companies."

Zhao Yao nodded his head; he indeed had to move, "Alright, after completing the transaction this week, I intend to move next week. There's no need for renovations; the layout is already quite decent. I wouldn't know when I can move in if I had to renovate the house."

The mission only has a time limit of one month, Zhao Yao was naturally lazy to renovate.

Xiao Shiyu laughed and said, "Then add me on WeChat! I'll help you contact the companies."


The two added each other on WeChat and chatted all the way till Zhao Yao was on the taxi. He thought, "Did I just have a conversation with the most beautiful girl from university?"

Zhao Yao began tidying his room and packed his luggage to prepare to move once he got home.

Matcha was lying on the sofa at the side, initially watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, he did not understand why Zhao Yao was scurrying all over the place, packing his belongings.

Eventually, he saw Zhao Yao pushing out luggage, and he asked," Zhao Yao, what are you doing?"

"Moving!" Zhao Yao smiled widely at Matcha, "Silly cat, your boss just bought a luxury house, and I'm going to bring you there to enjoy our bliss."

Matcha didn't react as Zhao Yao thought he would. Matcha revealed an expression of fear.

"Y… Y….Y….You said you're moving?"

Zhao Yao froze and asked,"What's wrong? You're not happy?"

"Of course!" Matcha replied hysterically,"Why move? Isn't everything good around here? I', already used to this place, I don't want to move."

Zhao Yao suddenly realized, cats were a very sentimental species. They would notice even a slight change at home and their emotions would change. Moving, to them, was the epitome of the worst that could happen.

Many families had unhappy cats after moving. Some even escaping to their previous homes.

Since Matcha became smart, he wouldn't shit all over the place even without sterilization, so Zhao Yao thought that he wouldn't have the typical habits of other cats. Now it seemed like Zhao Yao was too hopeful.

Pondering for a moment, Zhao Yao explained, "After moving, I'll buy you an automatic cat toilet, an automatic drink dispenser, you'll be so much happier."

"Are you kidding? You want to change my toilet, food, and pet dish as well? Do you know that everything here is the most comfortable and in the most appropriate positions after I arranged them through many trials? I intend to use them like this for the next few decades!

Do you know how much moving can affect a cat's psychology and feelings? How long would I need to adapt to a totally different life completely?"

"Oh please, it's just moving." Zhao Yao replied irritably, "Don't make it sound like migration, for goodness sake."

Matcha shot a glare at Zhao Yao, and shook his head, "No! I won't move even if you beat me to death. Even if I starve to death, I want to be the ghost of this house! I even have the position for my ashes decided in this house!"

He didn't care about what Zhao Yao had to say anymore and lied down on the sofa to play with the phone.

Seeing Matcha so determined, Zhao Yao was dumbfounded, He never expected Matcha to resist moving so much.

"Hahahaha, I'm so cool, I'm so cool," Matcha exclaimed, looking at Lu Ban's skin in his mobile game, his eyes full of excitement. He excitedly continued, "watch me kill every single one of you."

Zhao Yao, who was by the side, came over to collect his phone. Having just gifted Matcha a character skin, albeit the cheapest one at RMB 28, Matcha was happy beyond comprehension.

"Okay then." Zhao Yao said, "No problem moving then."

Matcha replied indifferently, "Anything, as long as there are WIFI and air-conditioning."

Zhao Yao smiled and patted Matcha's head. Matcha's face was getting chubbier by the day, and it could be felt by the touch of the hand. It was getting nicer to stroke Matcha's face.

At this moment, Xiao Shiyu, at the other side of the town, felt doubt and insecurity.

"This guy, why hasn't he messaged me after so long." Looking at her silent WeChat, Xiao Shiyu touched her face and said, "Could it be that my charm has diminished?"

The WeChat notification then sounded all of a sudden. Xiao Shiyu wasted no time in opening the app, but to her disappointment, the message was not from Zhao Yao, but another male colleague.

"Xiaoyu, congratulations! Heard you landed a big deal."

Xiao Shiyu frowned and responded, "Yeah."

"You must be really happy now! Rest well for awhile, but don't wear yourself out from having too much fun!"

Xiao Shiyu scowled slightly and replied immediately, "Sorry, I'm going to wash up 88. (Chinese slang for bye)"

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