20 Daily Mission 1

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Zhao Yao brought Elizabeth home and tried his best to reassure her. However, he could tell from Elizabeth's eyes that she was still very anxious.

"Zhao Yao, what's your plan? How do you plan to find him?" Elizabeth questioned in a worried tone. "Jianghai City is way too huge and we have no idea what power does the killer cat possess. If its power makes it easy for it to escape or hide…."

"Rest assured, Elizabeth. You have to put your faith in mankind." Zhao Yao saw the worried look on Elizabeth's face and gently stroked her furry head as her little ears trembled in anxiety. "When it comes to murder cases, we have to trust the professionals in this field. Mankind's technology can sometimes be more reliable than cat superpowers."

Elizabeth hesitated and mumbled, "You mean…"

"Let the police do their job. They are much more experienced than us in many fields such as case-cracking and investigation." Zhao Yao reassured. "Fortunately I do know a police officer. I'll contact him in a few days and see if I can get any information out of him."

Elizabeth finally calmed down and Zhao Yao went to check on the other cats in the house.

The cats were sitting obediently in the room. With Elizabeth's presence, they tend to be calm and composed.

Matcha was lying on the sofa as he played Mobile Legends.

Zhao Yao found a seat and sat down. He started to browse through the mission panel.

On the mission panel, there were a total of three missions —- the main mission, side mission and daily mission.

The main mission was simply about gaining experience to level up; the side mission requires Zhao Yao to buy a luxury car while the daily mission remains a mystery.

Out of curiosity, Zhao Yao decided to begin the daily mission.

Zhao Yao accepted the daily mission and suddenly a new mission was introduced.

Daily Mission: The only way to be the strongest is through consistent daily training (0/5)

Mission Objective: Increase the chemistry between you and your cat through grooming and affectionate rubs for an hour.

Mission reward: 1 experience point

Mission Penalty: Nil

Upon reading the contents of the daily mission, Zhao Yao tapped into his many years of gaming knowledge and came to a realization.

"0/5… Does that mean that there are 5 daily missions in a day? It seems pretty simple from the first mission but the experience is really underwhelming. What if I complete all the missions? Will there be more experience points?"

Seeing how easy the first mission was, Zhao Yao went straight beside Matcha and began stroking him from head to tail.

"Huh? What are you doing? I'm playing my game, don't…"

"Don't…. Stop, please…. No…. A little harder…. Oh…. A little harder…"

"Oh… My chin…. My butt…. A little to the top…. Just a little…. Ahh, that's the spot."

Matcha was resistant initially but gradually as Zhao Yao kept on rubbing him, Matcha quickly closed his eyes and sank into Zhao Yao's embrace.

As Zhao Yao continued to rub Matcha rhythmically, Matcha flipped over with his belly facing up and his legs in full extension. For a moment, Matcha appeared to be the happiest cat in the world as he stretched his paws while smiling in enjoyment.

At this moment, Zhao Yao lifted up his head and to his surprise, the stray British Shorthair was right in front of the sofa all this while, staring at Matcha with his big round eyes filled with eagerness.

"Eh? How did you get out?" Zhao Yao turned his eyes to look at the room where the cats were living in, only to realize that the door was left ajar and the dozen of cats was carefully making their way out of the room.

"Did I forget to shut the door just now?" Zhao Yao scratched his head in confusion.

Seeing that so many cats have escaped from the room, Matcha got to his feet and yelled, "Hey! All of you! Get back to the room right now! This is my territory!"

The stray cats jumped in shock as they heard Matcha's scream and scurried in all directions frantically. Matcha pounced around like a leopard in an attempt to chase all of them back into the room.

However, the little British Shorthair still stubbornly stood by the sofa in spite of Matcha's relentless effort to bring him back.

Seeing Mango's pitiful face as Matcha continuously hit Mango on the back of the head, Elizabeth couldn't stand it anymore and raised her voice, "Enough, Mango isn't very smart from the start, stop bullying him."

"What do you mean not very smart?" Zhao Yao questioned.

Elizabeth sighed and replied, "Theoretically, pure breed of cats like Mango tend to be weaker than their mixed blood counterparts. Many people breed similar types of cats together in order to make money but this inherently leads to many obvious flaws. This is the case for Mango. His genes are slightly inferior and didn't eat well when he was young, causing him to lose out on proper developmental growth. Because of this, Mango tends to be less clever than normal cats, so please do not bully him."

As Matcha stared at Elizabeth's sweet-looking face, Matcha puffed his chest out and replied confidently, "Relax, why would I go against Elizabeth's instruction? From today on, I promise I would not bully this stupid…. No… this brother of mine here. Mango is my brother and as long as I have any food, I promise to share it with him."

Elizabeth couldn't care less and stared out of the window, deep in thought.

Matcha licked Mango on the head and consoled, "Silly little boy, from today onwards, are my little brother. Look at the living room, the room, and the huge backyard. These are all mine, and they will be yours in the future."

Mango didn't nudge a bit and looked at Matcha in confusion with Matcha's saliva dripping off his face.

Zhao Yao simply looked as they conversed. He understood that cats are protective of their territory and that he should let them settle such problems by themselves.

Now that Matcha was willing to share his territory with Mango, it made things much easier.

Zhao Yao went to grab Matcha and continued stroking him for a full hour, to the point Matcha turned limp. They finally cleared the first mission of the day and gained one experience point.

The second daily mission popped out following the completion of the first.

Daily Mission 2: Every cat needs to be happy every day. Play with them and keep them happy for an hour.

Zhao Yao curled his lips, went straight to the storeroom where he kept Matcha's food and starting searching for old cat toys.

The toys were actually free gifts from buying cat food. Never did he thought that they would eventually come in handy.

Zhao Yao found a cat stick. It had a puppet bird made of feathers attached to the stick by a long bungee cord.

As soon as he took out the stick, all three cats in the living room, Matcha, Elizabeth, and Mango, turned their heads around; their eyes fixated on the cat stick.

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