When Beauty Meets Beasts

Lin Nuannuan never expected to transmigrate from a simple bath! She could handle that, but why did she transmigrate into a world of Beastmen? There are handsome Beastmen draped in animal hide everywhere. And all of them have their long legs exposed! What? The tiger and white wolf wants to marry me!? NO! NO! NO! Nothing good comes from a love that transcends species. Give up!

Big Fruit Pellets · Fantasy
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880 Chs

You're Too Heartless

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The two of them exchanged blows, each move extremely powerful.

Wherever they passed, a large area of bamboo would come tumbling down as if they were rotten wood. The soil and grass were overturned as well.

The wind swept past, sending dust and sand flying.

In the end, the white tiger pierced Xing Chen's chest with his claw.

However, no blood flowed.

Xing Chen asked without changing his expression, "So you're a divine guard. Are you Xuan Wei?"

"That's me."

Xing Chen chuckled mysteriously. "Good."

He lowered his head and kissed the back of Huanhuan's neck. "We'll meet again."

His body began to distort like a phantom, gradually becoming transparent until he completely disappeared.

Huanhuan fell to the ground.

There was a butterfly-shaped dark purple mark on the back of her neck.

That was a mark Xing Chen had deliberately left. In the future, he would be able to find her wherever she was.