247 This Guy Is Bad!

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Xue Ling glanced at Sang Ye with a faint smile. "If you win, you can make a request from Huanhuan. Let me give you a friendly reminder. She only has that one dress on her. It'll be a pity if she doesn't take it off."

Huanhuan glared at Xue Ling angrily. "Sang Ye is not as shameless as you!"

Xue Ling casually fiddled with the poker cards in front of him. "That might not be the case."

Bai Di asked, "Sang Ye, have you thought of what you want?"

Huanhuan looked at Sang Ye ingratiatingly.

Sang Ye was silent for a moment, then said, "Take off your clothes."

Huanhuan: "…"

Xue Ling smiled especially happily. "Good job! Sang Ye, I was right about you!"

Bai Di shook his head helplessly. "You guys."

Huanhuan pursed her lips and slowly took off the last piece of clothing on her body.

Her curvaceous body was revealed, and the eyes of the three male beasts instantly burned.


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